A Dream Come True - A Harry Styles Love Story

Sam is a massive directioner, to say the least. She would do anything to meet the famous boys of One Direction. But when One Direction comes to her hometown for a concert, will she get the chance to make her dreams come true?


5. Another Chance

As it came far closer to the concert, I decided I needed to at least try and see the boys, even if I wasn’t in concert.


“You ready Emma?” I called out to my friend, still getting changed in her room after 20minutes of waiting.

“Yeah, just hold on two ticks,” she replied.

Two more ticks turned into 10 more minutes. I waited in her living room flicking through from Nick to MTV. What Makes You Beautiful started to play. My heart skipped a beat when their angelic voices played through the surround sound. And then Harry’s deep, but sweetly intense, voice sang.


“Everyone else in the room can see it. Everyone else but you ooh.”


“Seriously Harry, I’m not pretty, but thanks anyways,” I muttered to myself, as if Harry could hear me anyway.


“Sam you’re stunning. Harry would be lucky to have you. Now let’s go!” said Emma, as I spun round to the sound of her voice, embarrassment flooding my cheeks.


“I say the same about you and Niall, Em! You do realize you two would be perfect together?” I replied, returning the compliment.



Of course Emma knew she and Niall would be perfect. If you knew Emma, you would say the same exact thing.

Emma was the most bubbly, highly energetic person I knew. I could randomly say ‘eggs’ out of the blue, and whilst everybody else would look at me weirdly, Emma would piss herself laughing, at something that really isn’t all that funny. If Niall and Emma ever got together, it would be hilarious. They would laugh at each other laughing. I can imagine it continuing on until they were out of breath.



Emma and I walked out of the house, bags in hands, ready to go shopping. I had begged mum for some money, and managed to get 20 bucks out of her. SCORE!


We went through the shops, looking for clothes that could catch One Directions attention. I mean, if we wanted them to notice us, we had to go all out. I picked out a floral dress which suited Emma perfectly.


“Oi Em, try this on,” I demanded, as I chucked her the dress.

She looked at it strangely, but gave in a walked over to the lit up changing room.




“I’m really not sure about this, Sam,” she called out behind the curtain.


“I bet it looks great, just show me,” I replied, not wanting to spend much longer in the store, as we had already been there for ages.


Emma shuffled out of the stall, looking self-conscious as ever, arms crossed over the outfit.


“Emma! Oh my god! Move your hands. Seriously that looks amazayn on you!” I said, thrilled I had picked it out from the bargain area.


The dress sat on her perfectly. I inched in at the waist, and the princess line made her look elegant. The floral pattern consisted of pinks and yellows, only making her bright and bubbly personality shine.


“Isn’t it a bit short? And I don’t really think the colours look good. And what shoes would I wear with it?” she announced, oblivious to how perfect it was on her.


The dress came down to a few inches above the knee, and it was casual enough to wear anytime.


“Trust me, It’s great!” I told her, and eventually she gave in, and bought it.


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