Me My friends and One Direction

Lacey,Brooke and Isabelle are best friends Isabelle is 18 Brooke is 19 and Lacey is 20 all of them have been besties since in diapers. For a whole month these 3 girls will travel to France little did they know that their favorite boy band One Direction would be their. Who will fall in love with who? Read To Find Out!!!!:)


2. About us Who we are and Where we are going



Hi! I'm Lacey Lacey Smith and just so you know i'm a directioner! Haha sorry anyway i have brown curly hair and hazel eyes i don't wear that much make-up because i think you don't really need it. I'm 20 years old skinny people tell me i'm bubbly, loud ,i act like i'm a kid and i can make people laugh. My best friends include Brooke and Isabelle (also directioners). I'm so excited for our trip to France!  were going because for graduation my mom Brooke's mom and Isabelle's mom got all of us airplane tickets to go because it's a much needed vacation. O.K enough about me i have to go pack bye!!



Hey I'm Brooke Hart. So you met my bestie Lacey right? ya shes the best we are like sisters! anyway i have long curly redish hair and blue eyes i wear some make-up but not a lot because Lacey and Isabelle yell at me and tell me i'm beautiful. I'm 19  i'm tall so i'm skinny like my brother who looks like a gram cracker. A description for me would be loud , i laugh at everything , sometimes shy, i like alcohol ;). Something personal i have only told Isabelle and Lacey i used to cut my self because of my abusive father but then my mother divorced his ass and i'm free! We are going to France baby!! hitting up the clubs flirting with french guys i'm so excited!!!:)  Time to pack byeeeeee!!!!!:)


Well you have herd a lot about me so far so uh hi i'm Isabelle Sanders ;) I have blueish greenish eyes long curly well mixed hair its black on top and blue at the bottom like Lacey i don't wear that much make-up. I'm 18 i'm a little curvy but nothing is wrong with that ;)   well if you have not noticed but i'm a huge flirt , shy , love bending the rules and well i wear my heart on my sleeve. My parents split when i was about 5 but i'm fine with it i hated my dad... anyway i love France! i just love how beautiful it is! Can't wait to get my hands on some French boys;) Lacey is calling me gotta pack bye!:)



*A/N~ so yeah forgot to mention their is swearing and adult content so um yeah lol anyway i will put the polyvore links in the comments ok byeeee:D~Cerri<3 

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