let me love you

we all know niall liam harry zayn and louis. right well one day amber bumps into niall and based on nialls eyes we could tell it was love at first site. but when niall introudeces her to the band liam and zayn want a peice of her more like they want her to them selves .................. what will happen next


6. morening

Ambers P.O.V

i get up i look to the right. i see niall sleeping there right next to me. I go to the bathroom wash my face and brush with touthpaste on my finger( i know right what a thouthbrush). i walk down the stairs, holding on to the rail tightly. but apprantly not tight enough to stop me from falling. i fall down 8 steps. i am just laying the with no movements.  Liam was just sitting watching the telly then he heard  the big thud i had made. He runs up to me. "Amber !!!!! are you okay ?" liam asked he was right by my side.  " I think im okay " i said. he grabs my arm softly and puts it around his neck. i was hoping  to the couch with the help from liam . He smelled so good. " liam you smell so nice" i said  " oh thanks amber." liam said  he put me on the couch . Niall i guess was still asleep. until liam put a pan on the stove and put butter on it. He started  to make eggs.  Niall runs down the stairs. "BREAKFEAST !!!!!!!" niall said   liam craked a smile and winked at me . i laughed " it always works " liam said .  i was sitting on the couch . i was kind off mad at niall . Liam was the only one who came to me when i fell. niall did come down at all. Speaking of niall . He started walking towards me "morening love " niall said i grunted . he went to kiss my check. but i quickly turned my head. i look up and see him making a funny face. i couldnt help  but laughing.  i forget he was mad at him. 

Niall P.O.V.

I ran down the stairs. because i smeeled liam making eggs. i  scream Breakfeast i tought i must have awaken  the other lads.  im down the  stairs i see my girl. i say good moreing to her and she just grunts. then i go to kiss her on the check she turns her head away from me. i furgerd she was mad at me but i couldnt figure out why.  so i made a funny face at her. she laughed . and i think after that she wasnt mad at me anymore. i sat next to her she smelt like she was wearing man profume.  i go to liam and smell him. they smell excatlly the same. "amber why do you smell like liam" i asked . Amber and liam look at each other. did something go on between them will i was sleeping. " well ... um .. while you where sleeping i triped over something on the stairs and fell and hurt my back so liam helped me get to the couch he put my arm around his shoulder. thats what happened and liam was the only won who heard me fall thats why i was kind off mad at you." amber said   Liam was done making eggs.  he surved them on plates and put ketchup niall got just a blob . i got a smilely face . liam left the room. " amber im sorry i didnt her you " i said. "its okay niall " amber said she kissed me on the check . she got up and walked to our room. she changed and came down stairs . i ran upstairs i coulnt take the taste of my breathe anymore. SLAM .... THE DOOR hit the wall " WHERE THE HELL IS MY UGLY ASS DAUGHTER" some unfimaler voice said. that wook every one else up the run down stairs . Amber sees the face of the man. she just freezes dosent say anything. i see her face she is scared.  

Ambers P.O.V 

i see my dads face i just freeze. im scared out of my mind what will he do now to me . what are the consiquences this time ..... i think he saw me cause next thing i know he is heading towards me " AMBER YOU MOTHER F$$KER  COME HERE SO I CAN PUT  YOU TO AN END AND THE WORLD A TIME TO CHILL FROM YOUR UGLYNIS YOU SLUT"  my dad screams my dad is heading towards me he has a knife in his pocket i can tell he has his hand in his pocket and is slowly pulling in out.  he gets closer to me . he is about to stab me " let is be my end i was happy only for a day. " i thought i close my eyes for the pain . but zayn jumps out and protcets me from getting stabed . niall runs to the phone call 911 the police come take my dad away and get zayn to the hospital i join zayn in the ambulence. i tell the boys i meet them their. im crying sitting their by myself. i knew zayn to much . i was crying i was the only one their. it hurts i didnt want to cause the boys anytruoble. i tried to leave while i could but i falied.  i here the elovetre bing . its the boys. i run to niall and i need a hug. i got a very tight hug from niall and the other boys. 5 hours later i was the only one up. the doctor comes and pulls me to the side. " amber right " the doctor asked "yes im amber" i said  " listen amber zayn is so lucky he only stabbed 5inches deep and 4 inches long. He can leave in a two days , but he has to take it easy on the injury okay" the doctor said " thank you so much doctor" i said 

AUTHORS note thank so much for gettting this 68 views awesome keep it up what do you think should i continue . please let me know in the comments 

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