The clues


2. A letter

Emily went up to the loft and rummaged in all the boxes, trying to find some clues as to why her sister disappeared, and where to. She had to be quiet because she didn’t want Frankie to know that she wasn’t really in bed. She blew the dust off of an old cardboard box in the corner and pulling the old duct tape away; discovered a threadbare blanket, an old ragdoll, and a music box. At the bottom of the box was a letter marked: Emily: please read

‘Dearest Emily’, she read, ‘I knew you’d look in my diary! I don’t have much time now; I fear I have already discovered too much about our parents death. If you are reading this and I have gone missing, then please, don’t come looking for me. I can’t make this letter very long, as you are in the shower, washing your hair after spending our day on the beach. Oh what a lovely time I’ve had here in Dorset with you, I can assure you that I will most certainly definitely miss you as much as you’ll miss me! Though I urge you not to try and find me, I ask you to search for clues, I have left as many as I can, and I will try my hardest to lead you to the truth. This is your first clue; open the jewellery box in a way you never have thought to before. It may seem hard to decipher the clue at first, but I’m sure you’ll figure it out, after all, you’re the most intelligent and logical person I know.

Love you always, Elisa

The letter fell to the ground, Emily’s hands were shaking, what did her sister mean by finding out the truth-what was there to know, and what about?

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