Robyn's just been dumped.

To be honest she saw it coming, he'd done it before, she just believed it was her lot in life to continually deal with it.

But things are changing, Robyn's opening her eyes and starting to realise that her life isn't as mapped out as she once thought. Fate has something interesting in store for her. But is she ready for it?

Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent- Eleanor Roosevelt


3. Revelations

I take a deep breath, pull my arms behind me and try to launch myself at the tree branch a few feet away, hoping to climb down it, if I succeed. I jerk slightly forward, but other than that, my right shoe falling off is the only evidence that I'd tried to move at all. How frustrating. At least I'm not afraid of heights.

I try again to grab hold of the tree branch, this time staring intently at it. Maybe if I really focus on it it'll move towards me, nothing seems impossible at this precise moment. It doesn't move. I let out a sigh and looked down at Rosie. She's lying down now, having a snooze, obviously assuming that this predicament is nothing to worry about. Human girl floating in mid-air? Totally normal.

'Any ideas?' I question Rosie. She opens one golden-brown eye and looks at me. Then closes it again. No help there.

'I've got one.' I hear a deep male voice say. I scan the forest around me for the source, accidently doing a rapid 360 degree spin in the process and becoming momentarily blinded by a bright light (no doubt due to the spinning). Woah, dizzy. I close my eyes to steady myself, taking a few deep breaths. When I reopen them a tall, dark-haired stranger is standing right in-front of me. He's beautiful, and I'm grateful all over again for the full, bright moon for shedding light on his angelic form. Wearing a long-sleeved white vest, (which tightly hugs his firmly toned biceps) and loose fitting jeans, his bright blue eyes bore into my brown ones as he runs his fingers through his shaggy mane of black hair.

I want to do that. The thought comes unbidden. Snap out of it, Reed! I chastise myself. I always use my last name when I'm particularly annoyed at myself, which is unfortunately quite often.

'Care to share?' I reply to him rather cattily. Annoyed at my reaction to him rather than his words.

'Tell yourself you want to come down.' He replies with an amused grin, obviously not put-out by my childish tone. Rosie perks up, interested by the adonis. She gets up and bounds over to him. He strokes her head and she wags her tail furiously. It's a good thing I never wanted a guard dog.

'Right, because that's going to work.' I say.

'Have you tried it?' He retorts.

Eagerly wanting to prove this smart-arse wrong, I close my eyes and quickly tell myself to get back to the ground pronto. I open my eyes. Surprise, surprise I haven't moved. I grin at the stranger:

'Didn't work. Amazing that.' I say. He sighs.

'You don't really want to come down that's why. You need to want to. Tell yourself that you need your feet on the ground. I know you want to fly away and forget what just happened back at your house. But you can't. You need to face it.'

I'm speechless for a moment. Probably a first. 

'How do you?...Who are you...? What?' I splutter stupidly.

'OK. As inarticulate as that just was, I get your point. That probably came across quite creepy...' He mutters, almost to himself, as he nervously runs his fingers through his hair again. I wish he'd stop doing that it's rather off-putting. 'Where to start?' He continues, pacing up and down apparently deep in thought.

After a few minutes he looks up at me sheepishly. 'I've been waiting for this meeting for years, you'd think I'd have it planned or something.' Right, this has just gone from slightly creepy to downright scary. He notices I visibly tense-up at his words. 'Oh no, no, no. I didn't mean it like that! It's just I've known about you for ages, since I changed myself and finally meeting you when you're changing is just a bit overwhelming for me.'

'Overwhelming for you? Are you kidding me? I'm freaking levitating!'

'Good point.' He says, putting his head in his hands. He breathes deeply then suddenly jerks his head up. 'My name's Ethan Adams and we're the same Robyn. That's how I know what you need to do. A couple of years ago I was exactly where you are now. Floating in the air.'

'How do you know my name?!'

'That's hardly the most important part of what I just said is it?' Ethan answers, a little miffed.

'You know my name and apparently about my life when I've never even met you! That's hugely important!' I pause. 'Wait. Is this some sick joke, orchestrated by Leo. Is he here? Have I been drugged? I'll kill him!' I shout, ready to really do some damage - even though I couldn't ever do anything of the sort.

'Now you're being ridiculous! I'd never have anything to do with that cretin. You're well shot of him. Even if it did take you long enough!' Ethan replies angrily. 'Sorry, not your fault. Shouldn't have said that'. He backtracks, clearly irritated at himself for letting that slip. I'm intrigued.  

'What do you mean it's not my fault. That I was with him so long?'

'Forget I said that'

'And you call me ridiculous. You don't need to treat me with kid gloves, I know I should have left him long before he left me. I just couldn't, I don't know why.' I finish, wondering why I'd let it go on so long. It was never right. As I'm pondering this I glance at Ethan. He knows something, but how can he know? ' Do you know why?' I whisper faintly, astonished that this frankly weird conversation has taken this unexpected turn.

'Yes. You were manipulated. I can't tell you more than that right now. It's more important that you understand who you are, what you are. So we can hide you.'

'We, who's we?'

'Robyn!' He says, exasperated. 'I'll explain that on the way. We need to move. But we can't go anywhere until you get down. And to get down you need to want to get down. And to want to get down you need to understand what you are. Which is understandable. The easiest way to explain it, although not technically correct, is that you (like me) are an angel.' I scoff. Ethan laughs. 'Yes, it sounds crazy, but look behind you. Look what's keeping you floating.'

Not believing any of this bull for a minute, I humour him and turn my head. At first all I see is the same bright light that contributed to the dizziness a minute ago, but as my eyes adjust I see that the light has a form. Starting at my shoulder blades on both sides, having torn two large holes in my blouse, are huge, pulsing wings made completely of light. 

My boss is going to kill me. I think, looking at the back of my ruined work shirt. Then I pass out.




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