The Assassin

Cassie Dreandry knows from personal experience that being an assassin isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. At sixteen, Cassie lives a double life of days in high school and nights working for the government, killing international criminals under the alias of the Assassin.

After a planned murder goes wrong, Cassie begins to receive strange letters and a blond man starts following her around town. As the letters become more and more threatening, Cassie realizes that the notes are from her biological father, a man who left her life when he went to jail for the death of her mother. Now, he’s back, and he won’t miss his opportunity to kill her like he did sixteen years ago.

Once the she puts the pieces together, Cassie’s adopted father, Joe, has gone missing and all the signs point to her biological father. Cassie must find both of her fathers to save one and stop the other, but that could mea


3. Chapter Three


One Week Earlier


            “Mr. Rossett, today is the day we’re going to finally achieve our goal, okay?” The nurse leaned down and smiled at him.

            He nodded just to be complacent. For ten years, they’d be trying to get him to achieve that stupid goal. The one written on the little board. They wanted him to forget about the girl.

            But he would never forget about the girl. Not until she was dead, six feet under where she belonged.

            She should have died sixteen years earlier, but fate had been on her side.

            He refused to believe fate would be so kind twice.

            “Good. Once you achieve your goal, we can start making real progress to making sure you’re better.” The nurse patted his shoulder and continued to give him that sweet smile.

            He hated sweet smiles.

            It would just be a few days before he’d get the signal and the rest of the plan would go into action. His escape plan.

            Today was Monday, he’d been told he’d have the final details by Thursday at the very latest.

            “Mr. Rossett, I’ll be back in a moment, okay?” the nurse asked.

            He nodded.

            As she walked out, he watched her, admiring the fact that she was tiny. Most men wanted a small woman as a status of having an attractive lover. He saw a tiny woman as someone who could easily be snapped in half.

            He knew how the game would be played. She would beg for mercy, that he would let her go just this once. But he was ruthless, he never let anyone escape from him.

            Except that girl.

            So of course it made sense for him to take up the offer to kill her when it came. In just a short week, the girl’s secret would be exposed and he would kill her.

            She’d be exactly where she belonged.

            In hell.

            Just one more week, my dear. You better make it last while you can, he thought. Death is closer than you think.

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