let me love you

we all know niall liam harry zayn and louis. right well one day amber bumps into niall and based on nialls eyes we could tell it was love at first site. but when niall introudeces her to the band liam and zayn want a peice of her more like they want her to them selves .................. what will happen next


7. the hospital

Zayns P.O.V 

i wake up to see amber by my  side. her eyes are red. she has been crying. i try to sit up " zayn you have to take it easy on your injury " she said while jumping out of her seat . " amber where am i " i asked "zayn you are in the hospital." amber said "why am i here" i asked  "zayn you proteced me from getting hurt from my dad. "  she said  i see a tear rool down her face . i couldn't take it any more. i took contorl of this moment. i kissed her on the lips. her lips where so soft, they where sweet . i let go of her lips. i look at her face it was blank i could not read her emotions. next thing you know theres a nock at the door.  amber gets up and opens the door.  its the lads. the come in.  "how do you feel zayn" liam asked " i feel fine " i said liam sits next to me .louis and harry are sitting next to each other and their are talking to each other . 

Ambers P.O.V.

Zayn just kissed me. why would he do that. I told him we are only friends thats it. i want to tell niall . but im afraind he is going to get made at zayn. but im going to tell him anyway. "Niall can i talk to you outside" i said i turn around. i see zayn looking at me. i fake i smile at him and turn around. i close the door and nialls with me."listen niall please when i tell you this please promise you will not get mad" i said. "okay i will try not to  get mad " niall said  " look i was in the room with zayn waiting for him to wake up. then we asked where he was and what happened and how he helped me then  a tear rolled down my face and he kissed me."i said " ZAYN DID WHAT !!!!!!!!!" NIall shouted he was about to storm into zayns room but i stopped him buy kissing him. i could tell he had calmed down.  i told niall to sit down and wait for me .

Nialls P.O.V

Zayn kissed my girl. after i told him that shes mine. dam i was pissed at zayn.  i was going to giving him a peice of mind. but when i was going to go and give zayn that peice but then amber came and kiseed my on the lips her lips were soft and sweet omg i just wanted to keep on going forever. she had clamed me down . " niall sit down and wait for me here" amber said next thing i know zayn and amber came out. the other lads cam out. louis went down stairs  and got the car. we all got in the car and went home.

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