Silent Dance

What happens when dance becomes the main source of income? A group has appeared and taken control of the global market and influential figures believe a dictatorship will begin; whilst others try to unmask the group and seize the world for themselves.


4. Chapter 4

Silver walked past the elevator doors, luggage in tow. “I’m back,” she said half-heartedly.


                “You’ve got mail,” Kade’s voice could be heard from the kitchen as he came into view, waving a couple of envelopes in his hand. “Well, I have one too, but you know, I think you’ll want to take a look at it anyway.” Silver riased a brow as she took the envelope he had held outstretched to her.


                “It’s from,” she turned it around to look at the return address; eyes widening. “Jessica?” She glanced back up at Kade who shrugged before returning her attention to the letter. Walking over to the kitchen, Silver grabbed a small butter knife from a drawer and proceeded to open the letter. Unfolding the paper inside, she skimmed the contents quickly with mild interest. She dropped her hand to look back at Kade, who was bent leaning against the kitchen counter waiting for her to say something. “It’s an invitation to the third annual leaders retreat.” He frowned.


                “From Jessica?” He asked incredulously. Silver shrugged.


                “I didn’t expect her to follow through either,” she said honestly. “But I kind of get a rough idea of why she would.” She pushed off the counter and began walking towards a mat at the end of the room.


                “Such as..?” Kade pushed for an answer.


                “You know I don’t give statements without evidence,” she turned around to smirk at him. “So i’m going upstairs to make sure.” She stepped onto the mat and dissapeared. Kade frowned, sighed, then followed suit.



Jessica was casually scrolling through a couple of online fashion shopping sites when her computer resounded with a sound and a blinking icon in the corner of the screen notifying her of someone messaging her. She contemplated whether or not to check it and finally decided to make a gesture at the icon. The computer caught the movement and automatically opened up the messaging window. She read the message, brows raising as it piqued her interest.


Secrets’ Clock says: “So I hear you’ve sent out invitations to the 3rd annual leaders retreat.”


A somewhat arrogant smirk graced her features before she begun her reply, continuing the conversation.


JMD says: “Wow, your reputation preceeds you considering I sent them out just this morning.”


Secrets’ Clock says: “Of course. I am the best at what I do after all. However, I am intrigued as to why you have chosen to follow M’s wishes in hosting this year’s annual retreat.”


JMD says: “True to your job as always. Don’t expect me to give you this information without something in return though.”


Secrets’ Clock says: “Naturally, I’m confident you have no interest in monetary gains, so I presume you mean an information trade?”


JMD says: “Exactly. A fitting example of equivalent exchange, no?”


Secrets’ Clock says: “Indeed it is. However as you know, there has been not much movement. Although it is highly possible for me to attain knowledge about M’s reaction to your invitation if you’d so prefer.”


JMD says: “That would be excellent. When’s the earliest you can get it for me?”


Secrets’ Clock says: “That all depends on when they plan to make a decision. But I’m sure that it should be no later than 3 days from now.”


JMD says: “Alright. I will be expecting news from you within 3 days then.”


Secrets’ Clock says: “That’s a deal, Ms Dhurlesch. And your end of the bargain..?”


“I’ll just spit it out now because I can’t be bothered to later on. It’s quite simple really. The annual leaders retreat was designed by the Mafia to occur once a year with each year being held by a different host. Mafia naturally took the first year to initiate it and that old man Leonidas was quick to follow up. Naturally since there are only 3 groups of which are represented, I am currently in the position to hold the next retreat. Now, there are many things that are in my favour to hosting this event.

The host is in full control of the event; meaning I can have those fools exactly where I want them. The retreat is similar to a camp by which the representatives will stay at the assigned venue until it is over; giving me plenty of time and opportunities to wrench everything I can from their representatives. Maybe to those Mafias this whole “retreat” thing is to improve the relations between the 3 leading group factions in the world, but I see it as an opportunity to uncover their secret and bring them to their knees. Lastly, as host, I am in the least position to be inconvenienced.


Secrets’ Clock says: “Very interesting. As you say, the circumstances are certainly in your favour. Anyhow, judging by the date you’ve set for the camp, you can rest assured that I will be able to get back to you in 2 days latest.”


Jessica signed out without another word, spinning in her chair, hardly containing her excitement. “I’ve got you now,” she said to no one in particular, a mischeivious glint in her eyes.



Stretching the stiffness out momentarily, Silver immediately proceeded in grabbing a piece of paper and scribbling three names on it, far apart from one another. Silver, Yin, Marie. Kade glanced past her shoulder to eye the paper. He had witnessed the previous conversation and was attempting to gauge what was going through Silver’s mind at the moment. He raised a brow curiously when she began writing out dot points under each name.


                “Are you... writing out pros and cons?” Silver halted her writing, and began to twirl the pencil in her fingers as she turned her face to look at Kade.


                “Yeap.” Kade’s eyes gave her a look which said ‘and..?’ Silver sighed. “Look, we know that its ‘tradition’ for only 2 representatives of each faction to attend the retreat, right?” Kade nodded. “Obviously in the last two you and ‘Silver’ both attended each.” He hummed and nodded again. “But think about it. Leonidas would never put much effort concerning our identity, but we both know how Jessica is.”


                “And how does that explain the writing again?” Kade pressed once again, not really able to deduce much from her previous statements. Silver rolled her eyes before answering.


                “I’m figuring out who to send to the retreat.” Kade’s brow furrowed at this and he frowned. “Your attendance is a given,” Silver pointed her pencil at him to make her point clear. “But there are plenty of.. risks involved this time. I definitely can’t send someone else even though we don’t do much anyway. Not only would she take it as an insult, I much prefer being there myself. I’m writing out the ‘pros and cons’ of each main alias I have and hopefully decide from there.”


                “But,” Kade began as he glanced again at the names, “why is Yin on the list?” Silver pursed her lips.


                “Right now it’s the only one that has the lowest chance of revealing anything and anyway, she could pass of as a close friend.” She shrugged, not quite feeling like explaining in full detail what was going on in her head.


                “Uh huh,” Kade drawled, deciding to give up on questioning her. “Well, just be sure not to lose track of time doing that. We’ve got school tomorrow.”


                “Yeah, yeah, I know. Last week of school,” she winked at him and he laughed before exiting through the door connecting their rooms. Silver turned her attention back to her paper once again.



Papers were tucked neatly into her bag in her locker before she shut it tightly. Overall she had to admit she was satisfied with the exam results. Although, it definitely got to her that she had gotten a B for Maths. A B. She turned around as she heard a familiar voice down the corridor calling out to her.


                “Yin!” It was Kade. She frowned at him before casually glancing around the corridor. Most students had already left as many had the last few period free. Kade’s sprint slowed down as he neared her and she leaned against the row of lockers, crossing her arms.


                “What?” She asked bluntly. He had stopped just before her and had his hands on his knees, bent over and panting for breath.


                “So did you decide yet?” He asked once he got his breathing under control. She raised a brow at him before laughing. He ran all the way here to ask me that?


                “No,” she shook her head, “and anyway I still have one day before I need to tell Jessica.”


                “Hey Kade! Wait up!” A voice Silver didn’t recognize called from behind Kade. She shot a dirty look at Kade once before trying to maneuvre to see who it was.


                “Oh, shit,” Silver’s frown deepened when she heard Kade swear. He had also stood upright just in time to block the person out of her view. Not that it mattered. Seconds later an arm was flung around Kade’s shoulders as someone came up to stand beside a scowling Kade.


                “Hey, why’d you ditch me back there?” The person asked, not noticing Silver, a shocked expression flitting over her face for a split-second before it was replaced by a pleasant smile.


                “Um,” Kade’s eyes flickered to Silver, unsure of what to do. This caused the person to follow the direction of his gaze to see Silver. His eyebrows lifted in surprise before a geniune smile graced his lips. “Oh who’s this, Kade?”


                “I’m Yin,” Silver cut in before Kade could say anything. Silver had extended her left hand, although she was right-handed, because it would make it easier for the guy as he had his right arm slung over Kade still.


                “Ah, nice to – wait a minute,” his hand froze halfway to meet hers as he did a double take on her. “Hey i’ve met you before!” Silver inwardly winced but she knew. Kade, however, stared at her in shock before quickly clamping his jaw which had dropped. She shot him a warning glare which told him not utter a word.


                “Yeah, I remember.” She clasped her hands together, “we bumped into each other at Fenice Rosa.” In her peripheral vision, she could see Kade’s eyes almost pop out of their sockets.


                “Right,” the guy, Alex, nodded. “So, you were Mafia?” He raised a brow at her. She shook her head.


                “No.” He frowned.


                “But you wer—”


                “I was asked by a friend of Kade’s to help out with something there, since I had finished my exams.” She deliberately shifted her eyes to Kade’s slowly, amused when he flinched. “And apparently he wasn’t allowed to because they said members weren’t allowed to go or something.” She shrugged nonchalantly.


                “Oh, I was wondering why I didn’t see any of them there!” Silver’s lips pursed into a tight smile. “Cool,” he nodded, accepting her story. “So then,” he turned to Kade, “how do you guys know each other?”


                “Um,” Kade’s teeth worried his bottom lip whilst he registered the question, his face lighting up. “Oh we’re childhood friends.” He smiled brightly at Silver who was watching him with an amusement in her eyes. “We knew each other since fifth grade.” Alex nodded, an impressed expression on his face.


                “So how come you didn’t end up like him?” He jerked his chin at Kade’s direction. “You know, a da—ow!” His right arm had retreated from Kade’s shoulder as he begun massaging his side, he shot a glare at Kade, bewildered. Kade swiftly threw his arm around Alex and swung them around, so their backs were facing Silver.


                “Don’t ask her that question,” the tone of Kade’s voice surprised Alex as he looked up and caught sight of menacing eyes. “It’s highly personal and unless you want to watch her cry, don’t mention anything related to dancing.” Without waiting for an answer, he spun them right back. “Ahaha sorry, I was trying to lift my arm and accidently elbowed you,” Kade forced out an awkward laugh. “And what do you mean by ‘end up like him’ huh? I am quite capable myself thank you very much.” Alex was still stunned by what had just occured and merely nodded slowly. Silver had watched the exchange with a blank face. She could guess what Kade had said to Alex and was somewhat impressed with his quick thinking. Not only did he help to weave her story but he also managed to get what would’ve been an obstacle out of the way.


                “Hey, you got that letter right?” Alex’s outburst took them both by surprise. “From Jess?”


                “Oh your girlfriend?” Silver barely surpressed a smile as she realized Kade was finally ‘in character’. This gave her some degree of peace knowing he would be able for just about anything Alex said right now. She also managed to catch a glimpse of a frown on Alex’s face at Kade’s remark. “About the retreat right? Yeah it arrived in the mail this morning, so I’ve heard.” They were walking down the hall towards the student carpark area just outside.


                “So do you know who’s going on your end?” Kade turned his head and raised his brow and gave Alex a skeptical look.


                “Are you trying to juice me for inside information?” Kade’s choice of words made Alex laugh briefly before replying.


                “No, just curious. I mean, I totally understand what you just said so don’t worry about telling me. And you can relax knowing that even though Jess and I are supposed to be ‘tight’, I don’t really share that much with her either. Although it may be a different story with my dad,” he trailed off as his eyes drifted to study the clouds overhead.


                “Well,” Kade glanced at Silver who shrugged minutely and took a sudden interest in a passing car. “I know for sure I have to go. But I haven’t been told if Silver’s coming or someone else.” His pause was brief, but he added in a detail just in time to not give Alex space to cut in. “She’s been sick for the past few days.”


                “Silver is?” Alex asked with a kind of incredulity. “Oh, ok. Well if you’re wondering it’s the same for us as it is every year. Just me and my dad.” He spotted his car not far off and decided he should go. “Anyway, I’ll see you guys tomorrow. If you could, please wish Silver a quick recovery for me. And it was nice meeting you, Yin.”


                “You too,” Silver nodded with a small smile on her lips, waving goodbye as he ran off towards his car. Immediately after they were out of his hearing reach, Kade let out a long sigh. He immediately froze at what Silver said next though. “You owe me an explanation.”

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