Half way across the world

Your name is kayla homes. Your aussie. Currently live in melbourne australia with your best guy friend. The one and only jai brooks. But when you meet 5 very special boys from london can you afford to put 2 relationships on the line by flying from australia to england.....drama. Jealousy. Devotion. Feelings. Mixed emotions. Jet lag. And everything else that come with being 19 and having to choose your best friend and boyfriend? Who will she choose read to find out :)


1. Intro

I woke up to ice cold water being thrown all over me. By my idiotiotic best friend jai brooks. Yes i love him but like a brother. We share an apartment in australia in melbourne. My parents live in queensland. I am not a morning person and jai knows that. Now my bed is dripping wet and i have to leave.
"your cleaning that up" i say sassily to jai.
"what ever but i am making sure you get on that plane if it is the last thing i do kayla homes." said jai pushing me to get dressed. I sleep in a bra adm shorts and jai sleeps in boxers. We are comfAble like that. We have been doing it all out lives.

Jai's pov
I am going to miss kayla like crazy. I dont think i have ever been away from her for mOre than a week. Even at camp we got a room with both of us together. Yeah we got a few weird looks but who care. At school we were always known as the group not to mess with. If one of us got into a fight the other would be there to back them up. We were the popular ones if u could say that. We made sure we had every class together and if we didnt. Well something goin down. Niether one of us were people to get embarrassed. We dont care what other people say. It isnt that hard to hang out with kayla considering i am in the janoskians. The fans love kayla. She has been in many of out video's and comes with us everywhere basically. Anyway i really didnt want to say good bye to kayla but it wont be perminate. I will make sure i see her again. She is my best friend for gods sake. After she got dressed so did i. She said good bye to the rest of the boys and we headed to the airport. As she was about to board the plane she turned to me and smiled.
"i love you jai. I am going to miss having heaps of fun with you" she said and embraced me in a huge hug. I returned the favour and smiled
"i am going to miss. Getting you to do something and blaming it on someone else. Who am i meant to help prank people" i said and hugged her again. "luke......." she said and then we both cracked up laughing. "dont let anyone replace me" she said smiling.
"no one could ever i promise" she said and put her pinky out. I laughed and we made a pinky swear. I gave her a charm off one of my necklaces and she linked it to the chain around her neck filled with various different charms. She kissed my cheek and then she had to go on the plane. She walked and turned and around and waved tO me.
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