My Poems

These are all the poems I have written since 2001.


4. The Year 2004


Delusions – April 2004

Spending the days
Rotting away
In my dreams
Forever in solitude yet
Surrounded by people
Who don't give a shit
About others feelings
Theirs have fled and left me
Numb to the fact
I'm alive and still feeling
All senses lost to the numbness
My thoughts jumbled together I'm
Dying inside
Yet my body lives on
Through this hell


New To An Old Place – April 2004

You know its hard
And difficult
When you wake up
And your new to and old place

Its hard to take
And face
When you know
Everything's the same
But your new to and old place

Surroundings familiar
But not filled with
What one was there
Your new to an old place

Same old people
Passing by
Familiar faces you wonder why
Your new to an old place


The Time Is Here – April 2004

The time is here
For you to fear
So cower now
As darkness calls
Satan’s rise
And your demise

Get on your knees
Beg and plead
For your life is mine
To do what I please

Sacrifice everything
To get nothing in return
I can give you what you want
If you give me what I need


Waist Deep Waters - October 2004

Wading through waist deep waters
Crashing waves that get louder with each step
A body lie motionless, just below the timid waves
Reaching in I pull it up
Looking down I see a reflection of myself.

Drowning in my own thoughts
Surrounded by my fears of living
Trying to surface from these
Waist deep waters

Grabbing for the tube that keeps me alive
Pain inside is growing with every crash of the white caps
A mirror broken at my feet
Show me just how shattered my life is


Screams from those around me
Some of pain and some of horror
They don't accept the reality
Kicking and screaming under them all
Watching it all unfold before me


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