The clues


3. An answer

“What do you mean you sister left you clues?” Frankie said the next morning.” “And clues to what?”

“Her disappearance of course! I just can’t figure out the music box. Frankie... what if I finally have a lead on the case, and it’s already come to a dead end?” Emily whispered, desperate for some help.

“I guess I could try to help but it’ll have to be quick because the decorators coming any minute. Have you tried looking everywhere in the jewellery compartment?”

“Of course I have, but I don’t think that it’s there anyway, the clue said to open the box differently.” Just at that moment the doorbell rang. “That’ll be the builder now” said Frankie.

“Hello, names bob, I’m the builder you called.”

“Ah yes” said Frankie, “We want to knock down this wall and create a single, big room” he said, pointing to the wall next to the door.

Emily watched frustrated as the builder repeatedly knocked on the walls to test how hollow they were, and she feared she would never get that sound out of her head. Just then she heard a noise behind her, as she turned around she saw the music box crash to ground. “I’m so sorry!” Frankie kept saying over and over as he picked it up and placed it on the table. Emily wasn’t listening though, she just kept on staring at the box in total disbelief; she looked as though she had seen a ghost. “That sound” she said. “That sound it made when you dropped it” Emily stuttered as Frankie looked at her quizzically. Frankie finally caught on and said “Well come on then, open it. If it made a hollow sound then maybe it has a secret compartment.”

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