My Poems

These are all the poems I have written since 2001.


6. The Year 2008


The Night – January 15th 2008

Night takes its hold
As Soldiers try to sleep
Fighting off the cold
Every inhale a snore
Every exhale a relief
Every passing moment
Currently in peace
Seconds quickly become minutes
Minutes slowly fade to hours
Waiting for the suns warmth
Like waiting for springs first flower
With the dawning of morning
Soldiers rise to meet the day
Every challenge that arises
For love of brothers
For Honor, Country and Pride
Don't hang your head and cry
Instead raise your head and be grateful
That men like this fight and die.


Modern Day Thought – Jan 29th 2008


Imprisoned by the silence
That surrounds my life
Kept in the darkness
By the shroud of inability
Beat down by the populace
Following my every move 

Sweet is the taste of revenge
I take on all challengers
Even if they only exist
In my own mind
The rarity of lost
Human life
To a better cause
Is the reason most
Exist today 

Willing to live
In a world such as this
Is a task all in its own
But choosing to succeed
Is to go above and beyond
What is required

I sit now with thoughts
Of the past and future
Taking each day
As it arrives
Do I choose just to live
Or go beyond
The normal limits
Of modern society
And succeed


Soldiers – February 7th 2008


I've met the rich
I've met the poor
I've met the famous
I've met the infamous
But with each of these qualities
Comes with it a sense of pride
Each serving their country
With brothers by their side
They had it all
They had nothing
They had luxuries
They had the streets
And now each has each other
Putting apart their differences
They banded together
To fight for the same cause
To fight for their country
In the time of need
Each answered the call
Each having a different reason
But each able to fall
War discriminates against nobody
War makes everybody, somebody
War makes these individuals into


Same Old Story - May 7th 2008

Same Old Story
But this time a different ending
Its never what you think
But everything you wish for
In a backwards way of life

The story begins as normal
The changes are subtle
Yet they are still there
Whether you notice them or not
Is totally up to your own eye

If your truly curious
Take the time and read
Slowly and Carefully
Everything will jump out
Without you even realizing

And in the end
Its here you find
What you've been waiting for
The path you been searching for
The End.


In The End - May 9th 2008

I can't help but wonder
About all the lives lost
Did they really think
What they were doing was right
Or were they confused

Some say they knew better
Some say they didn't
But in the end
They All served a purpose
Even if they believed it wrong.

Some belive in hell
While others believe in nothing
So where will they go
If all of this was wrong
The answers up to you

So to those that are reading
I say this to you
For whatever reason you choose
You do what you do
And sometimes you ask yourself why

But whatever you believe
Whatever you choose
You'll go to the place
You've always wanted be
And in the end you'll be free.


Changes - May 9th 2008

Changes are an on going process
Yet some choose to resist
Looking for whats not that there
And never willing to change

With never giving in
You never truly excel
You live in the same world
Day after day

Still you complain
Your life is so boring
But you do what you do
Over and over

Repetitive tasks become habits
Your habits create your character
And your character eventually
Becomes your destiny

So while you rot in your chair
Wishing more was there
Remember to flow with the changes
Make your life, your destiny.


The Flame - May 10th 2008


All that remains
Is the ash in the flames
Remnants of of an
Old past gone astray

Surfacing from the fire
The old fears of a yesteryear
Bad times turned around
Until they match your desire

The results end the same
But the process
Yet more enjoyable
Leave with a sense of guilt

You left behind
Those you love
Those that loved
And those incapable

Sometime in the future
It shall all return
In a form you make recognize
Or one that you fear

With all your perseverance
With all your dedication
You will overcome
You shall triumph


Raging Beast - May 10th 2008

This raging beast inside of me
Has yet to be tamed
A heart filled with fire
And empty thoughts of desire

The fire burns brighter
Than it ever has before
For the waking of the beast
And coming from its cave
Is nearer than everyone thinks

The rate of my heart races
The blood shooting through
My veins at a never ending pace
Is fuel for this flame

Quietly but quickly
The beast will resurface
Engulfing all within its wake
The beast has no prejudice

If you wanna take a ride
Come along with me
There is more than enough
We'll just wait and see


The Dream - May 11th 2008

Circling round these
Never ending thoughts
A race to a finish line
That doesn't exist

Your eyes so heavy
Yet you can't sleep
And with a yawn
A tear rolls down your cheek

In the silence of night
You start to dream
A vision so faded
So far way

In a moment
It all begins to clear
Memories of a childhood
Or a past not forgotten

Soon you make your way
From the beginning to the end
Never taking notice
Of the passing stranger you once knew

Now a figment in your dreams
Someone you don't even recognize
Helps you pass the night
With nothing but the kindest means


Limitless - May 11th 2008

You live your life
Within the limits provided
Never exceeding the boundaries
Always staying in your safe zone

Looking for happiness
Yet your always disappointed
Blaming everyone else
For your misfortune

Learning to trust nobody
Not wanting to settle
For what is near you
And still you stay

You need to live to the fullest
Travel outside your safe zone
Exceed your boundaries
Live you life limitless


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