Just like every day, I wake up, go to school. But today was different. Today I thought I know my friends. My enemies. But now I can't tell. . . Who I'm I to them?


2. Class-The note

    “Can someone name the date of which Kublai khan sent an invasion fleet of Koreans, Chinese and Monols to Japan?”
   “1284” a student at the back of the classroom answered.
   “No, come on. We learnt this in the last session.” Mr Jones was our History teacher, up into now he never cared about our grades, but this year his smacked down on us like a rat trap, as Jasmine had put it.
     “Now because none of you could answer my question, you have to write a report on Kublai Khan’s Invasion fleet to Japan. This should be easy because most of this is written in your notes, I want this in by the end of this week, and not the week after that” the class groaned, behind me I heard Jasmine’s pen scribbling.  “Otherwise” Mr Jones said looking directly at me, and then at the rest of the class “You can join me in detention”
       I glance behind me to see if Jasmine had ripped yet another page out from her book. She knew if she didn’t get a decent mark on this assessment then she was going to fail; a second time. Not looking up from the page filled with four lines she said “to get out of this I would need to get hit by a bus” I knew what she meant, the whole class was under a microscope; being tested for any weakness that they can use against them.
       “Is there something you want to share with the class Alice?” Mr Jones was standing in front of my desk, evading my personal space.
        “No” I said and when he turned around Jasmine kicked my chair and throws a scrunched up ball on my desk. Picking it up I opened it, there was nothing on the paper. I turned it around, still the paper was blank. I look back at Jasmine, she was still scribbling away at the paper, and I knew she didn’t throw it. My heart picked up a pace, then who did?

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