My Poems

These are all the poems I have written since 2001.


5. The Year 2007


The Beast – Summer 2007


Keeping my thoughts down on paper is like using a camera to capture memories. Even though the pictures you get from either source may be horrible, you keep looking and your wondering why anyone would document such things. But you don't realize the horror that is hidden within or what lies behind the cold and dark eyes. The heart of the beast beats the same as any human, but its thoughts are more than any could handle. Its rage and aggression only grow with the pain society has inflicted. It can't forget what they have done, but it has the power to forgive, if it will ever do so there is only one person that would know. Day by day life goes on, down the path we each cut for ourselves. Some of these paths are straight, while some have many turns and dead-ends. Nobody knows for sure how straight their path is, but one can always continue going forward, for there is only one person who can change this path and it is you. In the end all roads lead to the same place, it would be wise for one to remember this.


The Past – Summer 2007

To Relive The Past
All The Broken Promises
That Haunted Your Dreams
Have Presented Themselves
In The Rares Form
The Silent Echoes
Ring Loudly Between
Your Ears
You Turn To Run
Then Realize Its
Better To Face Your Fears
Head On and A Force
That Could Challenge
The Most Giant Of Men


The Tale – Summer 2007


The Same Old Story
Just A New Teller
You've Heard These Lies
Since The Day You Were Born
No More Pain To Battle Through
The End Is Near
As Your Ready Yoursel
For The Final Blow
That Can't Come
Soon Enough


Fire In The Sky – Summer 2007


Fire Fills The Sky
On This Dark Day
Bloodied Faces And
Broken Bones
Litter The Land
Around You
If Only You Hadn't
Been Of Of The Few
To Survive The Onslaught
Your Eyes Wouldn't Have
To Bear Witness To The
Horror That Lies In Wait
Blood Of The Fallen
Fuel The Fire
Burning Hotter And Higher
As The Dusk Turns To Dawn
Bringing With It The Sight
Of A Million Dead Corpses


Short Thought – Summer 2007


Visions Of Darker Times
Cloud The Sight Of Many
Intelligent Men.


Dark Times – Summer 2007


I Can't Recall
A Darker Time
In This Life
Than The One
Most Are Going Through
At This Moment
Killing And Dieing
For A Cause
That Many Don't
Even Understand
They Say Its
For Justice And Freedom
But All It Is
Is A Fight
For Religion
Killing For One God
And Dieing For Another
Your Brothers In Arms
To your Left And Right
All Fighting For Your Life
And Theirs At The Same Time
These Times Will Pass
But Nobody Knows When
Even The Crusades
Took Hundreds Of Years
And Still There
Is No Clear Victor


Sayings – Summer 2007


There’s Old Sayings
And New Sayings
Then There Are
People Who Act
Before Talking
Asking Questions
After The Fact
These Are The People
Who Get Things Done
It May Not Be The Quickest
But It Will Be The Best
Later On In Life
They Will Be The Ones
Passing On Knowledge
Through Their Sayings
And Thought Provoking Speeches


Time – Summer 2007

Take Time Throughout

The Day To Realize

What You Would Miss

If You Weren't On This Earth

Then Take The Time

To Appreciate It


Right and Wrong – Summer 2007

Sometimes Right

Isn't Always Right

Sometimes Wrong

Isn't Always Wrong

Sometimes Wrong Is Needed For Right


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