Half way across the world

Your name is kayla homes. Your aussie. Currently live in melbourne australia with your best guy friend. The one and only jai brooks. But when you meet 5 very special boys from london can you afford to put 2 relationships on the line by flying from australia to england.....drama. Jealousy. Devotion. Feelings. Mixed emotions. Jet lag. And everything else that come with being 19 and having to choose your best friend and boyfriend? Who will she choose read to find out :)


6. Wont be so bad afterall

Sorry its short :)
Harrys pov
I woke up in the morning and had a shower and dressed myself. I was just about ready to go when i didnt hear any noise from kayla's room. I through some stuff at her window and then it started to open. She had bed hair and was still in her pj's. "what now bubby" she said rubbing her eyes. "you realize what time it is" i said. Kayla got her phone and widened her eyes. "holy hell. I gotta go harry." she said and went to shut the window the slowly opened it again. "and thanks" she said and looked down. "repay me later" i said with a wink. "uh bubby gross. Dont cheat on me with this girl today promise me" she Said smiling. I flashed her a smile and then loui was calling me to go. I waved to kayla and left. 

Kayla's pov
I rushed Around and got dressed i decided casual cause i would change there. I got into the car and raced to the studio. I got inside and apologized to my manager/boss "byron i am so sorry alarm..." i said before i was cut off "kayla its alright just dont make a habit of it" he said with a smirk. I smiled and got into a car. "where are we going Loren" i asked my stylist. "to a shoot a special shoot you have to kiss someone" she said while on her phone. I didnt think much of it. I was just thinking of harry and last night. We got to a big house and walked in. I hang out with loren all the time she is actually one of the only people i know. I was rushed into hair and make up. Then i got dressed. I wore very casual shorts and a black strapless bikini. "what am i shooting today when i am wearing this?" i asked. I always shoot in bikini's but different. "well miss questionable. You are shooting a music video" she said. "right...." i said trailing off. "okay its set. First scene you wear that. Then for a small amount you wear a singlet and sweats. Then a long beautiful dress then a dress with converse okay" said byron. I nodded and headed out the back to where i would be filming. "AND ACTION" yelled the director. "WAIT WAIT WAIT" i said and stopper everything "what what continue already" he said clearly stressed. "what fucking celebrity or singer or anything am i shooting with i deserve to know" i yell looking at everyone. "we want to give it a surprise affect" said byron. I shrug and then 5 boys walk through the door. I looked at each of them and smile. They all one hy one take my hand and kiss it i walk down the line. Then i am twirled one by one down the line and i fall into the boy at the ends arms. Then they call cut. I get up and pretend to dust off myself. "haz eyes up there you dont want your little crush kayla to find out you have eyes for someone else" said loui sitting with harry. Obviously they dont know i am kayla. "boys kayla homes. Kayla this is loui liam niall and zayn" harry said. Loui rubbed the back of his neck. I messed up his hair and he smiled at me. "so it wont
Be too back kissing a girl today" said niall nudging harrys side. He blushed. "hey so u didnt tell me you were shooting a music video for one direction today" said harry "well i actually didnt know" i said innocently. "sure sure". 
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