let me love you

we all know niall liam harry zayn and louis. right well one day amber bumps into niall and based on nialls eyes we could tell it was love at first site. but when niall introudeces her to the band liam and zayn want a peice of her more like they want her to them selves .................. what will happen next


3. ambers p. o. v.

"so wait  your niall " i asked  "yep" niall repliad  i ran back to the table we where going to sit at . omg i am with the niall horan from onedirection i alaways wanted this day to come.  he comes back to the table and sits down and starts to eat.  "so where are you from " niall asked  " i am from irealand" i answerd his question  i took a deep breath in and let out a sigh . "whats a matter " niall asked " oh its nothing i  just have to go the the ladies room be right back.....


i have fallen deeply in love with amber see was every where in my thoughts . so i just decided to give her my number when she comes back . i just love her hazelnut eyes and that smile of hers just makes me want to smile to. maybe this was a sign  maybe i should try  love one more time. Her hair i just want to play with it.

ambers p.o.v.

i start walking back to the table  when i slip on spilled water. i fall on my ankle . "owwwww" i cried  niall jumped out of his seat and over to me. "are  you okay baby" he said as he puts my arm around his neck and leads me to our table  he sits me down and looks at my foot and asked "can you walk on it"  i get up and try to walk on it but i fall again. but i dont hit the floor he cought me before i hit the floor . the way he looked at me with his sparkly blue eyes. i just wanted to kiss him. he picked me up and brought me back to my chair. "here amber keep it you are free to call me when ever you like could i get your number two ?" he asked  " sure " i said  i wortemy number on a paper and gave it to him .


I got ambers number i was going to call tommorow and ask if she wanted to go on a date. "do you have a ride home" i asked "i was going to walk home but now i cant because of my ankle" amber relpiad .. "i can carry you home" i said so sencre  "okay thank you so much niall" she said  i got up and throw away my trash . i grabed amber and put her on my back and we where out the door .

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