You Are The Only Exception

Cleo Clark gets to spend a month "babysitting" her best friends, UK pop boy band One Direction.


2. Two

*Cleo's POV*

"Cleeeoooooo! What's taking you so long?" Lou shouted.

"I'm almost done!" I hurriedly brushed my hair, letting my locks down. I put on a little powder and my favorite lip balm and grabbed a pair of Toms. 

I walked out of my room, and I saw them with their iPhones, probably playing a game or tweeting or something.

"Do I look decent?" I asked. I wore a crop top that matches my Toms, and a pair of shorts. This is my typical outfit. I just wanted to make sure that I don't look too much dressed.

"Gorgeous." Harry answered, grinning. My cheeks flushed, looking away from them as I put a tendril of hair away from my face.

"C'mon! We have no time to waste." Zayn said as he stood up.

"So let me give your heart a break.." I sang, teasing Niall. I can see him blush, redness spreading his cheeks. Adorable.

"But.. But.. The car's for five people only, am I going to fit in there?" I asked. It was a small and cute car, but I don't think we can all get in.

"I'll drive. I think someone has to sit on someone's lap" Louis muttered.

"You can sit on my lap" Niall suggested and I had no choice but to agree. I'm not really used to do stuff like sitting on someone's lap in a car, but this could be an experience.

We all successfully fitted in the car and drove to the hotel the boys are staying in.

At the corner of my eye, I can see Harry glaring at Niall. Niall had his arms around my waist, and he tickles me everytime. But why would Harry look at him like that?

By the time we got to the hotel,  girls are waiting outside. We quickly got out of the vehicle. I even bumped my head on the car's roof as I got out, which really hurt.

The girls were blocked by some bodyguards as we enter in the hotel.

"Hi Paul!" I greeted, waving my hand. He waved back, then continued talking to a receptionist.

 We sat on the lobby couch as we waited for something that I don't know. Because of boredom, I pulled my iPhone out and took some pictures with the boys. I forgot to take pictures with them at the apartment earlier.

Paul came to us a few minutes later.
"Uh boys, we have a problem."

"What is the matter, Paul?" Harry asked.

"The hotel management won't let you stay here anymore. There was an incident earlier, two girls sneaked in one of your rooms. And they don't want it to happen again." 

"Are there any other hotels we can stay in?" Niall asked.

"That's the problem. Other hotels won't let us too. They heard about the incident."

I can see the boys' faces, until Lou spoke up.

"How about we stay in Cleo's apartment?" He said, gesturing to me. The boys agreed.

"Yea Cleo, would you let them stay with you? You would be of great help." Paul added. The boys looked at me, looking like puppies.

"I.. I'm not really sure.. I need to ask Aunt Macy first.."

"I'll be the one to ask." Lou stood up, pulling his phone out. He stepped away from us and a moment later, he held out his phone to me, and I stepped away, turning my back against them.

"Hi Aunt Macy!"

"Darliiing! I miss you so much!"

"Me too! I got worried, you did not call me the past few days!"

"Oh I'm sorry hun, I was busy traveling all over the world!"

"Really? Wow.. I wish I could join you.."

"I know- and oh about One Direction staying in our apartment.."

I swallowed hard as I waited for an answer.

"Okay, they can stay," 

A feeling o relief showed up when I heard those words.

"Ohmygod, thank you Aunt Macy!"

"You're most welcome, dear. But are you sure you can manage?" I can feel the concern in her voice.

"Of course! I'm a big girl now, I'm turning 18 in a few weeks!" I said.

"Okay, just make sure you can handle 'em, huh?"

"Sure!" I answered. "I miss you Aunt Macy! And oh, don't forget my souvenirs!"

"Haha, I won't! And I'm going to buy something special for your 18th birthday! Too bad I'm wont be with you on your special day.."

"Aww that's okay." I said. This will be the first birthday that she won't be with me. Tears welled up my eyes.

"Don't cry hun, promise, you'll get your gift when I get home!"

"Yay! I really think you're busy, I'll text you later! Bye!"

I faced the boys sadly, a tactic that works on them every time. They look soo cute even if they're nervous.

"So? What did she say?" Liam nervously asked.

"She...." My lips slowly curved into a smile. "She said yes."

"WHOOO!" Boys stood up, jumping up and down. They ran to me and gave me a really, really tight group hug. 

"Guys. I. Can't. Breathe!"

"Whoops! Sorry!" Zayn replied as they released me.

"Thank you, Cleo. C'mon boys, get your things in your room." Paul said, giving me a pat on the shoulder. The boys quickly followed him to the elevator, leaving me at the lobby. Only one thing came in my mind.

I'm babysitting One Direction.
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