My Poems

These are all the poems I have written since 2001.


1. The Year 2001


Sitting In The Dark - July 27th, 2001

I'm sitting in the dark,
Wondering what's to come next.
Then I hear a dogs bark,
I scramble for the shimmering nexus,
But I find myself sitting alone in the dark.

In the room I hear a faint buzz,
Then I see a shimmering figure.
It comes to me bearing a bony hand,
I take the hand in my grasp,
And I find myself sitting alone in the dark.


Strength In Numbers - July 27th 2001

They say there is strength in numbers,
That's not true cause I sit alone.
Throw out all the rumors,
Cause nothing's written in stone.

They say there is strength in numbers,
But I have defeated many alone.
Don't believe everything you hear,
Cause what you hear might be wrong.

They say there is strength in numbers,
But I have gotten this far alone.
Don't talk to dark strangers,
Cause you never know who walks alone.


Life As We Know It - 2001

Life as we know it,
I have fled.
To most of you, I am a misfit,
Now the likes of me you shall dread.

Life as you know it,
Has ended forever.
Kill you? Ha, never.
Oh god, don't throw a fit,
I promise it will hurt just a bit.


Psychotic Depression –  2001

Look to the sky,
For it never lies.
Read the stars,
Forget the scars.

Your wounded soul,
Has taken its toll.
All the hurt, all the pain,
It's driving your mind insane.

Raising doubts,
Day in and day out.
Life in question,
A psychotic depression.

Your anhedonia and inadequacy,
Keeping your life pitch black,
As You Travel off the beaten track.
An Let yourself die inside.


Sacrifice - 2001

Sitting in a crowd,
I disappear within myself.
Not wanting anyone to come near,
I back away from those who try.

People yelling from every direction,
I can't take this anymore.
Further I slip in my trance,
Deeper I go into my sleep.

I'm not caring who tries to help,
I don't care about this anymore.
I try so hard to please,
But I can fall only so far.

Borrowed time that's all they want,
Asking nothing in return.
I give my body and time,
I have sacrificed my life!


We Salute You - 2001

Today's the day,
The way they shall pave.
Fighting for freedom,
Fighting for Righteousness.

The Knights stand tall,
Their swords at their sides.
Shield raised high,
"We Salute You," they shout.

The Soldiers stand at attention,
Their rifles at their sides.
Heads held high,
"We Salute You," They shout.

Dying in the field of blood,
For reasons unknown.
Sacrificing their souls,
For reasons not known.

We live in freedom,
We live in peace.
We hold back the tears,
"Thank you and we Salute You," we shout.


Hit The Lights! - October 25th 2001

Hit the lights,
Darkness envelops your heart.
You stand-alone in a room,
Talking to yourself, believing you're the enemy,
Trusting nothing else.
You fell you're not alone,
You're grasped by the hand.
The chilling touch hits the bone,
Then you begin to think.
Darkness, darkness, light,
Who will win the fight?
Darkness, darkness, darkness will win,
Darkness will win.


Stranger In The Dark - October 25th 2001

Lights are flashing,
I've seen her only once before.
My head she is smashing,
I can't take it anymore.

Stranger in the dark,
Violence in the light.
Voices in my head,
Tell me that I am dead.

I have lost the will to live,
Darkness is closing in.
People killing everyday,
Violence in everyway.

Stranger in the dark,
Violence in the light.
It's sad but I must admit,
I lost the will to fight.


Knights Tale - November 5th 2001

A Knight stands in the door,
He carries his sword and shield.
His head hangs low, looking at the floor.
He acts as if he is in a field.

He swings his sword at nothing,
Pretending he himself is the enemy.
He so wants to be something,
But unable to find the remedy.

Deep down inside he knows,
Soemtimes things change.
He now knows it is his time,
He lifts his head to the sky.

It's time to stand proud he says,
He lifts is sword and yells his battle cry.
The army he leads joins in,
Together they will conquer.

Quickly he rides his stead forward,
The wall he must take.
With his sword held high,
He kills his foes one by one.

Finally the time has come,
The moment he has waited his life for.
His last fear stands in the way,
He grins and rides again.

Quickly he subdues the enemy,
With a swift blow from his sword.
He turns to his men,
And with a silent bow he commends them.


Love Hurts - November 6th 2001

I was once alone,
But now I see.
Someone is there waiting for me,
She walks with grace,
Slowly with haste.

The distance between us is great,
And the love hurts.
But someday we shall meet,
And spend the time together,
Loving everything we do.

Distance is growing closer,
But slowly it goes by.
Time is drawing near for the time,
Time that will fly,
But every minute we shall enjoy.

The time has come at last,
I find your heart gentle as glass.
You give me your heart,
And carefully I handle it,
Being careful not to break it.


Darkness - November 7th 2001

Darkness falls on earth tonight,
Nobody gives up a fight.
Except the Knights of the right,
They fight on through the peril.
Giving people what they deserve,
Freedom and pursuit of happiness.
Darkness falls on earth tonight,
Soldiers die for their rights.
They fall on bloodied soil,
Sacrificing themselves for the others.
Most don't care nor realize,
For what these soldiers desire.
Darkness falls on earth tonight,
As Knights and Soldiers fight side by side.
In this time for death and hate,
They realize this is their fate.
Time is nearing the end,
But still they battle on, they defend!

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