The clues


5. Emotions

“You know jolly well what!”

“Well you see dear, when your sister… died last week. I knew that I would inherit everything! Then, sadly, I discovered a loophole in this little agreement of ours, which meant that you would get everything of hers, and so naturally I devised a plan to lure you here. I discovered that your sister was writing to you after the printer packed up from lack of paper, I had already put 3 pieces in there that morning, though sadly I fear that the third went missing, and you will never find it.”

Emily was locked in again, she knew that there was a chance that her sister was dead, of course she did, but instead of facing it she sent it to the back of her mind, where it had been hiding-until now. She cried and cried for hours on end, she tried to hold it in but she couldn’t, not any more. The tears just kept on pouring down her cheeks, like an endless waterfall, leading in a river of despair that would never dry up.

The doorbell rang. Frankie went over to it, hoping that it would be a surprise return from his roommate Emily.

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