Our Life Is Complete

As I sit in the breeze filled night looking at the stars as they shine.


1. Our Love Is Complete

As I sit in the breeze filled night

Looking at the stars as they shine

I count as many as I can

Looking past the moon

I see your face so sweet and kind

Thinking of the rose you gave to me

As you placed it in my hair

It is so quiet not a sound to hear

I feel my heartbeat

My breath is coming fast

I blink my eyes in amazement

At the beautiful things all around

I feel angels all around me



Whispering to me

Such a beautiful sight a delight

Pure as day, dark as night

I feel your hand in mine

As we gaze into the night

When you lean over and kiss my lips

They part to accept you

Kisses so sweet love so tender

As you whisper in my ear

Your hand upon my breast

We lay back and just gaze at each other

We don't have to speak or say a word

We both know how the other feels

The time is right we belong to each other

As you make me yours, our smiles are sweet

We surrender, our life is complete


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