Me My friends and One Direction

Lacey,Brooke and Isabelle are best friends Isabelle is 18 Brooke is 19 and Lacey is 20 all of them have been besties since in diapers. For a whole month these 3 girls will travel to France little did they know that their favorite boy band One Direction would be their. Who will fall in love with who? Read To Find Out!!!!:)


3. The Plane,The Hotel and The Club

*A/N~ ok so i havent been on the computer in a while because of my grades but im back on and ill do 2 chapters today:)*  

Brooke's p.o.v

I HATE PLANE'S. I hate them even  though we're going to France if your wondering why i'm being a bitch is because we had to get up early and i like my sleep. You know in  the movies how you see the kid who kicks your seat well that is actually happening to me. "Listen kid if you don't stop i'm going to chop off your head and stick it so far up your a..."  " Brooke chill!" screamed Isabelle  "fine!"   "Brooke their is one good part about going to France besides vacation." said Lacey "oh really Lace whats that?!"  " Don't get snippy but One Direction is touring here!" then Lacey and Isabelle squealed like little girls.  "Ya like they will find us interesting!"  "go to sleep grumpy!"  said Isabelle  "Will do!"  i rolled over.

Lacey's p.o.v

Brooke's been asleep for 4 hours! she was really tired she reminds me of Niall haha. The plane just landed and were going to the hotel we might go out tonight! i'm ridiculous sometimes thinking i'll meet One Direction. 

***3 HOURS LATER*** 

were at the hotel  i mean we have been here for a few hours but we kinda took naps ha ha anyway right now were going out and might i say i look very nice haha. (Look in the comments for the links to their outfits) We made it to the club its called The Vine its  kinda packed....

Louis's p.o.v

We're at some club in France called The Vine performing Caroline and Rachel are here for Liam and Zayn but i feel lonely without someone to call mine snuggle kiss in the rain oh well since the break up with Eleanor i don't know what happiness is.

Lacey's p.o.v

We finally make it inside got our drinks i got a coke and rum  Isabelle got a sex on the beach Brooke got a beer. "Ladies and Gentleman please welcome One Direction!!!" i just got sprayed with Isabelle's drink  and i sprayed Brooke and Brooke sprayed the counter. Great now i smell like sex on the beach some how i don't think thats attractive.


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