Never knew it'd be me

Julie is 15 years old and she's going to a One Direction concert with her two best friends, Inga and Ingvild, but there they get a big surprise..

It's kinda boring in the start, but I'll asure you it's going to be much more exiting later. Warning: This fanfic contains sexual content, but the sexual part is coming later. Not for people under 14.


1. I love you mum!!

"Julie! Come down, I've got to show you something" Mum yells from down stairs. I get up from my bed and slowly start to drag my legs down the stairs. Mum waits for me in the livingroom, sitting in her chair as usual. She has her face drawn down to her iPad, with a stupid grin on it. I just look stupiditly at her.. "What's so funny?" I dare to ask.

"Just come and take a look" she winks at me. At her iPad there's a confirmation mail of a One Direction ticket. My mouth drops. Mum's brown eyes looks hopefully up at me. The whole world seems to stand still at this moment. I close my mouth and drag up my iPhone. I've got to call Ingvild and Inga.

"Biip... Biip.. Hello, vas happening?" I hear Ingvild say threw the phone. She always say that. She's totally hooked with Zayn Malik's asking phrase. I can't help but smile.

"You know what?" I asked teasing her a little. "No, say it! I'm eating dinner, be quick" she says lightly irritated. "I've got One Direction tickets!!" I almost scream into the phone.

"Aaaaahhh!!! Oh my GOD! That's awesome! Does Inga know??" Ingvild's shouting. I'm really satisfied with her reaction. I know Inga is going to scream even more. I can't wait to call her too.

"No, I'll call her now, I'll tell you more about it tomorrow!" I smile. Oh no! I forgot to thank mum! I didn't even ask her why there was only one ticket. And how will I manage on my own in London.

Ingvild, Inga and I are three Norwegian directioners. I'm pretty new in the One Direction business and have learned a lot from the nr. 1 Directioner, Ingvild. She started going crazy for them like almost a year ago. Inga got "directionated" by her three months later. I just watched them going mad for someone they didn't even know.

For a couple weeks ago, Ingvild gave me a little sneakpeek of her world. I couldn't resist. Liam's face just screamed to be loved! He has the world's cutest puppy-face! Now I'm addicted to twitter and downloading pictures of them.

I pick up my phone and leave my thoughts for a little while. Inga reacted even worse than Ingvild, Inga is the screamer of them. After the calls, I turn to mum. She has a big smile on her face. Sometimes I think that she doesn't even care about me, but now I just LOVE her! Then a thougt hits me right in the face. I don't know how to get there, where to stay, who to go with..

"Mum, why is there only one ticket?" I ask with a big frown on my forehead. "I've called Ingvild and Ingas mums, and you're going with them! I can't join you because I have you're little sister to take care of, sorry.." Mum smiles apologetic. "It's okey, I love you mum!" I say while I squeese her hard!

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