Half way across the world

Your name is kayla homes. Your aussie. Currently live in melbourne australia with your best guy friend. The one and only jai brooks. But when you meet 5 very special boys from london can you afford to put 2 relationships on the line by flying from australia to england.....drama. Jealousy. Devotion. Feelings. Mixed emotions. Jet lag. And everything else that come with being 19 and having to choose your best friend and boyfriend? Who will she choose read to find out :)


11. :)

*authors note* long chapter

Kayla's pov
He had his hands around me. When i said that thing about justin. His grip tightened. I controlled my smirk. "wow look at him now. Under water. Ooooh wet pop star. Hawt. Lucky bitches" i said and sat up further. "oh its over who is number one" i said trying to sound dissapointed. "oh" i said and sat back. I was bursting with laughter inside  now. Because number 1 was LWWY by of course one direction. The bit came to the bit when they were in the pool. The tv froze on harry shirtless. It took all of me to not make a comment. "what is my body not good enough for you. Is justins better" yelled harry moving ruffly away from me. I couldnt help it anymore. I erupted with laughter and harry looked utterly confused. I through myself at him and kissed him roughly. I pulled away and smiled. "babe. Your the only one i want" i said and we laid down and again. X factor for australia came on. (pretend it could). "wow i Watched this before i came" i said and turned it up slightly. "who is your favourite love?" asks harry putting his arm around me. "the collective or bella" i say concentrating. "these collective boys are no competition to me are they?" asked harry cheekily. "oh you see that one in the middle with sleeveless shirt on" i say pointing to the screen. "yeah what about him" he asked "thats trent and i dated him for a short period of time" i said and kissed harrys cheek. They sung lego house and harry applauded. "next is bella feraro sing shake it up by florence" said luke (the host). She was amazing as well. The show ended and luke ended the show by saying. "still to preform is. Bruno mars. Ke$ha. The amazing one direction and elton john" i smiled by the mention of harry. "wow i guess i am going to australia" said harry surprised. "haha. Your an idiot. Dont be mean to trent though when you get there okay" i said poking his dimple. "so what to do next" i asked looking at my watch. It is 12:30. "food shopping you need food" said harry hoping up. "righteo you go get changed and i will do the same meet you out the front in 20 minuets" i say pushing him out the door. "i dont take 20 minuets to get ready" said harry. "yeah maybe but i do" i said and kissed him and left to go get changed. I did so and got dressed rather casually. Black skinny jeans and a grey long sleeve knitted sweater with a beenie and hair down. I straightened my hair and put my make up on. I was 5 mins early. I walked out locked the house and met harry. He was casual as well. Grey jeans white t shirt and grey beenie. "great minds think alike" said harry gesturing to my beenie. We got to the shops and grabbed a tolley. I pushed it and harry put his arms around me holding onto the trolley handle. "you are so cheesy" i said. We walked into The first aisle. We collected fruit and vegetables. "wow healthy are we" he asked. "harry i am a model i need to eat healthy. But dont judge wait till we get to the junk food aisle" i said and pushed it further. We got all the meat. Then i walked to the magazines stand. I passed him the new issue of dolly, girlfriend and a few more. Then the 8th aisle is like heaven. We spilt up and grabbed so much junk food. We had filled the trolley nearly all the way. 3 packets of chocolates, 4 packets of various chips, lollies ect. We also got 3 litres of ice cream. Ice blocks. "i am so coming to your house for desert" said harry "depends what type of desert" i said winking. We paid and walked out to the car. I sat on the handle bars with my legs dangling. Harry had his arms around me supporting me and pushing the trolley. I leaned in and put our noses together. "it is so hard for me not to kiss you right now" he said focusing on my lips. "well you gonna have to wait bubby" i said and kissed his nose. We got into the car and i leaned into kiss harry. Then we heard yelling and people running. He looked away and sighed/gasped. We pulled back and he gave me black ray bans and chucked me a white hoodie he had in his car. We pulled out and drove. I heard harry sigh. "cant we have a minute in peace" harry said "harry it makes our moments more special."i said and kissed his cheek. We arrived home and packed the shopping away. "you know whats missing." harry moaned with his hands on his hips. "what" i said finishing "alcohol" he said and i giggled. 

Harrys pov
I pulled out my phone and texted niall "hey mate pick up some booze on ya way home" and put it back in my pocket and walked over to kayla. I pulled her onto my lap and kissed her neck. She giggled and turned and kissed me. When we were making out there was a knock at the door. I sighed and kayla laughed and got up. I decided to be the cheeky chap i am and pinched her bum. "princess is looking good tonight" i said and kayla rolled her eyes at me. 

Kaylas pov
That wasnt any old kiss that was a deep and passionate kiss. He knew i wanted him and i knew he wanted me as much. I opened the door to see niall, loui, liam and zayn standing there. I hugged all of them and they came in and following them was 2 girls. They stopped and introduced themselves. "eleanor" she pulling me into a hug. "perrie" said the very pretty girl with blonde hair. Then zayn and loui walked in. Loui kissed eleanors cheek and zayn perrie "so i am guessing your with lou and your with zayn" i said smiling. We walked into the lounge room and i sat next to harry with my legs on the couch. "so what to do" asked zayn "paranormal activity 4. Just came out so lets watch" said loui. I love scary movies but they disturb my sleeping pattern for about 3 months. I have seen all the paranormal activities with jai and luke. "alright but we have to turn the lights off and lock the doors" i said niall turned on the tv and put it in. I huddled up to harry and el and perrie did the same to loui and zayn. It came to the part when she is on facetime and the lights flicker and a black figure appears next to her in her room. Then lightening strikes outside our window and you hear 3 very scared high pitch scream. (me el and perrie) then the lights flickered and it all went black. I screamed at the top of my lungs and so did the girls. I jumped into harrys chest. I swear my heart skipped a beat. I hear everyone walking around the house. I grabbed my phone and turned it onto my flashlight app. Zayn lit a few candles with his lighter. I got a torch. We all sat back down except for niall. Where was he. Harry got up to get a few blankets. Then BAM niall yelled in my ear making me scream still scared from paranormal activity. There was a huge storm outside. Which didnt help my racing heart. I jumped at every thunder clap. We all opened a beer. Harry came and grabbed one too. "okay truth or dare. 18+" said loui with a smile. I knew this game james made me play it when we were together, he was such a pig. Harry smirked when it was his turn. "okay truth" i said and knew he was going to ask me "okay remove your t shirt and what is the most thing you miss about australia" he asked. I removed my jumper. "um. Probably. Luke, jai, beau and skip. I aslo miss the weather and the beaches" i said and smiled. "nice bra. Okay your turn nialler" i said. "um dare" he said. "okay remove your shirt. Then go and jump in the pool" i said. He looked at me like i was crazy "fine." He took of his shirt and pants. We all followed him upstairs. He looked at us and we all toasted and took a sip of our beer. He jumped in and quickly got straight out. He had blue lips and was shivering. He ran down and got a towl. He took off his boxers and just slid on his dry jeans. *hours later* 
We were all drunk as hell. Us girls just had our bra on with a blanket covering our lower region. Then the boys only had their boy leg underwear on. Zayn and niall actually didnt have anything. The house was a mess from all the dares. There was no drinks. We had drunk all the cans, bottles, vodka and shots. The room smelt of cigarettes and alcohol. In a dare i had to have one of zayn cigarettes and so did harry. I felt like i coughed up one of my kidneys. Harry couldn't breathe properly. We had made a truce to never do that again. We had set fire to the rug twice. Zayn and perrie were making out at this point and i yelled at them and pointed to the spare room. Loui and el had already ventured there. Liam and niall were passed out drunk. We all signed nialls chest in permanent marker cause he fell asleep first. Some rude words were written on him as well. I looked at harry and he looked at me the same way. I kissed his cheek working to his ear. "babe can we go upstairs" i said biting his earlobe slightly "my bad princess are you sure." he said already exploring my back with his hands. "defiantly" i said and moved to his neck. He stood up taking me with him. I wrapped my legs around his waist and we trudged up to my room. "tell me if you want me to stop" he said while leaving small kisses on my neck. "bubby stop worrying" i said and tugged on his curls. "i like this side of my beautful princess. Bad girl" he teased. 
*authors note
I dont really venture into this department. Sorry use your imagination. If u know what i mean*

Kaylas pov
I woke up by the garbage truck out side. It felt like someone was throwing a brick at my head. It was pounding. I looked around the room. There were clothes all over the floor. I looked over and saw harry sleeping with me and harry. I felt myself blush just at the thought. I leaned over to him and kissed his lips softly. He rubbed his eyes. "hey babe" he said and pulled me down with him. We started to kiss and almost at the same time we pulled back and held our heads. We couldnt yell for anyone cause they would feel the same. 
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