Never knew it'd be me

Julie is 15 years old and she's going to a One Direction concert with her two best friends, Inga and Ingvild, but there they get a big surprise..

It's kinda boring in the start, but I'll asure you it's going to be much more exiting later. Warning: This fanfic contains sexual content, but the sexual part is coming later. Not for people under 14.


2. Nandoosss

Now it's only a week left 'till we're going to London. I'm packing as much as I can into my little suitcase while my little sister, Vilja is jerking around in my stuff. Ingvild and Inga dragged me to the mall a week earlier to get some new clothes for the concert trip. I'm not a big fan of shopping. A whole day in the clothing stores, made me exhausted.

I laugh as I pack a scarlet red lace bra in my suitcase. Ingvild saw it and forced me to buy it.. Her convincing words was: "What if you and Liam got together? Then you couldn't wear one of those boring black bras!" Then I picked up the matching string panties with even more laces. I quickly packed them down before Vilja could see them. Two hours later of intence packing, I was almost done.

Ingvild and Inga ordered their tickets a while before me, they were struggeling not to tell anyone, but couldn't hold their mouths for me. I wasn't a big fan at that time, but now it's all changed. We wanted to wait untill christmas before telling anyone, and surprised ourselves by the fact that it's now easter and only our families know!

I open my pc and write on Facebook: "It's gonna be so much fun in London with Ingvild and Inga! Looking forward to the 1D concert!"

I tagged Ingvild and Inga and they like my status, and comments; Ingvild: "YES OMG!" and Inga: "Can't actually contain my exitment!", and the Ingvild: "Haha, yes! xD"

One week later:

We're at the airport in Oslo, all five of us. It's Ingvild, Inga, their mums and me. I feel like an outsider, because mum isn't here, but the feeling quickly fades when we're boarding. I smile while I see Norway disappearing under us. Inga, Ingvild and I all pick up our phones(on flight mode ofcourse) and put on some 1D music.

We arrive Heathrow one hour and twenty minutes later. I'm so exited I can barely breath! We have rented an apartment wich we're all going to stay in. Ingvild and Inga is planning to take me to Nandos and Milkshake City. Their literally jumping in the cab seats. I just smile at them, but actually I want to be as crazy as them.

Inga is a medium tall girl, with long sexy legs. She has long, dark brown hair flowing down her shoulders. Her blue eyes with a hint of green is framed by cute, light lashes with only a light stroke of mascara. Under her straight nose, there's small, light red lips. I'm sure every guy she passes, turns two times. Her cofidence is as bad as my singing skills, which no one knows about. She loves Niall and made the name Ningall for them.

Ingvild is a bit taller than Inga, with shiny, shoulder long brown hair. She's one of the more lush girls, like me. She has emerald green eyes with really light maroon in the middle. Her long, dark lashes has a light cover of mascara, but she doesn't need mascara. She has a lush butt that makes guys drool, but she never notice the hungry glances she gets. She has petite red lips with a light stroke of pink lipgloss on them. She adores Harry with her life, and made the name Harvild for them.

I am about the same hight as Inga, and I have really thick, long bronze hair. According to Ingvild it's "beautiful". Yeah right. I have greenish brown eyes and thick eyelashes. I use no makeup unless mascara sometimes, like today. I have lush pink lips and freckles on my nose. Ingvild shipped me and Liam and called us Luliam, I think it was kinda wierd, but cute.

Ingvild and Inga made names for the boy's penises. Harry has Perry, Liam has Tarzan, Niall has Mr. M/Monsieur Mysterie/Michael, Zayn has VasHappening- Man, and Louis has Manny, like in Manfred from Ice age. Cuz it's big.

We have easter holidays back in Norway, so we went to London early today. Now we can explore London before the concert that is tomorrow. I have no idea where in London we are, but I know it's close to Nandos. Oh, that reminds me that I'm hungry, AND we're actually going there now. Wow, I've gotta get out of my own head sometimes.

We enter Nandos, and I almost expect to One Direction burst in any minute, but they don't. All of the fanfics I've been readning has made paranoid. Dragging me out of my thoughts again Inga says:

"Julie? What do you want to eat?" I went for the Nandos, with chicken and chips. The food comes and we start eating. While taking a huge bite of my chicken, I hear a familiar laugh. My head turns up to see Liam enter the door with Niall and Harry. Quickly I swollow the whole chicken bite and take a sip of my cola. Pretending like three of my biggest idols did not just walk in that door.

Inga and Ingvild just keep sending eachother looks. This is exactly what they hoped when they suggested going to Nandos. I have to go to the bathroom and fix myself up a bit, before Liam notice me. I get up and so does Ingvild and Inga. They must have had the same thougt as me.

We are quick in and quick out. I have my face turned down at my iPhone, when I get tomatosaus all over my new sweater. "Ey! What are you d-" I start, but then I see who spilled saus on me. " I'm SO sorry, Miss!" He says with a big frown all over his face. "Uhhm, i-it's okey, it was m-my fault, I didn't look where I was g-going" I stutter nervously.

"No it was all my fault! I'll by you a new sweater! I'm so sorry!" I feel so sorry for him, when he stands there looking down at his feet.

"No, you don't have to do that! It's okey." I try to convince him. He just shakes his head and drags me to the shop over the road. I definitly didn't expect that. He buys me new sweater thats ten times nicer than the one I'm wearing.

"I'm Liam by the way he says while paying for the new sweater. He smiles guilty and repeats his sorrys.

"I'm Julie, sorry if my English is bad, I'm from Norway.." I say, and feel more and more stupid for every word that comes out of my mouth. We're back in the restaurant and I just keep walking with him to his table without noticing.

"That's awesome, I've heard from Justin Bieber that norwegian girls are pretty, now I believe him" He answers. I can feel my face get heated up.

"I should go back to my friends" I say and turn. I can feel a rough hand grabbing my wrist and I turn quickly.

"Do you guys want to come sit with us?" Liam asks hopefully. He leans towards me and whisper in my ear: "Harry and Niall thinks your friends are pretty" I let out a giggle and look at Ingvild and Inga, who's stearing at me. I wave them over to us and we all take a seat in the little booth. Harry and Ingvild, Niall and Inga are squeesed at one side of the table, while Liam and I sit at the other end. According to the look on their faces, I think they were quite satisfied.

Ingvild's POV

I just saw Liam spill saus on Julie, drag her out of the restaurant and coming back with smiles on their faces talking. Then Julie's blushing and looking at us! What's up or should I say Vas Happening? Inga sends me the gaze that says the same as my thoughts. Then Julie suddenly waves at us. I press myself between Harry and Niall, and Inga squeese herself by Niall. We start a great conversation and I laugh so hard that my stomach hurts. I'll never tell what we are talking about, but I can say that most of the subject happens below the waist.

Our mums comes over to our table and says that it's time to leave. I look at my clock. Oh my god, it's ten pm already. We hug the boys goodbye and sadly enough, leave.

I'm so glad we told them about our concert tickets, cuz now we've got backstage passes! On the way to our apartment, Inga and I are talking constantly, while Julie's just sitting there smiling.

Julie's POV

Oh no! I forgot my phone! I gave it to Liam while I was changing, he must have forgotten to give it back.. What do I do now?

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