Walking The Dog

Flash fiction story about a woman walking her dog!


1. Walking The Dog


As she stepped out of the house, the first drop of April rain hit her cheek.  Shrugging, she walked to the end of her path.  The dog, a small Yorkshire Terrier, dragged at the end of the thin black leash, reluctant to step onto the cold concrete.  Lucy turned and glared at her mother’s dog.  “Come on,” she hissed, tugging sharply on the leash.  The dog, named Misty, had been spoiled more than the children ever had.  Lucy felt ashamed of her resentment over such a pathetic creature, which is why she had offered to walk the wretched thing after her mother had taken ill.  Her mother was always ill nowadays.

Misty trotted towards the end of the path, delicately picking up her tiny paws, carefully trying to avoid any random droplets that fell from above.  Rolling her eyes and clucking her tongue, Lucy marched forwards to the end of the road, before turning left towards the park.  Misty hated the park.  She was always the only pedigree there, mixing with the lower-class crossbreeds that bounded around after a ball like idiots.  Rain continued to splish and splash haphazardly, growing heavier with each step she took away from the house.  Misty stopped and looked sadly over her tiny shoulder, wishing that she was back in the arms of her mother.

Lucy tugged the leash as Misty stopped suddenly.  “Come on,” she growled deeply.  She wanted to get to the park before he had left.  Every day since she had agreed to exercise the daft dog, she had seen him, playing with his giant mutt of a dog.  Every day, she wanted to run to the large grassy area so that she could watch him tossing Frisbees and tennis balls.  His strong muscles, always tanned and naked from the waist up and knees down, reflecting the sunlight to dazzle her.  But today it was raining.  As she got to the gate that opened into a vast empty space, her heart sank.  He had already been and gone.

Turning round, Lucy ambled back towards her mother’s home, dragging her heels.  Misty trotted ahead, desperate to get home to the warmth of a cosy bed.

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