A Dream Come True - A Harry Styles Love Story

Sam is a massive directioner, to say the least. She would do anything to meet the famous boys of One Direction. But when One Direction comes to her hometown for a concert, will she get the chance to make her dreams come true?


2. The Beginning

I woke up to my bedroom light shining down on my bed. Gah, yep another day of school. Again. It’s only the second term of school, and I’m already over it! Mum yelled from the lounge for me to get up.
“Yeah, I know!” I yelled, peeling the covers off my cold body. Why does it have to be so freezing in autumn?

I stood up, half asleep, just wanting to crash down in bed again. I know it’s 8 in the morning, but trust me, I’m not a good morning person… at all. But as I looked up, I found my eyes staring at the five most wonderful boys in the world. Yep, you guessed it – One Direction, Juan Direction, My Life, My Five Husbands. Call me crazy, but one day, I will meet them. One day.
I slipped into my ugly school dress and blazer, and freshened myself up for the long day ahead of me. I looked through my school diary, making sure I hadn’t forgotten to do any homework last night. Yep and there it was, marked in red. Today my English essay was due. Shitballs! I completely forgot to even take my book home yesterday.
‘Oh well, not much you can do about it now, Sam,’ I thought to myself.

As I headed out to the car, where mum was waiting for me, I quickly remembered I had forgotten to put on my most important items. I wore them every single day. Despite not being allowed to wear any jewellery to school, I had managed to wear my ‘I heart One Direction’ bracelets for over a year. Even my maths teacher, with eagle eyes, hadn’t noticed. I dashed into my room and found them lying on my white dresser, surrounded my all my other stuff which I never gotten round to cleaning up.

Today may have seemed like a normal morning to anybody else. But for me, for any other New Zealand directioners, it wasn’t.

I walked to my first class – study. Yuss! Study was always great. I had one of my best friends with me, we could talk, listen to iPods, muck around. I guess some days we would do actual school work, but most of the time we would be too distracted. I knew I would be. Especially today.

I had planned to get out my uncompleted English essay and finish it, but my mind was elsewhere. It had only been announced a few days ago that there was to be a massive surprise announcement for New Zealand directioners. And they would be announcing it today on the radio. I almost jumped and crashed the laptop when I found out there was news for us. Us New Zealanders? Who seemed to miss out on everything? I mean we got no concerts, no celebrities, nothing decent. The downside to living in such a small, petty country, I guess.

So I had been waiting eagerly for the news. As I sat in study, unable to concentrate on anything but the radio from my iPod, It finally came the time – 9am, for the hosts to read out the announcement. I wasn’t sure what was coming. But when I heard those words, I knew my life would change forever.

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