Life With One Direction

Mary is Louis Tomlinson's younger eighteen year old sister . Will she be able to take the pressure of newly found fame, being the top med student at Cambridge and being in love with none other than the one and only youngest member of One Direction - Harry Styles?


4. Chapter 4

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Harry's Point of View

I sprinted up to the apartment that Louis and I shared. When I got in, I slammed the door, went to my room, slammed that door and dived onto my bed. 

I couldn't let the others see me like this. They would tell Louis. 

Worse. They'd tell Mary. 

Not that it would matter if they did tell her. She just said she hated me and never wanted to see me again. 

The problem was... Is that...
I am in love with Mary Jeniffer Tomlinson. 

There, I said it. 

To myself. 

Zayn, Niall and Liam know but that's because they guessed and I couldn't bring myself to deny it. 
But with Louis this morning... I had to. He wouldn't understand, he had told us when we met her that we could be anything to her but not in a relationship. 

Problem is, I fell in love with her the moment I saw her and she is so oblivious to all of it. 

All the time she walks around saying 'you're such an amazing FRIEND Harry' and 'you're like a BROTHER to me Harry' and 'I don't know what I'd do with out you...'

My train of though was broken as I heard the front door slam. 

I wiped away my tears quickly and Lou burst into my room. 

"Is she okay?" was all I could think to ask. 

"She's fine, Zayn's with her," he said softly. "Have you been crying?" he asked. 

"No!" I protested. Jimmy protested. Hah. At least something's are still funny. 

"Yes you have." Louis said it as a statement. 

He came and sat next to me on my bed, throwing an arm around my shoulder. 

"When were you going to tell me that you're in love with my sister?" he asked submissively. 

I knew that I couldn't lie to him anymore. He'd seen my face when she said she didn't want to see it anymore. 

"How about... Never?" I replied. 

"Harry you've got to tell me these things! We live together! We're best friends! We are Larry freaking Stylinson!"

I laughed weirdly seeing as I'd just been crying. Trust what Louis says to make me laugh. Hah. With something the Directioners made up. They are amazing, they are our fans. 

Mary. Nothing could keep my mind away from her for too long. 

"You said not to fall in love with her," I answered Louis' question. "But I fell for her the moment I saw her outside the hotel, before you even told us all to stay away from her that way."

"Yeah I know. I didn't want her getting hurt. I told her before she met you not to fall for you especially because all you'd do is break her heart," Louis said sheepishly. 

He was saying things in his normal funny way but I could see the pain in his eyes, thinking about her. I felt that same pain. 

"YOU WHAT!" I shouted. How could he do that to me!

"Of course," he disregarded my exclamation. "What does she do?" he asked rhetorically. "Go out with the first jerk she sees." He grit his teeth really hard and I could hear them squeaking. 

"Relax!" I told him. A few seconds later he released his stiff position. 

"I can't believe you did that, Lou!"

"I swear if I'd known she'd go for that creep, I wouldn't have even thought about it!"

"And that's supposed to make me feel BETTER!" I yelled as the room door opened again. 

"Shut the fuck up Harry!" Zayn whispered furiously. 

As he came into my room I felt a sudden wave of jealousy hit me. 

Zayn had been with her, comforting her and holding her while she didn't even want to hear my voice. 

"What happened?" I whispered roughly. 

"She cried a lot, said she was sorry a lot. Talked about you two the most," he glanced between me and Louis. "And said something about Nando's cheating on Niall."

I cracked a smile as he and Louis stared at me. They didn't know where that came from. 

"What should we do now?" Lou asked desperately. As soon as Zayn had walked in, Louis looked helplessly at his little sister curled up, bleeding and bruised, fast asleep. 

"I think we should let her rest. It's the best thing for her right now and we can all talk when she wakes up."

"Louis," I said, putting my arm on his shoulder. "How about we get Eleanor to come have a look at her. She knows all about this first aid stuff."

"Good idea, I'll give her a call," Louis fumbled with his phone standing over his sister and I dragged Zayn out the room. 

"What's up Harry?" he asked. 

"Zayn... You might think this is a stupid question but..."

"What is it Harry? Don't get me worried."

"Do you like Mary?"

He looked at me with a straight face. 

"Are you serious?" he asked. 

When I nodded with all seriousness, he burst into a fit of laughter. 

"She's my friend Hazza. Nothing more. Oh my God." 

His laughter was loud and I heard Mary wake up to it. 

I went for the room but Zayn grabbed my arm. 

"Now is not the time to talk. Give her a week or two."

"But she leaves in two weeks!" I exclaimed. 

"She needs time," he pressed. 

"FINE!" I shouted as I went to the bathroom. 

I had a shower and got changed, taking my time. I knew that Mary would never feel the same. 
If she did, she would've said something. I mean... She acted totally shy about the guy from the hotel yet when she talked to him she was super confident and like... Super, super hot.  

I smiled thinking of all the fun things we'd done together with out Louis knowing, all the jokes and the laughs. 

Then I realized that while we were having those, she had still been cutting. 

Clearly that meant I couldn't make her happy. If I was a good friend, I should have realized! Stopped her! Done something about it, but I was too selfishly in love to think about anything but my own feelings. 

The next few days past along and I was really depressed. If Louis didn't have to be at the studio, he was with Mary in his room all the time. Talking. God knows what about. 

One day, Louis was out and I was watching tv as she suddenly burst out of her room, looking amazing and smiling. 

Louis had told me that she hadn't eaten the last week, all she'd done was cry and talk to him. 

I felt so helpless that I couldn't do anything to make her feel better, to heal her. 

I jumped around in fright as I wasn't expecting this. 

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