Life With One Direction

Mary is Louis Tomlinson's younger eighteen year old sister . Will she be able to take the pressure of newly found fame, being the top med student at Cambridge and being in love with none other than the one and only youngest member of One Direction - Harry Styles?


3. Chapter 3

"You shouldn't have done that," he said as he snatched my arm and pulled through the people. 

I looked around for Harry or Zayn. I caught Zayn's eye and mouthed 'Help!' but I don't think he realized. It was around midnight. 

Chris had gotten me out of the club in the back and it lead to an alleyway. 

"Think you can just screw me over like that?" he growled as he pushed me down on the ground. 

"I've been waiting for you to come round," he said. 

"You're crazy!" I spat at him. I heard voices and hoped they'd hear me. "You are psychotic you need to be put in prison! And be medicated!"

He slapped one of my cheeks, punched the other and then pulled me up. 

This time, he punched me in the gut and I slammed into the wall and screamed. 

"This way!" I heard a voice say. It was Harry. 

I heard a lot of people and then a security guard said "Get away from the girl. Put your hands behind your head."

He slowly did as he was told and then lunged at Harry. 

"No!" I screamed. Zayn came and pulled me up, carrying me to the other side. 

The security guards and Harry were trying to stop Chris and suddenly he threw a punch at Harry's face. 

"Harry!" I screamed, trying to get up but Zayn pushed me back down and went in to help. 

Finally the guards and Harry got Chris with the help of Zayn and the guards took him away. 

The boys ran towards me. 

"Harry!" I cried and the tears were spilling out if my eyes like Niagara Falls. "Your face! This is all my fault!" I sobbed, clutching my rib cage as it hurt from the punch. 

Actually, my whole body hurt. 

"Forget about my face!" he exclaimed angrily. "Look at you! All of you!"

"What kind of a bastard would do that to a girl?" Zayn looked as though he wanted to punch something. 

"Do you know him?" Harry asked. 

"It was him. That was Chris."


"Whose Chris?" Zayn asked. 
I tried to get up and groaned in pain and Harry lifted me up bridal style. 

"We need to get her to a hospital," Zayn said anxiously. 

"No! No hospital and please don't call Lou! He'll be angry at me."

"This isn't your fault, he can't be angry at you."

"He still will be."

"Okay," Harry said, "Let's get you home."

I think that's when I drifted off to sleep because when I woke up, I was lying down but still moving as Zayn and Harry were still there. 

"Are you going to tell her?" I heard Zayn say. 

"I can't. Louis would never talk to me again if I told him I liked her." 

I opened my eyes. 

"Harry?" I asked with a croaky voice. "Where are we?"

"We're nearly home Em, you'll be okay soon."

When we got to the apartment complex, the elevator wasn't working and Harry was still carrying me. They had to take the stairs. 

We ended up at Zayn's apartment as we went up a smaller amount of steps. Harry stayed with me as Zayn went to get Niall and Liam. 

As soon as Niall walked in he said "Did you guys get me any Nando's? Oh my God what happened!"

Liam walked in an stared. "Who did this?" he asked. 

"Some psycho ex of hers," Zayn answered with a frown. "Is Louis upstairs?"

"Yeah," Liam said. "He's been worried about the both of them because neither would pick up their phones."

"Lou never gets worried. I'll go get him," Niall stood up. 

"No! You can't he'll kill me. Last time he didn't talk to me for three months. You can't tell him!"

"We have to Mary."

"Hey have you guys seen Harry and Mary?" I heard Lou ask.  

"Oh God help me!" I whispered and then clutched my ribs again. 

Something was definitely broken and I could feel a bruise forming around my eye where Chris had punched my face. 

"Mary!" he shouted. "What happened?" he then yelled at Harry, but I answered him instead. 

"It was just a guy that got drunk at a club and he-"

"No it wasn't," Harry told him solemnly. 

"Tell me who it was! Tell me or I swear I'll-" Louis had pulled Harry up by the collar, demanding an answer. 

"Put him down!" I yelled. "It was Chris, okay? Chris found me. Of all the clubs in the world, he had to turn up at this one. It's all my fault! Harry got hurt and it's all my fault. I'm going back home!"

I tired to stand up but Harry pushed me down this time. 

"It's not your fault."

"But it is."

"No, it's not!"

"Cut it out!" Louis yelled. 

"I'm going home."

"No you're not. What would we tell mum? You fell down the stairs again? Not a chance. We need to talk." Lou lifted me up from the couch and started upstairs. 

"Thank you Harry, thanks Zayn," I sighed. 

Louis sighed and thanked Zayn but he didn't utter a word to Harry.
Outside while he was walking me upstairs, I told him off for being rude to Harry. 

"What's gotten into you?" I asked. 

"You'll see," he said. 

When we got to the apartment he laid me gently on the couch and then went to get his laptop. 

Before opening it, he said "Why didn't you tell me? Why did you lie when two of the boys already knew the truth? And you lied to my face!" he exclaimed angrily. 

"I had to! You have barely talked to me since the last time. I kept calling you and you would never answer. I took the hint, you wanted nothing to do with me and-"


"No, that's what I know. You barely talk to me now, even in front of your friends and when you do, you're mean to me."

"That's not why," he was really quiet. 

"Then why?"

"It's my fault you got to know Chris. He was in my class and I should've realized that he was a jerk. I should've stopped you going out with him earlier but I didn't."

"Is that why you wouldn't talk to me?" I screamed. 

"I thought you figured out it was my fault and that's why you stopped calling."

"No Lou. I thought you hated me for it though I couldn't understand why."

"I did hate you."

My face did things I had never known it could do before and then we heard the door slam. 

"What's wrong with her!" Harry shouted. 

"But not because of you. Because you let yourself go through that and you didn't tell me."

He grabbed me in a tight hug, crushing my bruising body. 
"Louis let go!" I yelled in pain. 

He didn't realize, he thought I was still angry at him. 

"Let go of her!" Harry yelled. "He hurt her back and her ribs!"

Lou instantly dropped his hands. 
"I'm so sorry!" he pouted. 

"It's okay."

"We need to get you to the hospital," Louis exclaimed. 

"And what would we say?" I challenged him. 

"How about," Harry started. "She sleeps in my room tonight, I'll sleep on the ground. If she looks like she needs to see a doctor tomorrow, we can take her and try to think of an excuse."

"Good idea Harry," Louis said. "I need to talk to you, in my room. I'll just go get changed."

"Harry," I said when Lou closed his door. 

"Yeah Em?"

"I've got two things to say. First, thank you."

"Em don't say thanks. I-"

"Second," I carried on. "I heard you and Zayn talking in the car and I had a question."

He looked at me with his eyes wide. 

"You said you couldn't tell Louis and I was just wondering... Harry do you have a crush on Eleanor?"

He breathed out a breath he'd been holding in. 

"Eleanor?" he exclaimed at first. 
I kept staring at him just to make sure. 

"Yeah, I kind of like, like her. You can't tell him though because she's his girlfriend, I won't do anything to hurt him, I promise. He's my best friend."

"Okay," I sighed in relief. "It's just... While he wasn't talking to me he's become such good friends with you boys and I would hate to see that ruined for a girl."

"Yeah," he muttered. "I'll clean up my room and then you can come in."

"Harry I'm fine on the couch," I said to him. 

He gave me 'the look' and went to his room as Louis came back out of his own. 

"Where's Harry?"

"Cleaning up," I replied awkwardly. I didn't know what my relationship with Louis was going to be like now. 

It seems he was thinking the same thing. 

"Mary. I was mean and selfish and I was scared of what you'd think of me. We're going to go back to how it used to be before Chris. Best friend-siblings. Like we promised we always would be every time mum and dad had a fight? Remember? We said: 'We'll never fight like that.' I've broken the promise a few times, but I'll keep it now."

"Pinkie promise?" I asked him holding out my little finger.

"Pinky promise." 

He smiled, stood up and kissed my forehead. "Tell Harry I'll talk to him tomorrow, I'm tired."

I fell asleep on the couch but when I woke up, the sun was still rising and I was in a bed. Harry was sleeping on the ground next to me. 

I stretched and groaned in pain. It felt as though if I looked down at my body, it would be purple with bruises. 

"Harry," I whispered, shaking his shoulder. "Harry!"

"What?" he moaned in his sleep. 

"Get up. And in bed, sorry I should've gotten up sooner, you should've left me on the couch."

He got up and got into his queen sized bed. I was about to leave the room when he grabbed my arm and pulled me in next to him. 

"What are you doing?" I asked. 

"Sleeping. You need more rest just get in."

"But what if-" 

"Don't worry!"

I got in slowly, trying to give him space and not touch him. When I lay down, he put his arm around my waist and pulled me closer as I flushed. 

Louis would kill me if he saw this, I thought to myself. 

"Louis would kill me if he saw this," Harry thought just as I did.

"Both of us," I laughed quietly. 

"Don't worry, I'll get out of bed before he wakes up," Harry laughed along. 

That laugh! It made my heart skip and if I could hear it every day, my life would be complete. 

I fell asleep quickly after imaging that with a grin on my face. 

When I woke up there were voices and my head was on Harry's chest again and his hand was around my waist. 

When I opened my eyes, four boys were standing above us. 

Three were laughing and the other looked furious. You could guess that the furious one was Louis, of course. 

I closed my eyes an pretended to go back to sleep but Louis growled that they'd already seen me. Then, he shouted in Harry's ear. 


The other boys were cracking up and I was really embarrassed. 
Ever since before I met the boys, this is what Louis didn't want to see and now he saw it. 

"Mary I think it's best if you come with me, Liam and Zayn," Niall was red in the face and the other two were still chortling. 

"I'm gonna talk to you later," Louis frowned. I patted his head and he tried to duck as I followed the others out. 

We went to Niall's apartment which was stocked with food and the boys started eating as I went to the bathroom. 

I pulled my shirt up from the back and let out a loud yelp that the others heard. 

I heard them rush to the bathroom, all trying to find out what's wrong worriedly. 

I let my shirt down and opened the door. "I'm fine guys! I just got a surprise, sorry I freaked you out."

They sighed in relief and Liam asked me what happened. 

"My back..." I trailed off. "Is a mixture of red, blue, purple and yellow blotches. And I think one of my ribs are either bruised or broken."

"Show me your back," Zayn demanded. 

"We'll go get Louis and Harry, incase they're fighting or something," Liam said as he dragged Niall out the door.  

I pulled my shirt up from the back. It didn't matter if he saw me in my bra, the boys had all seem me in a bikini but that was before...

I used to cut at the small of my back and just wear high waisted bikinis instead of normal ones. 

"Wow," was all he could say. 
He looked closer. 

"Em what are all those scratches? Wait... Are they cuts?" he exclaimed. 

"What? No!" I asserted, roughly pulling my top down. "Why would you think that."

He looked at me intently for what felt like a long time and suddenly he burst. "Oh my God. Em how could you do that? To your mum? To Louis! To Harry, to us!"

"I don't know what you're talking about," I snapped. 

He raised his eyebrows at me and I knew there was no getting out of it. 

"It was when Louis left for London to be in the band," I started. "I was really lonely, we weren't even talking, Chris was out of my life and I was so depressed there was nothing to do. I would spend all my time in my room or... Or... cutting," I whispered the last word. This was the first time I'd said it out loud and I told Zayn that. 

"Why didn't you talk to me? Or Harry or Louis or the other boys? Or anyone!"

"Because if I told one of you then you'd tell Lou. We already hadn't spoken since he left Doncaster and the first time we did speak was the night I got here. If you'd told him about my cutting... Well, he didn't even know I was talking to you guys at all and checking up on him. We only just made up last night," I took a deep breath as I'd started crying and carried on. "-and now he's going to be angry at me again because of what happened this morning though nothing did happen."

"What do you mean, nothing happened?" Zayn asked. 

"Well, I over heard you and Harry talking in the cab the other night, about telling Louis something about Harry liking someone."

Zayn waited for me to finish and I had stopped crying, the tears had just stayed on my face. 

"I confronted him and guessed he liked Eleanor and he said he did," I finished simply. 

"Harry you idiot!" Zayn muttered under his breath. I didn't comment because I don't think he meant for me to hear. 

"What's wrong!" Harry and Louis exclaimed mutually as they burst in the room and saw my tear stricken face. 

"Nothing," I quickly wiped my face with the hoodie Harry had given me. 

Zayn gave me an annoyed look. 

"If you don't tell him by tonight, I will," he threatened. 

I widened my eyes, silently begging for him not to but he shook his head.

"Well sorry to interrupt the show, but I have to talk to Harry and Mary. Come up stairs?"

"Sure," I replied as my forehead crinkled. I hope nothing's wrong. 

"You can all stay here," Zayn said. "I'm gonna go see the others."

He gave me a stern look as he left and Harry questioned it with another but I just shook my head. 

"So... What is it you wanted to talk about Lou?"

He raised his eyebrows at me and told me to check my twitter. 

My phone was in my pocket and when I got it out I had so many notifications. 

"Wow! Where'd all these come from?" I muttered to myself. 

"You'll see," Louis said. "Go look at trends."

They all seemed pretty normal except for one. 

"Who's 'Mystery Girl'?" I asked them. 

"Go look at the picture of her," Harry snickered. 

I looked. 

I screamed. 

My ribs hurt. 

I lost consciousness. 

I guess the different emotions I'd been feeling those two days just became too much and my brain couldn't handle it anymore. 

When I opened my eyes I was pretty sure I'd only been out a few minutes. 

"Oh my God," I whispered. "Harry this is all your fault!" I then exclaimed, slapping him on the chest then getting up fast and regretting it as I lost my sight from dizziness. 

He was laughing at the end of the couch and Louis was kneeling down by my face. 

The both of us glared at him and became quiet. 

"So you wanted to talk about this to Harry last night but not to me!" I yelled clutching my torso. 

"You were... Not feeling up to it," Louis stated. 

"Yeah but..."

"Look, Harry assured me that there's nothing going on."

"Okay now that this is cleared up, I have something to tell you."

They both looked at me silently with serious looks on their faces that matched my tone. 

"You know what? I'll just let Zayn tell you seeing as he knows."

"No Mary," Louis said, pushing me down. "It's about you, you can tell us."

"Okay well... You know when you left?" I asked Louis slowly. 

He just nodded. 

"And I couldn't see Chris?" he nodded with an angrier look this time.  

"Well I..." I couldn't say it I just couldn't bring myself to say it and a huge sob burst through my chest and I put my hands over my face. 

"Mary!" Harry exclaimed as he pushed my legs down from the couch and came and hugged me to him. 

I sobbed into his shoulder and when I finally stopped crying I looked down at it. It seemed as though a lot of time had passed. 

"Sorry, I ruined your shirt."

"Forget the shirt Mary."

"Mary tell me what happened or-"

"I'll show you," I told them as I stood up. 

I slightly pulled Harry's Jack Wills jumper up and pulled my shorts down a little, just showing the amount of space I cut. 

Louis just say there and stared as I saw the realization dawn on him. Harry started crying. 

"I'm sorry!" I blurted. It was all I could say through my tears and I sprinted off to the bathroom, slamming and locking the door behind me. 

I slid down with my back against it. This pain was even worse than the first time Louis left. Way worse. 

I found something sharp. I knew I shouldn't do it, obviously seeing the pain it caused my friends and my brother and... Harry. Because no matter how much I lied to myself about my feelings, no matter how much I lied to everyone else about my feelings, I was in love with Harry. 

Not Harry Styles, the boy from One Direction, but Harry, who he was deep down inside his heart. The Harry that was crying right now because he'd found out that I cut myself. 

I'd made Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson, two boys the whole world loved cry. 

The rest of the world would honestly hate me if they knew. 
The thought that I would never be able to have him, have Harry made everything feel so much worse than it already did. 

I cut. 

"Fucking hell!" I heard Harry shout after a few minutes. "We can't leave her alone in there!"

Then I heard Zayn burst into his apartment. 

"What's with all the shouting and swearing? Where'd Mary go?"

"She told us," Louis said in a whisper and I could barely hear him. "About her cutting."

I could imagine him sitting still where he was when I'd showed them my back. 

"Zayn she's in the bathroom. We have to get her out before she does something to herself!" Harry yelled. It seemed he'd gotten over the shock of finding out better than Louis and he sounded like he'd stopped crying. 

I dried my cuts quickly but my hands were stained with blood that I couldn't bring myself to wash off. 

The door knob turned hard but I didn't get up to open it. 

"Mary open the door!" Harry yelled but I didn't answer and they kept twisting the door knob. 

"Mary Tomlinson I swear if you don't open this door I'll break it down in ten seconds!" Zayn yelled furiously. 

Great. Now I'd made Zayn Malik angry too. 

"Ten... Nine... Eight... Seven..."
When he got to three, I caved and opened it. 

When the door was open, Harry stared at my face while Zayn's eyes went straight to my hands. 

"What have you done Mary?" he whispered. 

Harry looked down at my hands. 

"This is not RIGHT!" he yelled. "You can't just do this to yourself! Didn't you think of what it would do to Louis?" he yelled. "Didn't you think of what you'd do to ME!"

Anger got the best of me and I yelled back through my tears and sobs. 

"Why is everyone saying what it would do to YOU! It's not like you even give a fucking damn! I'm just a piece of shit to everyone!" I yelled. 

I tried to run past them and out the door but Zayn caught me before I made two strides and put both his arms around me, restraining me. 

"ZAYN!" I screamed. "Let me GO!"
Louis came round the corner of the corridor. 

"Harry I think you should leave," he said quietly but seriously. 

"WHAT!" Harry roared. 

"He's right," Zayn said over my struggles. "Just go, you can talk later."

He looked at me with those deep green eyes I always got lost in. 

"I don't want to talk to him now or later!" I yelled. "I never want to see him again!" I fell through Zayn's grip onto the ground and resumed my crying. After seeing and hearing that, Harry ran out. 

"Louis go after him," Zayn sighed. 
"You go!" Louis answered. "She's my-"

"She won't talk to you! She thinks you're gonna hate her again like before, she told me. I'm the one who made her tell you the truth."

When Louis left he dragged me to the wall and made me lean against it. He was trying to get up but I held onto him tightly. 

"Zayn!" I wailed. 

"I know, I know," he tried to soothe me. 

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