Three years from now

"Three years from now" came about during a quiet day at college. Was stuck for six hours with nothing to do... I sat down at a computer and began to write: So here's the prolouge before chapter one comes (I'l hopefully have chapter one online before the end of the week)


1. Prolouge

Friday 13th June 2008

Smell of diesel, Sun in the sky, Radio 1 blaring from the bus speakers, kids chattering, It was the most ordinary day you could imagine. School was at an end for another week and it was finally time to head home and chillax. I get seated on the bus next to my girl, Jenna before the bus engine roars into life and we hit the road: For the next five minutes everything is as normal as can be... I'm chatting with Jenna about Matt's party tomorrow night. She's talking back in between texting her mate Melanie.... she seems a bit quieter than normal but I'm not worried as such, maybe she's just tired is my train of thought

Suddenly the atmosphere on the bus changes... people start to look worried, I look out the window. The bus is starting to drift to the right, I glance at the driver wondering what the hell he's playing at. But he's not playing at anything: He's slumped over the wheel and as responsive as a rock: The realisation that the bus is now driverless suddenly hits me like a bullet from a gun. I race towards the front of the bus to do something.... anything..... but it's too late: We are now on the wrong side of the road and a HGV is racing towards us. People are screaming...... trying to brace like they tell you too in planes: The HGV hits the window screen faster than any of us has time to re-act. People are thrown back by the impact as glass , metal and other debris are chucked into the bus: I look around for Jenna in the chaos but she's nowhere to be seen: Suddenly something hits the back of my head and everything goes black..........

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