Half way across the world

Your name is kayla homes. Your aussie. Currently live in melbourne australia with your best guy friend. The one and only jai brooks. But when you meet 5 very special boys from london can you afford to put 2 relationships on the line by flying from australia to england.....drama. Jealousy. Devotion. Feelings. Mixed emotions. Jet lag. And everything else that come with being 19 and having to choose your best friend and boyfriend? Who will she choose read to find out :)


25. Anita's little fangirl moment

Kayla's pov
It was the day. I hope it all goes well. I woke up and stretched mu arms and accidentally hit harry. He opened his eyes "okay okay im awake" he said and rested himself on his elbows and ruffled his hair. "morning" i said and kissed his cheek. I got up and was immediately pulled back down. Harry spun me around and crashed his lips to mine. "whats that for" i asked "morning kiss" he said with a cheesy smile "oh no i know you just dont wanna go and meet my parents" i said caressing his cheek. "what if they dont like me. I love you kayla. I cant loose you" he said pulling me into his chest "okay prince charming lets go i can promise they will like you" i said and pulled him out of bed. I dragged him over to our bags and he sat on the floor and pouted like a little kid. I got my clothes and got changed. I cam back in wearing a skirt that i pulled up to my waist and goes to mid thigh and a plain black singlet. I put on a little make up and straightened my hair and decided with my black vans. "nice outfit" said harry "why thanks styles and i like your outfit" i said and poked him on his bare chest. "help what do i wear i am freaking" he said throwing his clothes everywhere. "right well i would recommend boxers. But thats not appropriate. Okay wear this" i said and handed him a pile of clothes. He came out of the bathroom minutes later. He was wearing blue/black jeans. A white v neck and a checkered button up shirt over the top. With a pair of white converse. I smiled and kissed his cheek and fixed his curls to perfection. I took a picture and went to tweet it but i had to obviously put it in my drafts considering i am actually not meant to be with him. We walked down stairs and found bella and niall sitting eating cereal and both of them absolutely stuffing their faces. Loui and tahlia making pancakes and liam and zayn on their phones. "who you talking to zayn" i asked getting juice out of the fridge "perrie" he said plainly. I walked up next to him and yelled out 'hi' cause we vaguely met. "she says hi now shut it" he said and i poked my tongue out at him. "who is driving and what car" asked tahlia. "well i want to drive and i felt bad for shoving you guys in a car with strangers yesterday. So how about tahlia bella niall and loui in bella's car and if its okay with you tahlia i will take your car with harry, zayn and liam" i said and everyone agreed. "i havent seen amy and todd in like forever" she said. I went up stairs and packed a few things into a duffle bag and headed down stairs. "hey mum coming now. Tell Anita to wait till i get there i have a surprise" i texted me mum and got into the car. Anita is ma little sister. I actually cant wait to see my dog buba. I sat in the front with harry. We started listening to my reece mastin album and to the radio. Soon enough we were off the highway and we were entering a little town called caboolture (Queensland, australia). The boys put on sunnys and harry put on a beanie. I pulled him into the house and he was really tense. As i was calming him down the rest of the gang pulled up. "you preform to thousands of people and you are nervous about talking to 2 people come on haz" i said and he smiled. "sorry its just i love you" he said and took off his beanie and placed it on my head. "it looks better on you keep it" he said and put his glasses back on and pecked my lips. Tahlia pushed me inside and i stumbled in the door and it smelt the same, perfume and a hint of burnt toast. "hey honey" said my mum. "tahlia bella... And some nee guests" she said in her sweet voice. Harry and the rest of the boys took off the hoodies and glasses. Harry put out his hand shook it "harry, harry styles" he said in a shaky voice. "dont worry darlin i wont bite" said my mum smiling at him. Harry seemed to relax. She shook the rest of the boys hands and smiled and they seemed to get on well. "how in hell are you going to explain this to your sister" said my mum "what do you mean" asked harry sitting on the couch with everyone. There wasnt enough seats so i sat on his lap. "Anita is 12 and is i love with zayn" said my mum and zayn blushed. "so are you planning on staying the night guys" asked my mum "yeah i think so" i said "right okay so no girls in beds with guys" she said turning serious. "MUM" i yelled "first of all not that we can do anything and second of all only harry and i are a couple" i said and my mum raised her hands in surrender. "okay i am going to get anita from school and then go shopping for dinner and then your father will be home miss homes" said mum putting emphasis on my 'father'. She smiled and waved and left. "so she isnt that bad" i asked harry "no no its your dad i am worried about" he said "hey kay where's buba" asked tahlia. "i dont know down stairs some where i guess" i said and then we left to go down stairs. We heard growling and i stopped everyone and went down there and to my utter surprise buba is in a cage with 5 little puppies. Thanks for telling me mother. She stopped growling as soon as she saw me and wagged her tail swiftly. I called everyone down and patted my dog. We let them out of the cage cause they were old enough to walk. Harry sat cross leggered and played with one. Tahlia with one. Bella with one. Loui with one and zayn with one. I sat and patted buba. Buba is a pure bred staffie. Buba great name i know but i was like 9 okay. "kay these are adorable" said bella. I smiled and we played with them for agers. I then heard my idiotic sister coming down the stairs. "hey buba" she said and i decided to give her a surprise. "hey boys please Can u get in the cupboard no questions" i said and they looked at me weird and got into the cupboard. "oh hey kay. Bella tahlia" she said and hugged me. I smiled "oh my god. Apparently one direction are in australia. In the new video apparently harry kisses some girl and jazzie (her bestie) is super jelly. Even though she hasnt seen it" she said and rambled and i snapped my fingers and got her back into reality. "what" she said angry cause i snapped her out of her fangirl moment. "i have a boyfriend" i said and she looked pissed "is that all" he said with her hands on her hips. "fine haz. Dont come out" i said and anita smiled and turned. Harry and the rest of the boys came out and zayn tapped anita on the shoulder and she turned around. "oh my god its its..." she said. "yes meet zayn malik, niall horan, liam payne, loui tomlinson and my boyfriend harry styles" i said and hugged harry from the side. We let anita have her little fangirl moment. She hugged zayn really tight and then went to everyone. We put all the puppies back and headed upstairs. 
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