My Poems

These are all the poems I have written since 2001.


3. The Year 2003


Satan's Return – Summer 2003

Darkness is calling my name,
Getting louder with the fame.
Satan worships the ground I walk,
With his demons, he does stalk.
Demons quiver with the fear,
As Satan's blood, I do smear.
Drinking the unholy red wine
Now I'm feeling fine.

Power rising in my soul,
As I feel, his presence unfold.
Burning eyes of fire,
Burning blood of Satan.
Evil power reappears,
Demons Cower in fear.

I'm now the one who holds it true,
Thanks to me the world is through.
Blood of the good fall to earth,
Blood of evil gets redispursed.
Innocent people fall to my wrath,
Warning all to clear a path.

Satan returns in my soul
Satan returns to rule all
Satan's return means death to you
Satan has returned!

My body he's possessed
My mind he's consumed
My soul he's devoured
My life he owns.

His power grows stronger with everyday
His generosity people do crave
His presence growing day to day
To his followers he leads the way
So Hail Satan everyday!

Blood pours from the wounds
Dead rise from their tombs
As the darkness consumes the world
His evil plans they unfurl.

He turns tears into fears
He turns light into dark
He turns good into bad
He turns innocence into guilt

(Repeat Chorus)


I Miss - June 27th 2003

I Miss the way we held hands,
And the way we held each other close.
I Miss the way I looked into your eyes,
Standing toe to toe.

I Miss the way our lips touched,
And how you kissed my cheek.
I Miss they way we cuddled,
While laying on the couch.

I Miss the fire in the backyard,
And how we fell asleep.
I Miss the way we danced,
Never missed a beat.

I Miss having you to talk to,
And to hear what you had to say.
I Miss your soft voice in my ear,
Trying to wake me up.

I Miss your love,
And how you say its true.
Cause baby I know it,
And I love you too!


Take Me Back - July 6th 2003

I know it's hard to let go,
But baby you didn't have to.
Maybe we did things wrong,
But our love was still strong.

I wish you'd take back what you said,
And take me back into your arms.
Press your lips against mine,
Our bodies close together.

I was a little insecure,
And I didn't want to lose you.
Now my nightmares have come true,
You left me down and feeling blue.

I love everything we ever did,
I cherished you and stood by your side.
Baby take me back,
Love me again.

I never shared my emotions,
But now I have to.
I gotta let you know,
What you mean to me.

I can't sleep through the night,
I'm always thinking about you.
Heart racing fast, thoughts constantly,
I can't let you go.

So baby take me back,
I swear it'll be the last.
I'll love you till the end,
Cause I am nothing without you.


Nothing I Can Do About It - July 7, 2003

I've been turned around
And thrown to the ground
I've been hurt,
But there's nothing I can do about it.

I've been kicked and punched
And Scratched and Dug
I've been hurt,
But there's nothing I can do about it.

I've been put down,
And dragged around.
I've been hurt,
But there's nothing I can about it.

I've been buried alive,
And heart ripped from my chest.
I've been hurt,
But there's nothing I can about it.


Brave New World - July 14th, 2003

A brave new world,
To search and destroy,
Or love and to hold.
Great new feelings,
Forget and lose,
Or cherish and win.
Trying to find,
A soul worth keeping.
Is it me or am I lost?
Trapped inside,
These feelings of hoplessness,
Looking for the light at the end of the tunnel.
Reaching out,
To grab the hand thats offered,
Helping me escape.
A brave new world,
To search and destroy,
Or love and to hold.
This is your story,
So take it all,
And let it unfold!


Live Another Day - September 2003

I'm feeling faint inside my head
Reciting the words you said
You're wishing that you weren't here
Regretting the time you stayed with me
Raising a fuss you stormed away
You didn't want to stay another day

So your gonna run away
Fearing nothing that I say
Trading this life to live another day.

Voices in my head, confusing but real meaning
Tell me Satan's way to deal with this problem
An immortal sin that's never forgiven
Forget your conscious and ignore the feeling of pain


Confess all my lies to try and get you back
Your love denied to me, so now the way I see
End this life and all will be just fine
Now run along your fine line



I Know I Love You – October 23, 2003

I know I love you
The feeling tells me so
Everyday spent away
Everyday spent holding you

I know you love me
The feeling tells me so
Every kiss and hug
Every whisper of "I Love You"

I know I love you
The feeling tells me so
Laying with you
Cuddling under blankets
Standing with you
Dancing in the rain.

I know we love each other
The feeling tells me so
We spend each day watching
Wondering who will move first
Lips pressed against each other's
Arms holding on tight.

You are my paradise
You are my vacation
You are everything
You are my love!


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