The clues


4. The crime

Emily frowned, as she pushed the bottom of the box hard and twisted it around, she realised that the whole time that answer had been in the bottom of the box. With a shaky hand she pulled out and envelope, reading the words: For Emily. Inside was a map with a circle around a large field in the countryside of Devon, and scrawled on the back an address along with the message of: long lost relative- go there.

 Days passed and Emily still wasn’t back from visiting her long lost relative. He had been told that it was a great aunt that inhabited a huge mansion in the middle of nowhere, with acres of land and many bedrooms. Frankie was getting anxious, he hated to be filled with so much anxiety at one time, but what could he do? He hadn’t heard from Emily in 2 weeks; he had even considered calling the police, but then decided against it, after all she was with a relative, wasn’t she?

Emily didn’t know what to do, at first her great-aunt had been welcoming and friendly, and now look where she was-being held hostage in a tiny cupboard - like room on the top floor! Just as that moment the door unlocked and she stood up. “Why are you doing this?” Emily exclaimed.

“Doing what dear?” Maggie, her great aunt said innocently.

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