Life With One Direction

Mary is Louis Tomlinson's younger eighteen year old sister . Will she be able to take the pressure of newly found fame, being the top med student at Cambridge and being in love with none other than the one and only youngest member of One Direction - Harry Styles?


5. Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Harry's Point of View

She looked... HOT. 
The freaking most gorgeous girl alive. So goddamn sexy. 
She was wearing a low cut shiny, short black dress with silver heels. She looked like a model. But prettier. 
As she walked forward, smiling at me and her dress was dropped to just above the small of her back. 
"How do I look?" she asked as she did a few poses. 
I was speechless and she stopped and stared at me. 
"Gorgeous," I cleared my throat. "You look amazing Em."
She talked to me!
I'd been too mesmerized in how she looked but she actually talked to me! For the first time in a week!
"Good," she flattened her hair nervously. 
"Am I allowed to ask where you're going?" I tried to sound like I didn't care. There goes that plan down the drain. 
"I'm going out with Jacob," she looked excited. 
"Does Louis know?"
"Louis doesn't need to know every single detail about my life!" she frowned. 
I became quiet because I didn't wanna make her angry. 
"Sorry I snapped at you," she said a few moments later. 
"It's fine," I mumbled. 
"Not just now. For last week as well."
I finally looked up at her in surprise to see her eyes shining in tears. 
"I was just really angry! And I took it out on you which really wasn't fair."
"Come here," I whispered, patting the couch next to me. 
She sat down and I pulled her against me. 
"Don't cry. Please? You're too pretty to cry."
"Me? Pretty? Psh," she scoffed, wiping the tears from her eyes. 
Before I could protest, she spoke again. 
"Will you forgive me?" 
"Of course! " I exclaimed and there was a knock at the door. 
"That'll be Jacob. How do I look?" she asked again. 
"Great," I replied feeling the anger well up inside me. I wanted her to look pretty with me, for me not for that guy. 
"Thanks Hazza," she kissed my cheek and left the apartment. 
For another week, that's all that she did. Stay in her room, talk to Lou and go out with that guy. Jacob. 
I wanted to murder him. 
I also had a feeling it wouldn't end well but not just because I was in love with her. 
It was just a hunch. 

A few days later (I'll admit I was eavesdropping), I heard her talking to Louis. 
"I think I'm falling for him Lou," she said. 
"Who?" he asked with a cautious look in his eye. 
"Jacob," she sighed happily. 
"Well I'm glad you're happy Mary," he said hugging her. "But try not to fall too hard. I don't want you getting hurt like that all over again."

The next day. 
The next fucking day. 
She sprinted into the apartment, balling her eyes out. 
"Mary what's wrong!" I yelled. 
Without answering she dropped her bag and sprinted into the bathroom and slammed the door behind her. 
Shit, I thought. 
I ran to the door. 
"Mary!" I yelled. "Mary open the door!"
"Go away!" she screamed back as I heard her clatter through drawers. 
This could not be good. 
Then, I realized that me and Lou didn't have a bathroom lock. It's not like we cared of one walked in on the other. 
I slowly twisted the door knob and when the door was open I swore. 
"Mary put that shit down right now or I swear I will never talk to you again."
She was holding a piece of glass. A really, really sharp piece of glass. 
From her tears, she then went to sobs and dropped it on the floor. 
"Thank God," I muttered. 
I scooped her up in my arms and took her to my room, waiting for her to lift her face from her knees and I wasn't disappointed. 
"Why do you care?" she asked me, still sobbing. 
"Because I love you Mary."
"I love you too Hazza!" she exclaimed as she put her face on my shoulder and cried again, just like last time. 
She wasn't IN love with me though. 
And that, that was the painful part.

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