Me My friends and One Direction

Lacey,Brooke and Isabelle are best friends Isabelle is 18 Brooke is 19 and Lacey is 20 all of them have been besties since in diapers. For a whole month these 3 girls will travel to France little did they know that their favorite boy band One Direction would be their. Who will fall in love with who? Read To Find Out!!!!:)


4. Louis Niall and Harry oh my!

Louis's p.o.v

Their she was  covered in her friends drink brown hair striped dress beautiful face features she was probably a fan but i didn't care she was beautiful i had to talk to her. She looked like the girl i wanted to spend every minute of everyday with. We started singing and i couldn't keep my eyes off of her she sometimes looked back at me and i felt butterflies for the first time in  a long time.

Harry's p.o.v

I was staring off into space singing when i saw Louis staring at someone and if he was staring he wanted her not like sexually but for company and possibly a girlfriend i looked over and saw her friend leopard print dress small leather jacket she was perfect people think i'm the flirt i am but i want someone to settle down with date for a while not have one night stands. i wanted to talk to her bt i had to wait till after the show great.

Nialls p.o.v

I saw what they were looking at then i saw a red head who was might i say was beautiful beyond belief she looked like my type she had a beer in her hand and she laughed at her friends because they were covered in each others drinks it made me giggle. iIcan't wait till after the show then i can talk to her.

Isabelle's p.o.v

"Is it just me or is Harry friken Styles staring at me Louis friken Tomlinson is staring at Lace and Niall friken Horan is staring at you?!?!" i said to Brooke "Well it isn't just you"   "Mhhm he. is." Lacey started hyperventilating "Calm down lace!"    "I can't!" then she started squealing.

*after the show*

Louis's p.o.v

It was time. Time to talk to her "Liam i'm going to go talk to that girl."  "Alright." he said with his arm around Caroline  "Louis Niall and i saw you looking at that girl and we were looking at her friends can we come with?" asked harry  "Of course haz!" i smiled  we walked over to the girls " Hi i..." she stopped me "Louis ya i know who you are." she acts just like me  i laughed "yes thats me and you are?" i kissed her hand " Lacey Lacey Smith" she laughed  " We should hangout sometime" i winked at her " id love to!" she blushed "Can i see your phone?"   "uh sure." she got it from her purse "let me give you my number." i put my number in as 'Lou:)'  i handed her my phone when she handed it back she put it in as 'Lace<3' i kissed her cheek "bye Lacey" i winked again and i could see her blush again

Niall's p.o.v

"do you know who we are?" i cheekily smiled at them with Harry the girl i like replied "hmm let me guess OH! your Niall and your Harry." she giggled  " well you know who we are and who are you?" "I'm Isabelle and this is Brooke." said her friend  Brooke i love that name i smiled " well Brooke Isabelle how would you like to talk sometime?"  "Sure!" said Brooke she handed me her phone and i handed her mine i put 'Niall ;)' she entered 'Brookie'  i looked over and Isabelle and Harry were chatting Isabelle entered 'Izzy'  in his phone and he entered 'Hazz' they looked cute but i couldn't tell i was lost in Brooke's beautiful eyes.... "Nialler come on!" i herd Liam yell "ok Li!" i kissed her hand and walked towards Liam.

Lacey's p.o.v

"What just happened?!" i asked amazed "we were just asked out by british slash irish super stars." Brooke said still happy  we all squealed and right away my phone buzzed  *Lou:) ~ the back of your head isn't as pretty as your face:)*  i replied *Lace<3~ hahaha your not so bad looking yourself;)* *Lou:)~ i know don't need to remind me:D*  *Lace<3~ lol:) ill see you soon:) bye Louis* 

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