Half way across the world

Your name is kayla homes. Your aussie. Currently live in melbourne australia with your best guy friend. The one and only jai brooks. But when you meet 5 very special boys from london can you afford to put 2 relationships on the line by flying from australia to england.....drama. Jealousy. Devotion. Feelings. Mixed emotions. Jet lag. And everything else that come with being 19 and having to choose your best friend and boyfriend? Who will she choose read to find out :)


4. Getting hotter <3

Harrys pov
Was she getting my flirty comments. She got out of the spa and i noticed something on her neck. I jumped out and as she was going to jump into the pool i stopped her and grabbed her by the waist. "ooooooh princess got a tattoo" i teased. She squirmed out of my grasp "oh and you can talk" she said poking my left bicep. I turned and she looked at me. She traced her hand from my waist slowly up to my shoulder. I wanted to pull her in and kiss her but i met her today that wouldnt be very good. She smiled and i completely melted and before i knew it i was in the ice cold water. It was dark so the water was freezing and considering i had been in a hot spa for the past half hour didnt help. She was cracking her self laughing and i slowly got out of the water. "come here my princess. Hazza wants a hug" i said putting my arms out. "i dont think so" she said running away from me. I ran after her and picked her up bridal style. "great your cold. You got your hug now put me down bubby" she said. 

Kayla's pov
He was freezing. I knew he wasnt going to put me down. "kiss me and i will" he said while winking. "fine" i said sternly and kissed him quickly but passionately. "right now out me down" i said i was freezing. "nope" he said and jumped into the water with me still in his arms. I got to the surface i was more cold now. I pushed the hair out of my face and glared at harry. "dont be mad at me princess" he said while swimming closer to me. "i am not a princess. And second of all i will get you back" i said swimming away from him. "we are even now princess" he said. "i have learned from growing up with boys. You dont play to get even you play to win" i said. He came over to me and then disappeared. I waited for him to come up. He didnt. Then i felt someone lift me up. I was now on harrys shoulders. He put his hands up for me to hold onto. I did so and i did tightly. "lets play truth or dare" i said  and he lowered himself so i could get off. "fine then truth or dare princess" i said and he huffed. I can tell she hated being called princess thats why i like it. "truth" she said "okay are you single" i asked "yep..." she said and looked down i wanted to throw my hands up but i kept the excitement to myself. "bubby truth or dare" i guess that is her nickname for me. "dare" i said "okay. I dare you to kiss an object in this pool area" i said smirking. Soon enough he wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me closer. I looked into his eyes and our foreheads touching. He licked his lips and kissed me. I pulled away after "i said an object" i said trying to sound mad. "your kind of an object. But you liked it" he said and drew circles on my mid back. "i never said i didn't" i cheekily said back. "you are really fit did you know that" he said admiring my toned body. "have you noticed your body. I have seen pictures but i was sure they were photo shoped. Obviously not" i said and traced of his '17 black tattoo'. "okay truth or dare kayla" said harry "truth" i said again. "what do you admire most about me" he asked pulling me closer. "who said i admire you?" i said. "oh just you kissed me twice and this" he said and pulled me closer. 
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