let me love you

we all know niall liam harry zayn and louis. right well one day amber bumps into niall and based on nialls eyes we could tell it was love at first site. but when niall introudeces her to the band liam and zayn want a peice of her more like they want her to them selves .................. what will happen next


5. lovee

Ambers P.O.V

i was stiil holding on to the rail so i wouldnt fall. niall is right in front of me he takes my right arm and puts it around his neck. He walks me over the living room couch and puts me down slowy. i am sitting on the couch waiting for something to happen. all that happens is once niall puts me down  he gets up and turns on the telly. I was sitting all by myself until liam comes over and sits next to me. "hello " liam said "hi" i repliad " so where are you from " liam asked "i am from irealand"i said  "just like me lad niall " he said with alot of pep.  "yes sir" i said Niall comes back into the living room with a glass of water . he walks over to me and hands it to me.

Liams P.O.V.

Amber is so beutiful . i just love her hair, eyes, and her personilty. Man i wish i could find a love like her . "liam whats up with you . are you okay " niall asked  "yea im fine just a little tired " isaid and faked a yawn. when i was done faking a yawn i look at the clock it said nine o'clock then i looked at amber . i looked at her one last time so i can have her in my dreams . " well lads look at the time dady direction is of to bed" i said i got up out of my seat and gave amber a peck on the check.  when i looked up i saw niall giving me the evil eye. " good night amber hope your foot gets better" i said then headed of to my room.

Nialls P.O.V

Liam just kissed my girl on the check .  I hope it didnt mean more than goodnight. " Well i gues i better get going " amber said  "where are you going " i asked  " imm going to the park"  she said " no you are not , do you think im going to let you sleep on those hard benches during the nigh now way you are staying here." i said frimly  After i said that she just got comfy on the couch and lied there. "alright amber im going to bed come on now. " i said i guess she was already asleep  because she didnt answer me.  so i picked her up once again and brought her to my room i put her on the bed and tucked her in . i pulled out the sofabed and layed down there. i guess i made to much noise because she got up and said "no way you are sleeping down there this is nearly a king size bed . there is so much space get up her now."  so i got up and pulled the sofa bed away and joined amber on the bed . once i got in and under the covers she turend around and kissed me on the forhead. " goodnight niall i love you " she said with a sleeply voice. she turned back ti the way she was before. i feel asleep and in my dreams was me and amber sitting down in the park having a pinic.



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