Half way across the world

Your name is kayla homes. Your aussie. Currently live in melbourne australia with your best guy friend. The one and only jai brooks. But when you meet 5 very special boys from london can you afford to put 2 relationships on the line by flying from australia to england.....drama. Jealousy. Devotion. Feelings. Mixed emotions. Jet lag. And everything else that come with being 19 and having to choose your best friend and boyfriend? Who will she choose read to find out :)


27. Driving to caloundra

Kayla's pov
I woke up by the smell of my favorite spaghetti bolignaise. The yelling of my mum helped in waking me up. I got up and harry groggingly awoke. I kissed his cheek and he lifted me up. I woke niall and he moaned "food..." i said and he jumped up and ran to the kitchen knocking bella off the couch "food bell" i said and she did the same as niall. I laughed and harry had tried to snuggle up in a ball. He moved around a bit and moaned "somethings missing" he said reaching his arms out. "i dont know what it is. I am going to eat" i said tried to walk past him. He then grabbed me by the waist and pulled me onto his lap. "found it" he said and kissed my neck. I decided i cant win so i laid down and started to make out with him. "ewww" said anita. I pulled away and looked at her. "mum said get your ass to dinner" she said. "eating harrys face doesnt count as dinner" she said and walked out i through a pillow at her and she ducked and i laughed and got up. "we need somewhere private" i said and pulled harry off the couch "i dont see that happening with everyone" he said and we walked into the kitchen. "honey. Get some out of the dish harry you too" said my mum. "thanks mrs homes" said harry and walked over with me "oh sweetie. Call me amy" said my mum. Harry smiled and we got our dinner. Harry went to sit next to me but that of course wasnt okay with my dad. I moaned and glared at my over protective father. Harry sat across from me and we had no shoes on just socks and we were playing footsie. I smiled while eating my dinner.  I finished and got up and smiled at harry. Then everyone followed and put their dishes in the sink. "so lets go and get some ice cream for desert" i said and everyones eyes lit up. "to the car" yelled loui and we left. "lets take the gay family car though. Cause its got 8 seats" i said and we headed to our ugly van. "okay i am not driving" i said. "i will" said bella. Bella driving niall in the passenger seat. Harry and i in the back along side zayn. Then in the back back tahlia loui and liam. "off to cold rock" said bella. Tahlia and i cheered "whats that babe?" asked zayn "oh my god you have so much to learn" i said and smiled and we turned the radio up. We listened to RIP RITA ora and some older music then the presenter said "okay now an interview with the one and only harry styles" he said. I turned to harry. "oh so you have a clone" i joked "i did this interview about a week ago" he said and we listened to his interview. "so harry is it true u have a girlfriend. An aussie girlfriend to be precise.  " asked the interviewer "um no. We kissed on the new video for 'kiss you' but thats it. She is a really nice girl but i am fine with my life style right now" he said on the radio. They just talked about the album and crap for another 5 mins and then it finished "wow that was weird" he said and we turned it down. I kissed his cheek. "what was that for" he asked "cause i am nice even you said so" i said while winking. He laughed. We sung our hearts out to different songs. Then 'they dont know about us' came on and harry instantly looked at me. He held my hand and leaned in and sung/whispered the song in my hear sexily. I took in every lyric and his voice. After the song i couldnt control it. I grabbed his face kissed him passionately and moved my hands from his cheeks to around his neck and he swiftly moved his arms to my hips and my lower back and pulled me in closer. Then loui had to wreck the moment and make kissy noises in the background. I pulled away and blushed then i realised where we were. "yeah buddy" said bella and pulled up and we all rushed out of the car. We got in and there was a group of teenagers maybe around 13-15. They instantly recognized the boys. "oh my god. Harry i love you so much" said one of them. "guys guys shh please" he said and tried to calm down the over excited girls. I slipped on my raybanes and so did bella and tahlia. "oh and this is" said one girl bearly putting energy in to point to me. "um im kay" i said. "okay we will sign autographs and 1 picture then could u please leave us be" said liam. "yes yes" said the girl. After about 15mins everything calmed and they left. Harry walked back over to me and laced his arms around my waist. "what flavour" asked the lady serving us. "vanilla with sour worms and nerds and mars bar please" i asked. "chocolate with gummy bears please" asked bella "um... Vanilla and mars bar and Maltese please" asked tahlia. The boys finally decided to order and we decided to walk to the board walk. We are in caloundra and everything is in walking distance. we got down and Sat on the end enjoying our ice cream. 
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