Cry Me A River

Rejected by her mate, Jessica Anderson decides to run away from it. After all, being bullied through your high school life by everyone, including your pack mates and your brother, isn't great. Finding out that one of your bullies was supposed to love you both unconditionally and irrevocably is just the last straw.

Two years later she's forced to come back with her new pack and she would rather go to hell. But when people do their best for your forgiveness, can you help but give it to them? Especially if you're each others forever...

Based on Michael Bublé's 'Cry Me A River'


2. Chapter 2

Jared's (Jessica's brother) Point of View

"Where the fuck is she," I muttered as I entered the house with my friends. 
"Dude chill," Sam said. "She probably just ditched. Where else would she go other than her room? It's not like she has any friends."
I hated that he talked about her like that. I hated that everyone did, myself included. But I just couldn't stop myself. 
We walked into the living room and there was a note in the TV. I grabbed it and read it aloud:

"I'm leaving. Tell mom and dad that I'm sorry and that I love them but this is for the best. I can tell when I'm not wanted, when I'm a 'waste of space' and a 'piece of shit'. 
You wished I was never born, this'll be better. I promise, it'll be like I never existed. 
You won't ever see me again. Let the almighty dick faced asshole alpha know that this means I'm leaving the pack too. 
Enjoy the rest of your lives without me - Jess. No, she can't have left!" The guys had weird looks on their faces but Tyler's was the worst. Maybe it had something to do with this morning. 
"Jess?" I called out. "JESSICA! Get your ass down here right now!"
When there was no reply, I stormed up the stairs and barged into her room, slamming the door against the wall. It was half empty, clothes and books gone, her bed made and her laptop disappeared too. 
I had heard Tyler and the others follow me upstairs. 
"She's gone," I whispered. "My sister is gone and it's all my fault."
"It's all our faults man," Jason said. 
"No. It's all my fault," Tyler mumbled. "I pushed her too far this morning." I looked over at him and he seemed torn up. 
"No way!" I yelled at him. "No fucking way this is all your fault!" I shoved him. He growled and pushed me back. 
They all looked at me worriedly. 
"Leave!" I demanded. "Get out of my house! My sister is gone and it is all his fault! What the hell am I supposed to tell my parents? How am I going to deal with this? SHE WAS MY TWIN!"
They all left after clapping me on the shoulder or attempting some form of comfort, with the exception of Tyler. He stood there and stared at her bed, breathing in her scent. 
"I screwed up," he whispered. 
"How could you reject your mate?" I asked lowly. "That's one thing we both swore to never do."
"I don't know," he closed his eyes, looking as thought he were in pain. "I don't know."

Jessica's Point of View

"Shift!" The hunk of masculinity ordered. From the aura emanating from his body and the power in his voice, it wasn't hard to tell he was the alpha. 

And I'm on his territory. 

I am oh-so-screwed. 

I had been driving for so long that I lost the direction I was heading in. Heck, I didn't even have a direction! It's not like I knew where to go. 
It was midnight when I finally stopped driving, pulling over in the side of a main road in whatever town I was in. 
Looking across, I saw a diner and gazed at it longingly. But then I thought of why he rejected me. 
'You're not skinny enough!' I scolded myself. 
Or pretty enough or strong enough or nice enough or alpha-female-like enough or... I could go on all night. 
Feeling the tears stinging my eyes, I decided to go where my species and I are most comfortable - the woods. 
Yes, being a werewolf meant that being around the trees and dirt kept you calm, however for me. It was even more than that. In the woods, it didn't matter who you were or what you looked like. The animals were peaceful, the birds sounded beautiful. The damp smell of amazing cleanliness and the different textures of color. You didn't have to listen to petty humans or terrifying wolves. It was just you and the woods. 
I sat myself down at the base of a willow tree and thought about the past twenty four hours. 
'Mate,' my wolf whimpered. And that's when the tears started falling. From the time I'd left in my car, I'd been contemplating ways to get rid of what I was feeling. 

Getting Drunk?

No can do. I'm not a drinker and it takes a really long time for us wolves to get drunk from the speed we burn through the alcohol. 


It wouldn't leave a scar to remind me of anything and no matter how much I'd do it, the wounds would heal right back up.

Wouldn't work either. And I'd be too scared to kill myself anyway. I'd never do that, I value life because life is special, no matter what. 

So I settled for sobbing in the forest in the middle of no where. Where I knew nobody and didn't have anywhere to go. 
After two hours or so of feeling sorry for myself and sick to the stomach of myself, my wolf wanted to shift to be able to mourn being rejected in her own way. 

Running around in wolf form in unknown territory is what got me to my newest predicament. 

"I told you to shift!" He demanded again. 
I whimpered and his eyes softened a little bit. 
"There are clothes behind that tree," he nodded towards it with his head. 
I darted over and felt the bones rearranging themselves into the human skeletal structure. Pulling on the pair of shorts and a t-shirt, I walked back out with my head bowed in both submission and respect to the alpha in front of me. 
"Who are you?"
"I'm Jessica."
"Who sent you?"
"No body sent me!" I exclaimed. 
"Don't lie to me, rogue!"
"I'm not a-"
"So you were in a pack? Why'd they kick you out? What'd you do?"
"I didn't-"
"Tell me!" He commanded. 
"I ran away!" I sobbed. His yelling was reminding me of the place I'd left to escape from it in the first place. 
"Why did you run away?" He said more softly. 
I looked up at him with my tears and he lay his hand gently on my shoulder. I flinched away from him and he frowned. 
"My mate rejected me," I whispered. "And everyone has been bullying me for years. So when he did that I cracked. I couldn't take it anymore and I ran away!" I sobbed, looking back down on the ground. 
"Hey!" He lifted my chin up, forcing me to look into his eyes even when I attempted to look away. "I'll take care of you, okay? You can join my pack."
"Why, though?"
"What do you mean 'why'?" His forehead creased in confusion. 
"Why would you want an ugly, weak, pathetic wolf to join your pack?"
He growled. 
"Don't say that about yourself! Darling you are not pathetic or weak. And ugly... You're a pleasure to look at and I'm sure the boys will be all over you."
"No they won't," I looked down again, sadly. 
"They really screwed your confidence," he merely stated and I looked down and nodded meekly.  
"What pack were you from?" He asked. 
"Black Moon pack," I replied and flinched at the name. 
His arm around my shoulders, he started walking in the direction I came. "I'm assuming that you drove because if this happened today, there's no way you could have run here that fast."
I just nodded. 
"Okay. We'll get your car and introduce to some Luna pack members. 
I gasped, "Luna Pack?" They were one of the strongest packs out there! How was I still alive when they were known to kill rogues on the spot.
He smirked at my reaction. "I'm sure you've heard rumors but we're not that bad. If you haven't done anything wrong, we have no reason to harm people."
"How old are you anyway, Alpha...?" I still didn't know his name. 
"Bryant. You don't have to call me alpha. And I'm nineteen."
"Shit, what!" I yelled. Then clamped my hand on my mouth. How was this strong, built manly man only nineteen?!
He seemed to find my reaction amusing, bent over the middle and laughing. 
"How old did you think I was?" He asked curiously. 
"Um..." I trailed off, not wanting to offend an alpha who could have me dead with a twist of his fingers. 
"Come on," he nudged me. "I won't get angry."
"Twenty five," I mumbled. 
"That's the worst I've gotten!" He exclaimed. 
"Sorry," I blushed. 
"You're cute when you blush," he winked. Which, of course, only served to make me blush further and he laughed again. 
By now we'd arrived at my car. 
"Come on. Lets get you to your new home."

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