Cry Me A River

Rejected by her mate, Jessica Anderson decides to run away from it. After all, being bullied through your high school life by everyone, including your pack mates and your brother, isn't great. Finding out that one of your bullies was supposed to love you both unconditionally and irrevocably is just the last straw.

Two years later she's forced to come back with her new pack and she would rather go to hell. But when people do their best for your forgiveness, can you help but give it to them? Especially if you're each others forever...

Based on Michael Bublé's 'Cry Me A River'


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1

It was seven in the morning and I had just gotten out of the shower.
I hate having to wake up for school.
Call me lazy or whatever you want, but getting up at the crack of dawn to go to your own personal hell - aka high school - isn't on the top of my and most people's 'Favorite Things To Do' list. Why on earth would it be?
High school is like burning through fire for most people as it is. For the ones who look good or don't really care.
For people like me?
It's like living in hell as the devil himself is there, in the form of the popular people. He keeps on quickly changing my own personal hell from burning fire to freezing ice.
It made me envy the people who just got the fire alone.
And do you want to know what makes it so much worse? I'll tell you what.
The fact that I'm a wolf. A weak one at that.
Yeah, that's right people.
I morph into a giant dog whenever I lose control of my anger or if I just want to. Or need to, to protect myself.
And the devils? They're not just 'popular kids'.
Well they are popular, but that's besides the point. The most evil ones are the alpha of our pack -Tyler, his girlfriend - Summer and finally... My own twin brother who is the beta.
It seems as though their everyday goal in life is to make my life the miserable living hell it is. And I guess they're sure as hell succeeding in that.
Seriously, if you go to school and everyday, everyone calls you 'fat', 'ugly', 'bitch', 'whale' and more, you'll be insecure. And those are the least offensive terms I can pick out from the vulgar vocabulary that gets thrown at me everyday.
And because it's the popular people, everyone else follows their example so that they look 'cool'.
So I'm a wolf. In a pack. With self confidence issues.
Attractive, huh?
Why, though? Why do they pick on me? I haven't ever done anything to hurt them. I always love them, thinking that somewhere, deep down - really, really deep down - that they care for me at least a little bit.
I've never even considered myself pretty! Not at all! I have mid length curly, dishwater hair and boring brown eyes.
What would be so interesting about me?
Just because I can't squeeze my ass into a pair size two skinny jeans... I'll admit, I am a little on the heavy side but I've never actually considered myself 'fat'. Not until they started with all the bullying. Now I actually know I am sort of fat. Not obese, but fat, nonetheless.
My parents and all the elders of the pack don't really care.
Scratch that, they can't care. They don't know! If I told anyone I'd be laughed at and labelled an attention seeker because it involves the alpha and no one stands up against him.
He's all too high and mighty up his own ass, in good with all the parents, kids, students and teachers. Everyone except me.
"Come on, Jessica! We need to go!" My oh-so-amazing brother yelled irritatedly from downstairs. I had just finished doing my hair and putting a little but of make up on.
"It's Tyler's birthday today! The day he finds his mate! He wants to be there early."
Right. Tyler's sixteenth birthday. How could I possibly forget?
All the teenage female wolves had been waiting for this day since we were ten! I'll admit, I used to have a crush on him too, but after all he's done...
"Why do you take so long to get ready Jess? If anything, the more you're trying, the uglier you look!"
"Thanks Jake," I mumbled. I'm pretty sure he hates me anyway, so why should I care?
Jake and I used to be attached at the hip as kids.
As soon as puberty hit and high school started, I was kicked to the curb.
We got in the car with out saying anything and as soon as we were at school, Jake's car was surrounded by sluts and Tyler was seen to be walking over.
He got out and put his arms around two of their shoulders.
'Slut One' and 'Slut Two' is what I like calling them. I can't usually remember what number goes with what face because there's too many to label.
Summer then came up to me, her arm interlocked with Tyler's and sneered.
'Summer Slut' is what I call her, which is quite inconvenient as she spreads her legs all year round for anyone.
"Jake, how the hell is this... Thing your twin?"
"I don't even know," he laughed aloud as did the others who heard.
"Seriously! You're so hot and she's so... Not!"
They carried on laughing and I started walking away when my arm brushed Tyler's, the one not joined with Summer's.
Electricity and tingles flew up my arm and I looked up into his eyes in shock.
Tyler is my mate.
"Never," he growled through gritted teeth, only loud enough for me to hear before I even had a chance to be excited about the fact I'd found my soulmate. He then started talking louder for everybody else around to hear. "I pity the fool who would ever have a mate as fat, ugly and as weak as you. God, fate must really hate him! I would reject you," he growled, slowly and clearly enunciating each word of the last sentence, making it clear to me what he was doing.
I was rejected.
My wolf howled inside, feeling as though she was being ripped to shreds.
'No,' she told me. 'Being ripped to shreds would feel like heaven compared to this!'
I couldn't agree more. The pain sliced through me like a hot knife slicing through butter.
I carried on walking, distantly hearing Summer and Jake ask what that was about and him blowing it off like it was nothing.
There is no way in staying at school! The pain is... Too much.
Did God, the stars, anyone who's somewhere out there, whoever decides our screwed up fate... Did they hate me so much as to do this to me?
I was still in a daze as I made my way to the forest so that I could shift and leave this hell hole.
My mate, the person who was supposed to unconditionally and irrevocably love me, just rejected me.
I finally shifted and didn't ever care that my clothes were torn to shreds.
I made it back home in exactly two minutes, running faster than I ever had before. Even when we were under attack by hunters that one time, I still hadn't run this fast.
Finally, I made it back home and then heard my phone buzz with a text.
It was Jake.

Where the fuck are you? The teacher wants to know! You're so pathetic! Urgh I'm not even gonna bother making up an excuse for you not being here. Or one for you being alive. I wish you were dead! No, I wish you were never born! You're such an embarrassment! Nobody likes you, not in the pack or the family! I hate you, you worthless piece of shit!

What a long text message.
I was used to it. The only time people would text me was to put me down or if it was my parents, to inform me of things because my brother thought it was 'uncool' to have your parents text you.
I dived onto my bed and let the tears start falling.
They flooded my face and soaked through my bed sheets and my pillow. I'm so sick of this! I'm so sick of leading such a shit life when nobody even wants me alive!
And Tyler...
I started whimpering.
How could my own mate not want me?
No one really cared, no matter what I forced myself to believe. No matter what I hoped.
I packed.
The only thing I could think to do was run. Start a new life somewhere where no one knew who or what I was. Dumping as much as I could in the lightest suitcase I could find, I found some paper and a pen to write a note.

I'm leaving. Tell mom and dad that I'm sorry and that I love them but this is for the best. I can tell when I'm not wanted, when I'm a 'waste of space' and a 'piece of shit'.
You wished I was never born, this'll be better. I promise, it'll be like I never existed.
You won't ever see me again. Let the almighty dick faced asshole alpha know that this means I'm leaving the pack too.
Enjoy the rest of your lives without me - Jess

I stuck the note on the TV where my brother was guaranteed to find it because his lazy ass came home a watched TV every day, whether wit the guys or not.
Throwing my suitcase into my car - a Mini Cooper that my parents had gotten me for my fifteenth birthday - I sped off towards my new life, not once looking back.
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