let me love you

we all know niall liam harry zayn and louis. right well one day amber bumps into niall and based on nialls eyes we could tell it was love at first site. but when niall introudeces her to the band liam and zayn want a peice of her more like they want her to them selves .................. what will happen next


10. zayn notice we are only friends okay !!!!!!

Ambers P.O.V 

and they say shes in the class a team stuck in her day dream been this way since 18.  My alarm clock sang "uhhhh." i said i see niall sleeping i get up put on my cloths. i go down stairs.   i open the fridge door. there's nothing to eat.  i lift my head up to see zayn. he comes to me and holds my hand from the back and hugs me. i move my hand away and turn around. "zayn stop" i said " why ? i love you but you rember what we had before i was famous." zayn said  " i know zayn but that was before i met niall please i dont want to be anything more than friends that's it okay" i said   i turn around and zayn kisses me . i push him away  "stop it zayn " i shout  "amber listen im sorry i cant hold my feelings for you " zayn said  i pushed him away from me . i get my jacket i write a note and put next to nialls pillow.  "im sorry niall" i whisper i run down the stairs . "where are you going amber" zayn asked  "im leaving tell niall i love him and i didnt want this to happen ." i said i start walking towards the door  zayn chases me and grabs my arm . "amber please do not leave  nialls going to miss you. " zayn said "yea i know i will miss him to but i have already caused you guys trouble. " i say "please amber"zayn said giving me a pupy face "fine " i say as i take of my coat. i go back to my room i see niall.  i jump on him.  i shake him really hard  . i kiss him . he dosent move. i pull the blankets off him . i see he had been shot right in the back . tears start to well up in my eyes  ."niall please say something. NIALL !!!! please dont do this do me niall. a tear rolls down my face." i said "ZAYN HE IS NOT MOVING " I SCREAM .   zayn jumps on niall checks his place. im blawing my eyes out  . zayn calls the police .  the ambulance. im siting down in the ambulance. zayns there sitting next to me. " its okay amber  he is going to be fine " zayn said .   i  am not listening  to him its all my flaught if i had not bumped into niall this wouldn't have happened . " i got to go to the bathroom" i say  i go to the bath room pull the razor  out of my pocket and slight my wrist ugly .   i go back to zayn  he runs his hand through my hair and starts playing with my hair.  the doctor comes out "amber can i talk to you " the doctor says   " okay "i said  "amber  niall .... didnt  make it " the doctor said  "what "  i said i started to cry.   i start to cry but then niall jumps out and lands one knee and take outs a ring ."amber will you please marry me" niall asked  "omg niall yes" i said i kissed him while he spined me in  cirlce. "  i am so sorry for sacring you" niall said  


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