Three years from now

"Three years from now" came about during a quiet day at college. Was stuck for six hours with nothing to do... I sat down at a computer and began to write: So here's the prolouge before chapter one comes (I'l hopefully have chapter one online before the end of the week)


2. Chapter one

When I open my eyes, I see light, light all around me...I'm frozen to the spot by the numb feeling which has engulfed me. My head hurts like a pain I've never experienced before. The sound of people crying and screaming is enough to make me want to scream back at them, just tell them to shut up, but my voice refuses to work... two men are staring down at where I'm lying, one of them starts to speak but I can't reply back

"What's this one like" asks the first guy

"Bad, possible neck and spinal injury, Need to get him to St George's ASAP, Looks to have had a blow to the head as well"

Shouts come from elsewhere in the area and the first guy runs off towards them. An unbearable pain shoots through my head and everything goes black again....


Sometime later...

I open my eyes again, blinking at the artificial lights that stare down on me from above. My body feels sweaty against the plastic sheet which I'm lying on. I try to shift position but quickly find I can't move... Then there's a man, a different one this time shining a light in my eyes. It makes my eyes shut and suddenly I'm gone again.


Even later..

I slowly start to flicker back into being conscious... slowly, like I'm waking from the deepest sleep ever. I can hear people talking around me although what they say sounds like gibberish, I feel the touch of someone holding and squeezing my hand although my eyes won't open making it impossible to see who it is. One time I even feel the cold of what feels like a wet flannel being wiped across my face. For what I think must be several days, I wake up several times a day for short periods although my eyes still refuse to open and I can't move any part of my body or communicate with the world. Eventually I wake up onetime and immediately feel something is different... the Gibberish talk that's been going around me all this time is starting to sound English for starters. I hear familiar voices saying my name. I instinctively try to open my eyes, and this time it works! I blink once, then try again with the same result. I can't keep my eyes open for more than a few seconds because of the bright lights above me, but it's a start. Within a few minutes I've got my eyes open again fully.. and the voices star


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