Half way across the world

Your name is kayla homes. Your aussie. Currently live in melbourne australia with your best guy friend. The one and only jai brooks. But when you meet 5 very special boys from london can you afford to put 2 relationships on the line by flying from australia to england.....drama. Jealousy. Devotion. Feelings. Mixed emotions. Jet lag. And everything else that come with being 19 and having to choose your best friend and boyfriend? Who will she choose read to find out :)


35. Telling him

This is getting boring so i am going to skip the next 3 days. It is now the second last day in australia. 

Kayla's pov
It is the 2nd last day we have left in australia and it couldnt come any faster. The pressure with living in a house with 13 people is getting to everyone. Plus dad has stayed to make sure harry and i dont get up to anything. I havent told harry About the baby and i am feeling quite depressed because i feel horrible for not telling harry. Tonight we are apparently going on a date that harry arranged and i am determined to tell him i have been thinking about what i am going to say. "hey babe. Get dressed into something nice but not to dressy." he said and kissed me quickly and shoved me into my room. I smiled at this cause it reminds me of what i did to him when we first met. I got into a loose dress and it was multi colored and i decided on cream flats. I put my hair down into natural waves and put on little make up. I walked out and harry was on his phone and i walked past him and he quickly shoved his phone into his pocket. He took my hand and twirled me around "you look gorgeous" he said and i smiled. He had a navy blazer with a white shirt under neath. We said good bye to everyone and loui whispered something into harrys ear. I didnt care and i took his hand again and we got into the car. I smiled and was a little nervous until he laid his hand on my thigh. We talked for about an hour and when we got there i recognized the place. This was somerset dam. I smiled and took off my flats and we walked down by the sand/rocks. I saw a quite big and expensive boat floating along. I lifted up my dress so it would not get wet. Harry helped me in by holding onto my waist. Soon enough i was on and steady and so was he. There was a little sitting area it the front of the boat and 2 seats. There were those old style lanterns everywhere so we could see. I turned to harry "you are so amazing you know that" i said and kissed his cheek. "now sit back and relax i know what part of the lake to take us to" i said and put the boat in gear and started it up. It was going a reasonable pace and was bouncing up and down. It was just on dusk so we could just see. Thank god i wasnt going to rain tonight. I slowed it down and turned to harry. "what now" i said smiling. He held out his hand. "before i take your hand we are not going skinny dipping" i said laughing and took his hand. He took out a double sleeping bag and sat on the back of the boat on the floor. I sat in the sleeping with harry and he pulled out some food. It was burgers. Burgers, i know lame but harry's burgers are literally the best you will ever eat. He smiled at me "i wish you let me coo different things for you" he wined "you know i would but these you cant pass up" i said mowed into my burger. I finished and harry laughed he licked something off my nose. I giggled and the boat was softly rocking and i wrapped myself around harrys torso. I say up. This is a perfect time to tell him. 
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