My Poems

These are all the poems I have written since 2001.


2. The Year 2002




I can not take this
I need to break out
People getting on my nerves
My mind is going crazy
These people had better watch out!

Those that try to rule,
And those who try lead
Better, look around
And you better watch out

Cause I'm INSANE!!!
I'm crazed and annoyed
I'll cause you lots of pain
So you better watch out!

Everything you say is wrong
But you think your right
I hate the hell you put me through
You better watch out!

I don't even care anymore
You can just stay away, Motherfucker
And you better watch out!

Cause I'm INSANE!!!
I'm crazy and annoyed
I'll cause you lots of pain
So you better watch out!

This gun warms my hand
Your blood spilt eases my mind
There are still more, including you
So you better watch out!

The blade of the knife stuck in you
Twist and turn until it breaks
Blood spills to the floor
I stand back and watch as you scream

Cause I'm INSANE!
I'm crazed and annoyed
I'll cause you lots of pain
So you better watch out!

Watch the fuck out,
Here I come to take revenge
So don't hesitate to look
I'm behind you!


You Mean The World To Me - January 8th 2002

Love has taken over from here,

Your love is all I need now.
For I know I have nothing to fear,
And I want you to know,
You mean the world to me!

The feeling hurts so much,
But that is fine.
For I know,
I mean the world to you!

The world is only a medium,
For our love to bloom.
We shall always be together,
And we shall know,
We mean the world to each other!


Lonely - August 20th 2002

Remember that person,
Sitting alone at the party?
A beer in one hand,
Their head in the other.

Remember that person,
Always looking at the ground?
The one who crosses without looking,
Not caring what the world's doing.

Remember that person,
Who was picked on in school?
Always quiet and shy,
Not even going to try.

Remember that person,
Who you took advantage of?
The one you wouldn't remember,
Well that person is me.


Hate- August 27th 2002

The world turns,
And the world is torn.
The body burns,
Hate is born.
Its something you can't,
Something in which you,
Nothing that you can,
Fear spawns,
Anger fuels.
Treated like a pawn,
Used like a mule.
A time when,
Silence is heard.
Darkness is seen,
Feeling is numb.
Dead is alive,
Awake is asleep.
Pain is pleasure,
Love is hate.


The Fight- August 27th 2002

Church bells rings,
Rain drops fall.
Lighting flashes,
Thunder crashes.

Weaving magic,
Darkness calls.
Demons worship,
Satan falls.

Angels fly,
Demons fight.
Candles burn,
End of sight.

Lights flicker,
Objects fly.
I let out,
An awful sigh.

Head is light,
Room is spinning.
Eerie noises,
They are singing.

Silence now,
Darkness forever.
Now you see,
What I reveal.


Alive - August 28th 2002

Bombs exploding,
All around.
But still,
I make my way.
An empty bunker,
Filled with dead.
Crazy thought,
Through my head.
Bodies falling,
To the ground,
In a bloody pile,
Now they hear no sound.
Bullets fly by,
No reason,
To wonder why,
It's that season.
Green and black,
Litter the sand.
Bodies gone home,
In a sack.
The time is near,
So never fear.
Charge the mound,
Live to hear the sound.


Silent Words - August 28th 2002

Metal clashes,
And evil sound is made.
w:st="on"Sparks flash,
Memories fade.

Armor glistens,
Heads hang.
Nobody listens,
To the words they sang.

Blood runs deep,
As does the sharpened sword,
Violent yells,
From the horde.

Silence at first,
Death at last.
Drinking wine,
From the glass.

This sacred war,
Is nothing more.
Than people dying,
Cause they're bored.


Strength in Numbers 2 - August 28th 2002

They say there's strength in numbers,
But that's not true cause I walk alone.
Throw out all the rumors,
Cause nothing's written in stone.

I've been led down the wrong path,
Told to many lies.
So now you do the math,
See the truth behind your eyes.

You've made me angry,
Made me cry.
There's nothing that I can do,
But ask you why.

They say there's strength in numbers,
But I walk this path alone.
Silent in this slumber,
My strength has grown.


The Boys - August 28th 2002

Moon fades in the night sky,
Clouds cover what once was there.
A hidden secret,
But no one cares.

The boys charge,
Under black skies.
Killing satans soldiers,
Then one dies.

The sun rises in the morning sky,
Bodies strewn across the land.
A fight now meant for us,
Bring the boys back to our sand.

Bruised bodies,
Bloodied faces.
Bullet pierced chests,
Leaves our boys a mess.

Gray skies roll over,
A dreary black '44.
Explosions at first,
Silence at last.


Valium - August 28th 2002

Color spirals,
Cloud my sight.
Eerie noises,
Give me fright.

Slow motion,
Moving sounds.
In my head,
The music pounds.

Darkness all around,
Silence coming down.
On my face,
I do frown.

The figure appears,
To lie me down.
His dark shape,
Wears the crown.

Evil powers,
He controls.
Shows me,
For whom the bell tolls.


Lady - September 2nd 2002

Silence broke the room,
And I entered,
Wanderlust strewn.

Eyes of lead,
Stare me down,
As if I were dead.

Saved by a woman,
Dressed in all red,
Helped me across the room.

Seated in a chair,
And left there,
Alone in the silence.

People stared,
People feared,
But nobody cared.

I sat alone,
Like a stone,
Cowering in the corner.

She came back,
And sat next to me,
With her a sack.

She told me,
"All your dreams are inside,"
"Come out don't hide."

I made up my mind,
I stayed behind,
But I was ahead of the line.


Its Over – 8th October 2002

The Time Is Here
So Climb Aboard
No Reason To Fear
So Let Me Help You
Wipe Away Your Tears

Now Bow Your Head
And Hide Your Face
Tell Me How Much
You Hate This Place
All The Hate I've Ever Done
All The Love I Never Gave
All The Lives I Couldn't Save

Its Over Now
Don't Turn Your Back
On What Lies Ahead
(Repeat Chorus 1x)

The Truth Is Hidden
Behind Your Eyes
Spotting This You Think
Its Time To Change

Learn To Love
Forget To Hate
Realize This Is Your Fate

(Repeat Chorus)

Contradictions In Your Head
Not Believing The Words They Said
Hiding Behind Your Selfish Lies
Pleading With Your Guilty Sighs

Give It Up
You'll Never Win Now
In The Past You'd Have A Chance
But You'll Never Get Past This Inhuman Trance

(Repeat Chorus x3)


Memory - Oct 9th 2002


Look Into My Eyes
Tell Me What You See
I Already Know It's The End

Now Look Away
I Don't Care If You Wanna Stay
Take A Walk Out The Door

Silent In My Own World
I Meld Into The Darkness
Fade To Black

I See Nothing
Through My Cold Eyes
But What I Do See
I Immortalize

Death And Hatred
Overwhelm My Senses
My Favorite Memory
Is More Than Demented


FUCK IF I KNOW WHAT TO NAME THIS! - October 9th 2002

Motionless and Speechless

I Sit Alone

Wishing Only To Rest

Bordem Has Set In

Nothing I Do Is Right

Everything I Do Is A Sin

Twiddle My Thumbs

Cause Lifes A Bitch

I Can't Stand Being Stuck In This Ditch

Leave Me Be

Let Me Sit Alone

While I'm Naked By The Phone

Time Slipping Away

Like Sand Through My Hand

So Away You Will Stay

Break On Out

Of This Shell

Get Away From This Hell

Cause I'm Bored

I'm Torn

I Wish I Was Never Born


Consumed By Hate - October 11th 2002

When hate has consumed you,
What do you do?
Where do you go?
Who do you turn to?
Why don't you love?
How does it end?
Let me tell you,
You do what you gotta do,
Go where you gotta go,
Love alone, turn to no one,
Your love turns to hate,
The rest is left to fate.
When you are consumed by hate,
You'll do whatever is necessary,
You'll go where the pain is no more,
You'll turn to those with no heart,
You can't love for your stae of mind won't allow it.
With this hate you now know,
What to hate,
Where to hate,
Who not to trust,
Who not to love,
Leave the rest to fate.


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