A Dream Come True - A Harry Styles Love Story

Sam is a massive directioner, to say the least. She would do anything to meet the famous boys of One Direction. But when One Direction comes to her hometown for a concert, will she get the chance to make her dreams come true?


4. Dream Ended

The computer read, “This Website Has Been Corrupted. Please Try Again Later.”

It broke my heart.

My world just crashed right there. I had had my hopes up. I thought I was going to go to a One Direction concert. I thought that that day was going to be the happiest day of my life. STUPID WEBSITE!


I promise you, I tried and tried for 10 minutes to get the site working. But it didn’t budge. There were just too many people on the same site, wanting the exact same thing as me.

“WHAT THE HELL ARE WE GONNA DO MUM? MUM? THIS IS JUST…. MUM?” I almost screamed. I was hyperventilating so much, freaking out. Mum wasn’t answering me, but seemed calm and collective.

“Look, we will go to the place where they sell them, and see if they have any there.” She exclaimed.

This gave me hope.

But when we got to the mall where it was, I quickly asked the staff if I could buy any tickets.


There were none left. Even their computer system was down, so nobody could get them. They had only managed to sell 2 tickets before everything went kaput.


I left the mall in silence and was driven to school.

I entered maths – late. Like I cared.

My face was red and puffy, and a few tears still managed to creep out the corners of my eyes. I had friends and classmates’ asking what was wrong. I had fellow directioners and directionators boasting at how they got such and such tickets and they were so excited.

Like I cared.

Depression sank into my bones. I felt cold. I barely made it through the day. I had realized I had no chance what-so-ever of seeing my boys in concert. I had absolutely no chance of meeting them. My life was over.

I snuggled down in bed as soon as I got home, and I cried. I just cried until I was forced out of bed to eat dinner. Like I needed to eat.


The next few weeks were torture. People on twitter were raving about getting tickets, so excited, what they were going to wear, what they were going to write on their signs.

But suddenly wavers of hope went through me. Radio stations were giving chances for people to win tickets. Competitions. Now that sounded like my kind of thing. I entered and entered as many as I could. Anything to get to live my dream. But every single time the announced the winner, I was eagerly awaiting my phone to ring, I never got called. Some girl called Lucy, or Amy got them instead. It was never me.

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