Life With One Direction

Mary is Louis Tomlinson's younger eighteen year old sister . Will she be able to take the pressure of newly found fame, being the top med student at Cambridge and being in love with none other than the one and only youngest member of One Direction - Harry Styles?


6. Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Mary's Point of View   Me and Jake were out for dinner and I realized that I was completely in love with him. We'd been together nearly non stop except for the night these past four weeks.  I'd told Louis and he'd told me not to fall too hard, but I already had.  And I realized that since I was leaving soon, I should say it.  We had just finished desert and we were sitting there, talking about uni and work when it just burst out.  "I love you," I told him.  He stopped in mid sentence.  "Wow," he said, clearly surprised.  "Mary..." he trailed off. "This is going to be really hard now that you've told me how you feel." Stupid, stupid me just sat there grinning like an idiot.  "Mary for me... It was like a summer thing. I knew I shouldn't fall for you because you were leaving and... Yeah." "Oh my God!" I exclaimed. "I just made a complete and utter fool of myself. I'm so, so sorry." I was trying to hold myself together and not cry.  Louis was right, I fell too hard, too fast.  I guess that's my problem.  He'd just said it was a summer thing. Clearly he meant FLING but couldn't bring himself to say it.  I ran all the way back to Lou's apartment, taking off my Jimmy Choo's when I was half way there.  I burst into the apartment and ran straight to the bathroom, hearing Harry call after me.  I rummaged in the cupboards an the drawers, making a mess until I found what I wanted.  I was aiming for a blade but a sharp piece of glass would definitely do.  I stood in front of the mirror, looking at my screwed up, crying face.  No wonder no body loved me, no body cared. Only Harry and Louis.  I get why Louis did an I guess Harry did it because I was his best friends little sister. He doesn't know how much I wish I was more to him.  I heard him banging on the door and saying something that I couldn't focus on.  I took my 'little black dress' off and got the glass close to the area of the small of my back.  "Mary put that shit down right now or I swear I will never talk to you again," I heard Harry growl.  Harry? Not talking to me? That would be worse than Jacob.  That would be worse than Chris.  It would be worse than my father leaving mum.  It would be worse than Louis not talking to me.  I dropped the broken piece of glass on the floor as my tears turned into sobs.  Harry scooped me up and softly lay me on his bed.  "Why do you care?" I asked him.  "Because I love you." "I love you too Hazza!" I exclaimed. If only he knew how much.  He gave me a hug which when I thought about it turned awkward because I was still in my underwear.  It seemed he was thinking the same thing because he pulled away leaving me cold. He grabbed  one of his Jack Wills jumpers, some track pants and threw them at me.  "Come on Em," put these on. "You don't want Louis to come see you like this." I shoved everything on and he held his arms out for me as I ran to him.  I didn't want to start crying again because I knew Lou would be home soon.  Harry dragged me to the couch and decided to put on a movie. I snuggled up to him as he put one in.  The Hangover.  I prepared for some serious wetting myself laughter.  "Thanks Harry!" I hugged him. "I really needed this. You're amazing." He hugged me to him and I rested my head on his shoulder as we watched. As soon as the movie finished, Louis burst through the door, on the phone with someone.  It seemed he'd just picked it up.  "Hi mum," he said, smiling.  It sounded like they were catching up and after a while he glanced at me.  "Mary, your uni letters have come, mum opened them." "What!" I screamed while deafening Harry. "What?" I screamed again after apologizing to him, murdering his hearing all over again.  "Em calm down I can't hear anything mum is saying." I was jumping up and down around him, unable to be still.  "Okay, I'll tell her. Bye mum." He hung up.  "Louis!" I screamed, feeling like I was going to cry.  "Mary before I start, I think you should sit down," he said solemnly.  "Oh God," I whispered to myself as Zayn, Niall and Liam burst into the room.  I plumped down on to the floor, hiding my face in my hands.  Louis came and sat in front of me and when I finally looked up, he took my hands.  "I'm really sorry Jen. The only university you got accepted in was that one you didn't want to go to... What was it called?" he asked himself thoughtfully.  "Oh God!" I whispered to myself.  "Oh I remember, mum just said. Something called..." he grinned. "Cambridge university me thinks." "Louis Tomlinson that is so not funny!" I yelled and slapped him, starting to cry.  The others started laughing and Harry came and hugged me.  "Wow! I'm so proud of you," he whispered into my hair.  I blushed and then the others came to each give me a hug and say how happy they were.  Last came Louis.  I crossed my arms, not wanting him to think he was forgiven.  "Aw Mary? Please? Come on, I just thought we'd have a bit of fun," he pouted.  "Again with the pout face!" I shouted and then laughed.  "Wait..." I trailed off. "We?" "I swear I knew nothing about it!" Harry put his hands up.  "Oh you guys are so dead!" I exclaimed.  Instantly, I ran at Liam because he was easy to catch.  I tackled him to the floor, wrestling with him until I was on top and started tickling him.  "Stop! STOP!" he screamed like a girl.  "Woah Liam! I bet you scream more than Danielle!" I laughed.  The others fell on the floor laughing and I turned to grin at them evilly as they sobered up.  "Who will be next to face my wrath?" I asked in a sweet little girls' voice.  They looked at each other and nodded.  "Three... Two..." they counted down together.  Oh God. This is not fair! I made a run for it into Harry's room.  "One!" I heard them all yell in unison as they came to chase me down.  I threw myself under his pile of dirty laundry.  It was a big pile.  They would never find me under there and they probably wouldn't even come near it.  That's how bad it smelt from over it, can you imagine what it was like in it? No, you can't. It was unbearably disgusting.  They all looked everywhere, taking their time because they knew there was only one way to get in and out of the room.  The checked in the cupboard, the bed, under the bed, the wardrobe and under the desk and they still couldn't find me.  "Oh my God!" I gasped. "I don't care come get me! It smells like dead people in there!"  They all looked at me in surprise.  "How could you breathe down there?" Niall exclaimed in awe.  "I couldn't," I replied, sticking my tongue out at Harry and he did the same back.  "Oh God," I repeated as they remembered what they were doing before I came out of the clothes.  When they ran at me, I screamed and as soon as their fingers hit my skin I started crying from all the tickling while my feet were kicking around everywhere.  "Stop! STOP!" I kept screaming while laughing my head off.  "Only if you say," Louis shouted to be heard over my screaming, "One Direction are the hottest and bestest boy band ever!" He knew I loved the Backstreet Boys darn it.  I mumbled it user my breath.  "LOUDER!" he yelled.  I said it in my normal voice.  "LOUDER!" they all screamed this time.  "ONE DIRECTION ARE THE HOTTEST BESTEST BOY BAND EVER!" I screamed in their faces.  It seems they lied to me, they weren't done.  "And say 'Liam doesn't scream like Danielle or any other girl!" Liam said.  I said it quickly so I could get out of this torture while I was still kicking my legs and struggling to breath. "LOUDER!" he screeched and I yelled it again.  Now it was Niall's turn.  "NIALL IS THE HOTTEST, CUTEST POTATO EVER!" I repeated it after him. It wasn't that difficult because he was and he's my best friend.  "ZAYN ISN'T VAIN AND HE LOOKS amaZAYN!" I struggled on that one but eventually got it out.  "LOUIS HAS THE HOTTEST LONGEST CARROT EVER!" Louis yelled.  "EW!" I screamed. "IM NOT SAYING THAT ABOUT MY BROTHER THAT'S GROSS!!"  "Say it!" he growled playfully. "Or you die of ticklishness." It took me a few times before I could say the whole thing without gagging.  It was Harry's turn now.  "Harry is the sexiest guy in One Direction and the world!" he exclaimed.  Well... He kinda was. To me.  I was about to say it when Louis gasped but resumed tickling me.  "Harry you can't ask her that! She has a boy friend!" he mocked.  "No she-"  "HARRY IS THE SEXIEST GUY IN ONE DIRECTION AND THE WHOLE WORLD!" I shouted before he finished his sentence. They grew silent but Niall and Zayn kept tickling me.  "NOW LET GO!" I screamed, still laughing. When they finally stood up, I just lay there breathing hard.  "I hate you all!" I said through jagged breath as they laughed.  Harry came and put his hand out to help me up.  I gave him a glare and took it.  They all went and sat in front of the tv as I grabbed myself a can of red bull and sat down on the floor with Niall and Harry.  "Nialler I'm surprised at you," I told him. "You can never keep a prank quiet!" The boys laughed and then Lou asked me something that I'd wanted to avoid.  "Em I thought you were going out with Jacob tonight." "We went out and then I came back when we finished," I tried to shrug it off and look cool.  He looked at me, knowing something was up.  "Harry did I clear that stuff away from before?" I asked. I think I'd left the bathroom in a complete mess.  "Um... No. I'll come help you do it now." Before we could get up though, Liam stood up declaring he need to pee and stalled into the bathroom.  Harry and I looked at each other as Liam came back.  "Did a bomb go off in there? I found this really sharp piece of glass on the floor, you should chuck it out Lou." Harry and I kept looking at the ground.  "Guys where did you get this from?" Louis asked.  "Sorry Lou I was rummaging in the drawers and I chucked that out while looking for something." "Mary!" Zayn yelled from the couch. "You promised me!" Clearly, he'd realized what happened. It began to dawn on Louis' face when Niall got angry.  "Would some one please tell me and Liam what's going on?" he exclaimed when we were all quiet.  "Zayn I didn't. I promise I didn't," I whispered, my throat starting to close up.  "Then explain this Mary!" Louis yelled, a tear dropping from his eyes.  I ran up to hug him.  "I promise I didn't Lou. Harry stopped me, I didn't." Louis looked over at Harry.  "It's true," he confirmed.  Louis hugged me back, not letting go.  "Guys! What's going on?" Liam was getting frustrated.  I sighed.  "Niall, Liam... Come with me. We three need to talk." "How about we go down to mine?" Niall suggested, sensing the seriousness of the situation.  I didn't say a word but lead the way out the door, grabbing my bag which was still where it was when I dropped it on the way.  When we were sitting on Niall's couch, me in the middle of both boys, I told them my story from start to finish.  Chris, what happened with him, Louis and him leaving, my cutting... Story of my life pretty much.  When I finished, Liam gave me a big daddy hug, giving me a lecture and everything.  "Thanks Daddy Direction," I tried to smile. That's what we called him because he was always making sure everyone was okay.  I didn't know how I was to face Niall. Me and him were pretty close and as soon as I said the word cut, he'd turned away from me and started crying.  His reaction was worse than the others, it hit me hard. Harry and I had become close friends, pretty much best friends but Niall was the only one who knew how I liked Harry.  Him am I... We really were best friends.  Liam cleared his throat. "I'll leave you two alone to have a talk," he hugged me again and then headed upstairs.  "Nialler?" I whispered when I heard the door click shut.  He wouldn't turn around, he just stated at the white wall in his apartment.  "Niall please. It's really hard for me to be saying this and I need you right now." He turned but didn't come closer to me.  "You needed me when you started cutting. Why didn't you come to me then?" I flinched at the ice in his tone.  "I couldn't tell anyone Niall! I knew you'd tell Louis and he'd come rushing home. I couldn't do that to him." He now chose a spot behind me to stare at.  "Please Niall! I'm begging you," I cried.  When I didn't get a reaction out of him, I stood up to walk out the door.  "What are you doing?" he asked angrily.  "Clearly you're not going to forgive me, but thanks for being my best friend all this time Niall. I'm gonna miss you." I turned around when suddenly his arms were around me and I sobbed into his chest, grateful that he was there.  "Can I get you Nando's to make up for it?" I asked.  "I don't think food is going to fix this Em. We need to talk seriously. That being said," he started after a pause, "We can still talk seriously over some chicken, can't we?" he asked the last bit hopefully.  "Of course! Anything for my Nialler!" I have him a kiss on the cheek.  "Let's head upstairs, I can get changed and you can tell the boys we're going to Nando's for dinner." Upstairs, I went straight to Lou's room which had my stuff in it and picked out a simple dress, heels and a clutch with my credit card and phone.  I hadn't checked my phone since after the 'Jacob Incident' so I decided to do that as I walked out of my room.  My heart was thudding as I read the text. Texts, I should say.  One was from mum, congratulating me about my acceptance letters and telling me to be home soon so we could decide on what was happening.  When I looked at the others they were all from Jake.  There were many 'I'm sorry' texts and then the latest was a really long one.    Em, I'm really sorry about the way things went. The truth is, I started to fall for you when we met but as soon as I realized that you weren't in love with me, I knew I had to stop before I fell too hard. I know that you think Harry is your best friend, but it's obvious how you feel about each other.  I treated you as a friend after that because I couldn't stand the fact that you would leave.  While doing that, I fell in love with another person, while falling in love with you.  I don't think it would be fair to you if I loved you because I love her too.  I'm so completely sorry and I hope we can be friends.  Jacob x   Wow. I felt my face contort to different shapes and the boys started talking to me.  I couldn't hear a word of what they were saying.  Niall came up to me and read the text.  "Wow," he stated. My sentiments exactly. "What are you gonna do now?" his Irish accent was so much stronger when he was worried and I smiled.  "Go to Nando's." I couldn't let this bother me but I knew I would have to talk to Jacob sooner or later.  I chose later.  At Nando's we had so much fun.  Harry dared Louis and Niall to buy extra hot and they did.  Louis took a few bites and then ran to the bathroom to stick his head under the tap as we laughed.  Niall didn't care, as long as it was food.  He downed about four bottles of coke though, to get it down.  "Niall I don't get how you eat this much and still have abs!" I exclaimed.  We spent quite a long time there, joking around as the boys ordered desert but I didn't want any.  While they were eating I grabbed my bag and excused myself to the bathroom.  I wasn't really going to the bathroom though, I went to pay for the food.  They boys would never let me do it so that's why I had to be sneaky.  When I went back to the table they had finished eating.  "That was quick," I laughed. I'd only been gone two minutes! "Yeah, well... It's food!" Niall said as I mock punched his arm. He and I had a little brawl and then they said they'd split the bill in five.  "Don't worry about it guys! I can pay for myself." They all have me an evil stare.  "Well, either way, it's already taken care of, come on let's go." I tried to leave before they realized, hoping they'd just follow me but there was no such luck as Zayn and Liam grabbed one of my hands each.  "What do you mean it's taken care of?" Zayn asked with raised eyebrows.  "You know what I mean!" I said, exasperated.  "Mary you know we don't like people paying for us. Especially the girl, come on!" Daddy Direction was pissed.  "You guys are cute now come on, let's go!" I walked out of the restaurant. I started walking home to make sure they'd calm down about it. I still hadn't heard Lou, Harry and Niall rant about the subject yet.  I was walking through the parking lot (it was huge) when Louis' car came up on one side of me with Liam and Zayn and Harry's car on the other side with Niall stretched out in the front.  I looked left and then right but kept walking. They kept driving on either side of me, telling me to get in and so I hopped in next to Zayn in the back of Lou's car as Liam was up front.  Niall and Harry gasped as they spoke to me through the open window.  "You chose them over us?" Harry pretended to be angry.  "I'm hurt," Niall proclaimed and I could see it was kinda true.  Before I could say anything to either of them, Louis drove off. He glared at me through the drivers mirror and Liam had turned towards me along with Zayn, doing the same.  "Come on guys. I found out I got in to Cambridge so I wanted to celebrate with you! Please just let it go." "Yeah but we wanted to take you out and congratulate you," Zayn pulled me against him.  "This holiday hasn't gone exactly as planned," Louis started. "And we want you to have as much fun as possible before you go back home." "Guys," I  started. They all looked at me expectantly and I decided otherwise.  "Don't worry, I'll tell you when we get back." I texted Niall telling him to come up to Harry and Lou's apartment because we all needed to talk. When we got back, the boys plopped onto the couch while I went to get changed into shorts and a singlet.  When I went out, I had to tell them my decision about uni.  "Guys," I started again. They were watching a footy game on tv. "Guys!" I yelled but they just shushed me.  I decided to leave them to it as talk once the game was over and I walked out of the apartment to the roof of the building.  It had been around forty minutes and the second half of the game had started when we got here.  I'd give the boys a few minutes before I told them about my decision.  I didn't know if they'd be excited or annoyed which made me feel really nervous. I made my way down, taking the stairs slowly when I nearly fell over Liam in the dark.  "I came to see if you were okay," he laughed. "Sorry we got angry before but-" "It's fine Liam," I smiled at him. "You boys were just being gentlemen, Danielle and Eleanor should be proud. I'm sure that any girl that gets Niall, Harry and Zayn will be too." "Thanks," he hugged me. "I came to call you down because we wanted to know what you wanted to talk about." "What, now that your first priority is over, you're ready for me?" I laughed.  "Yeah sorry about that," he laughed with me sheepishly.  We made our way downstairs and I walked into the apartment, waiting for him to sit down.  The lads were still watching the interviews from after the game but he took the remote control and turned the tv off as they gave him glares.  I stood in front of the television waiting for their attention and when I got it, I was unsure how to start.  "Guys..." I trailed off.  "What is it?" Harry asked.  "I just want to let you know, I'm never gonna get involved with your lives, you know?" "What in earth are you talking about Mary?" Zayn was confused.  "Come on, spit it out!" Lou laughed.  I carried on from where I left off.  "I'll only be seeing you in the holidays, and only if you want to see me." "Em you're freaking me out over here!" Niall looked really worried.  "Just say it!" Harry and Liam exclaimed at the same time and then looked at each other.  I spat it out.  "I'm moving to London."
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