Me My friends and One Direction

Lacey,Brooke and Isabelle are best friends Isabelle is 18 Brooke is 19 and Lacey is 20 all of them have been besties since in diapers. For a whole month these 3 girls will travel to France little did they know that their favorite boy band One Direction would be their. Who will fall in love with who? Read To Find Out!!!!:)


1. Authors Note***

Heyy so im having trouble committing to one movella so i might only update five boys one dream and then the other ones once in a while. This movella is dedicated to my besties (who are directioners like me) Brooke Ileana Carolin and Rachel luv u guys!!!!:) P.S if you dont know how to pronounce my name its like the iPhone app Siri but its spelled Cerri ok anyway i will put a chapter up today or even a few so ya and im sorry that every time your on here it seems like im posting a new movella lol BACK TO THE STORY:D

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