The souls of the Children....

This story is about a wicked character named Rose Salem, she comes from the town of Wyatt; and she is one of the witches that had cursed that town years ago, and no body knows that she got away when they hung the other witches... until now.


1. My Story Bio.

     Time and time again I wait and wonder, what it would be like to be normal. To have friends, to play on the playground when i was little and to think now those days are gone and my soul is now sold to witchery. 

   13 years ago;

     When i was about 10 years old was when i became a full witch, now thats early for a girl like me but i learn faster that others. See the story is that when i was ten my aunt came to Wyatt and she was witch and she wanted me to be one to because she saw potential in me. But my parents disagreed and tried to hide me from my aunt, which should never be named. But one night my aunt snuck into my house and took me away and kept me as her responsibility as i became used to being a full witch.Then a few years later my aunt disappeared and i haven't found her since. Before my aunt disappeared i was given a spell to hold and to keep to the end of time By my aunt. Here is the spell;

     "To love is to hold and my soul to keep I wish upon a star to take in all souls of the children around me; to take for health and to keep an age of 23. And now as i drink this drink i shall take in all my souls to keep."

  I dont get the why it's 23 but i haven't aged since I turned 23 so even though i look 23 I'm actually 120.

But there is a twist of being a witch and staying this young looking...; you know in the spell how it says takes the souls of children for health, well it's true. Once a year on the same day; October 1st i take the souls of at least thirty children to keep going. Yeah I feel bad but also I don't want to get sick and die if i don't get the souls. 

     There is other privileges to being a witch; you get to see the years go buy and see all the changes of the world and all the spells and witchery that you get to discover and learn. But it would be nice to be able to find my aunt or other witches so i can have a friend or two to help threw the years.


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