The clues


1. The first discovery

“Would you like a cup of tea?” Frankie asked as he entered the kitchen.

“No thanks, I’ve already got one.” Emily said, and held her cup up to show him. “I can’t find an affordable private investigator anywhere.”

Frankie frowned; he was getting worried about his best friend Emily, ever since last summer when her older sister had mysteriously disappeared whilst on holiday in Dorset, she had been engrossed in trying to find her. It was almost as though she had stopped living, like time had stopped and would only start going again once she knew exactly what had happened. ‘Was this normal?’ he wondered, ‘Was he overreacting or did she seem to be in another world at the moment?’

 “I’m going to call it a day.” Emily said, shutting down her laptop and standing up. “Really?” Frankie was surprised. Emily didn’t normally go to bed this early, it was only nine o’clock and she normally stayed up all night on her laptop, trying to find a lead on her sister’s case. “Make sure you turn the T.V. off when you leave the room.” Emily shouted as she entered her bedroom. She sat down on her bed and pulled out her sisters’ diary from under her pillow. She peered at it closely, on the front were two little glue marks from where the button had fallen off years ago and repositioned inaccurately. Holding the diary in her hand, she wished that she had the button with her now, but her widowed sister always took it with her everywhere she went, to remind her of her late husbands love for her, he was the one that gave her the diary after all. Emily closed the diary, and just as she did she noticed a word on the bookmark: attic.

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