Silent Dance

What happens when dance becomes the main source of income? A group has appeared and taken control of the global market and influential figures believe a dictatorship will begin; whilst others try to unmask the group and seize the world for themselves.


3. Chapter 3

Silver sighed. She was extremely bored and found herself unable to fall asleep just yet. She contemplated on her options momentarily, then swung her feet to the side of her bed and hopped off.  Dim lights automatically came on as she shuffled around the room, lazily putting on the clothes closest to her – a pair of sneakers, track pants, and a loose, oversized shirt. She exited her room and closed the door, careful not to make too much noise. A green strip of colour that was embedded in the door just above the handle turned red; indicating that the room was empty.


                Weaving her way through the complex labyrinth of corridors and halls, she was finally outside. The cool night air was slightly cold, but not enough to bother her. Silver walked on without a destination. Close to where she had come from was the main part of the city. It didn’t take her long to reach close enough to hear the bustling noises of shops closing and people retiring for the night. She continued to aimlessly drift through the streets, allowing her mind to wander and clear itself.


                She walked with her eyes sweeping the ground beneath her as she shuffled along. She noticed a pair of sneaker-clad feat approaching her direction, causing her to look up. Surprise flit through her face as she recognised the face of the person in front of her. He was looking off in another direction and her mind clearly not understanding the situation caused them to bump into each other rather hard. They both stumbled backwards exclaiming in pain but neither fell. Holding his chin where Silver’s head had bumped into, the man looked up.


                “What the—,” he began to say as he looked up at the girl similarly holding her forehead; eyes screwed shut. “Oh sh--,” her stopped himself and rephrased, “I’m so sorry!” He bent forwards towards the girl and gently placed his hand over her head instinctively to check for any bleeding or bruises.  As swift as lightning, his hand was slapped away by hers in shock. The girl looked up again, surprised, and for some reason unknown to him, panicked. Her mouth was slightly agape for a loss of words and it took her a moment to gather herself.


                “Sorry,” she tilted her head slightly. The boy, recovered from the previous confusion, chuckled in relief.


                “Nah, it’s no problem,” he smiled politely. A thought was itching at his mind since just then and he decided to act upon it. “Hey, sorry if this is a really weird question or anything, but, have we met somewhere before?” He was staring straight into her eyes as he asked. Silver shifted nervously from his gaze but his question surprised her.


                “Uh,” she stalled and ran her fingers through her hair as naturally-looking as she could and quickly glanced at the strands in the fingers before looking back at him. Black. “No, I don’t think so, sorry. Have we?” She decided to add the end bit to make her answer seem more innocent and truthful. The man’s brow furrowed.


                “Um, not that I can remember,” he replied honestly, “but something about you seems really familiar.” Silver was concentrating on not averting her eyes. It’s common etiquette to look at the person you speak to; she told herself. “Well anyway,” his voice caught her attention and away from her thoughts, “the name’s Alex.” He held his hand outstretched towards her which she looked at briefly, millions of thoughts running through her head.


                “Yin,” she took his hand and they shook firmly. The look on his face was thoughtful as they let go.


                “Well anyway, sorry for earlier,” he said. “I have to get going now so see you around,” he flashed a smile, waved and begun to resume his walk. Silver did similarly and said a goodbye, continuing in her previous walk. As she walked on, her eyes looked to the furthest left, only just managing to catch Alex’s figure disappearing into the crowds. Hmm, shaking the same person’s hand twice using two different aliases, she thought, what are the chances of that? A casual smile lifted up the corners of her mouth as she decided to take a left and begin to walk back.


                Already bored of thinking, she pulled out her music player and stuck in her earphones. She sang along softly with the songs that were played and her hands drifted to her chest until her fingers brushed a cold metal necklace which hung around her neck. Silver absentmindedly played with the necklace; running her fingers along the intricate details as she walked.


                She reached back to her room, took off any excessive layers, slid under the soft covers of her bed gratefully and drifted off into sleep. She awoke many hours later and turned her head to glance at the clock. 11.37am; She had gotten a good 10-hour rest. Silver shoved off the covers and leapt out of bed. Grabbing her bag, she left the room and began manoeuvring her way through the building once again. As she went deeper and deeper into the building, the quieter it seemed. Finally, she arrived at the place she sought. Before advancing any further, she dug through her bag for a key card. Fishing it out, she cleared the many security doors which then lead to a spacious lounge. In said lounge were 7 people; 5 of which were dressed in red, black and gold airline uniforms. They all simultaneously stood up at her entrance and she waved her hand dismissively at the action.


“Ssssssilver!” A young man who looked at most in his early 20s exclaimed, dragging the S. She smiled in return.


“Jayden, what are you doing here?” She asked casually, raising her eyebrows.


“He wants to talk business with you before you leave,” piped in the only other person dressed informally, an equally young woman in her 20s.


“Abigale,” Silver acknowledged, her brows knitting in confusion at her presence and the roller bag present by her side, “I wasn’t aware you would be accompanying me on this flight.” Abigale shrugged nonchalantly.


“Ah, well, I want to talk business with you too,” she grinned. Silver raised a brow but let it drop as she turned back to Jayden.


“Are you coming along too or what?” She asked jokingly with a sceptical face on. He laughed in response and shook his head.


“No, I’d like just a quick word before you leave. You know I just as much want to avoid flying as you do,” he smirked. She scoffed and took a seat, him following suit. As they began talking, Abigale turned to the remaining 3 people behind her in uniforms.


“Oh, the pilots have already left,” she remarked; more to herself than to others.


“Yes, they reckoned Silver would wish to depart soon,” a woman added to her statement.


“That’s good. Very efficient. Well then, I don’t think these two will take long, so you guys can go ahead and make the preparations.” The two women and man nodded and shuffled off through the boarding tunnel. Abigale turned back to look at Silver and Jayden bent over some documents spread over a coffee table. “Silver, I’m gonna go in first. See you in there, ‘Kay?” Silver didn’t move, and Abigale was beginning to think she didn’t hear her, until Silver raised her arm behind her and flashed thumbs up, causing Abigale to laugh. She gathered her belongings and disappeared into the boarding tunnel.


Moments later, Silver entered into the main body of the plane which, unlike most passenger planes, was spacious and looked more like a lounging area. She looked out a window at the natural scenery outside and the long landing strip to their right. Silver smiled unconsciously as she admired the plane. No matter how many times she rode in it, she always loved the plane itself even if she hated flying. It was a specially made plane mainly to her specifications. Its features from the body of the plane, wings, engines and down to its wheels were a perfectly balanced combinations of the best planes; however, its features looked most like the Airbus A380 and the Boeing 747SP series. Even though it may have been awhile since both of these were made famous, Silver was very familiar with their feel and preferred them over newer, “improved” versions that have emerged in the aviation industry.


She walked towards one of the seats at the front. Large as the plane was, there were less than 50 actual seats in the entire plane. Silver plopped down lazily on one seat and tossed her backpack on the seat to her left. Kicking her shoes off, she relaxed into the seat and sighed contentedly. To her right was Abigale, casually sipping on a drink, flipping through a magazine. Guessing she wouldn’t need to talk to her about whatever her "business" was, Silver leaned over and unzipped her bag, slipping out a thin, wide slab of glass the size of a laptop. Her fingers ghosted over the material as she switched it on. Images and writing appeared on the glass, just like a computer. With simple flicks on her wrist and light taps of her fingers, she scrolled through the information swiftly. Jayden had transferred a large amount of data over to her just before.


As she was just about to get into reading something on the screen, an announcement from the captain came to fasten seatbelts and prepare for take-off. She hadn't realized it before, because she was immersed in skimming through the important documents, but she could feel the slight tremors of the plane taxiing on the runway. She buckled herself in and stared at the glass screen intently, trying to focus on what she was previously reading. She found herself reading the same sentence over and over, but nothing registering into her mind. A stewardess came over and she looked up.


"Miss Grandford," she leaned down slightly, a cup of water in her hand and held a neatly folded tissue. "I've brought your usual medication, if you would please." Silver looked up at the stewardess before glancing at the cup and shook her head.


"No, it's okay," she waved the glass away lightly, "I’m fine right now." The stewardess frowned.


"But," she didn't know what she should say. Silver gave a weak smile in her direction.


"I have lots of work to get done,” Silver simply stated. The stewardess seemed to be surprised by this. The look on her face showed that she understood what she meant completely. She bowed slightly and excused herself.


Silver sighed and returned to the task at hand. Fenice Rosa, the name of the country she had just left, was going to be "open to the public" in under two months. A list of names of people currently showed on the screen before her, people who were currently in that city. Her job now was to sort through all of them and decide which would be sent back out and select the few that would be given the chance to stay; if they chose. Silver began to open up and read the detailed information on each person supplied by Jayden as she crossed names out as she gradually went down the list. For the last three years she had done this exact task at this time of the year.



Three years. The pages in a sleek folder were flipped through for the hundredth time. Hazel eyes skimmed the words on each page before moving on. A sigh escaped pursed lips.


"Alexander," a deep loud voice suddenly pierced the silence. The figure in question jerked in surprise, head snapping towards the direction of the voice and hands hastily shutting the folder, hiding it behind him guiltily. The eyes on him narrowed in the tiniest fraction, catching the act easily but the man ignored it. "What do you think you're doing, lazing around?" Alex opened his mouth thinking to say something, but coming up with nothing he shut it again. "I know I told you that you are to meet Miss Dhurlesch at five and take her out to dinner, did I not?" Alex fought the sudden urge to scowl at the man, his father. Instead, he put on his usual charming smile.


"I know, dad, I didn't forget," he reassured him as he slowly stood up from where he sat. "I'll go get ready now," he gave a polite wave and walked off towards his room.


Once there, Alex shut the door non-too-quietly and proceeded to change into the first things he saw that would be considered decent. Not that he cared. It definitely wasn't his choice he was taking this girl out tonight. Another sigh. If he could, he probably didn't mind just running away from the country and starting afresh right now. If it was maybe 2 or so years ago though, he would never have thought something like that. He grabbed his phone and keys and left the room.



Silver was exhausted. Mentally. She thought to herself that if she were to look through another person's information right now she would probably pass out. Scratch that; throw up and then pass out. She had a bowl of assorted fruits in front of her, her fingers popping blueberries into her mouth, and her glass-computer propped up on in front of her - playing a Disney classic; Cinderella. Suddenly, a beep sound startled her in her left ear and she immediately calmed down, recognising it as her own device alerting her. An image formed right before her eyes. Although, she knew no one else could see it; the reason being that the image was formed on her glasses. It was a pop up from a chat room indicating that someone sent a message to her whilst she was currently "offline".


                The message was left by the user ‘JMD’. It contained the words: “Where are you? You haven’t been on for a week! Get on ASAP.” Silver popped another blueberry into her mouth as she weighed her options. One on hand, she could not be bothered to put up with Jess’ antics right at the moment. On the other, the fact that she was so desperate in getting a hold of her meant that something important was probably going to happen. Then again, having to talk to her meant stopping her movie...


She dragged her fingers along the side of her glasses lightly, and then continued a trail pointing toward the screen in front of her. This effectively caused the information displayed onto the lens of her glasses to transfer to the computer screen before her instead. Her fingers gave an agile dance across the screen, opening up the appropriate chat window and with a sigh, began typing.


Secrets’ Clock says: What, may I ask, is the urgency, Ms Dhurlesch?


Silver had expected a lightning fast reply. But she raised her brow when more than a minute had passed in silence without a reply. She began to have sceptical thoughts that Jessica was pranking her; then again, she could be on the other side expectantly tapping her fingers for more information as usual. She had slowly grown used to Jessica’s holier-than-thou attitude towards her, and everyone else, but she had never done something like this before. She had begun to type without knowing what to say.


Secrets’ Clock says: Look, I know you’ve given me advance payment the last time...

JMD says: Hey.


Silver stopped short. “Hey”? She was at a loss. For one, this completely threw all the thoughts about Jessica’s intentions earlier out the window; and another, Jessica had never started a conversation with her in any form of acknowledgement. Never. This lead Silver to only one conclusion.


Secrets’ Clock says: Who is this?



How did she know? There was no way; all he said was “hey”. Alexander was stuck. He couldn’t exactly tell whoever it was he was talking to why he was in Jessica’s account. He sighed as he himself recalled why he was in this sticky situation.


                He had arrived not long before at Jessica’s doorstep. The mansion, which in itself was a huge understatement, was what he knew was part of what his father saw in Jessica. Her butler had answered the door and led him to the door of her room, knocking on it and announcing his arrival, then promptly excused himself after her acknowledgement. Jessica had opened the door and let him in.


                “Ally,” she cooed in the voice one would use with a baby, making him cringe inwardly, “you’re right on time. I was just about finished.”


                “No, no, it’s okay,” Alex fumbled over finding the right words, “go on ahead. I don’t mind waiting; it was my fault for coming to early anyway.” He flashed a quick smile just for the sake of it. She smiled back, genuinely, before something struck her mind.


                “Oh right, do you mind doing something for me while I finish up?” She asked. He was curious to know as he nodded in response. She turned and pointed to a large computer set up on a table behind her. “I’m waiting for someone to come onto a chat I have opened. She’s not on right now, but could you just keep watch in case she comes on? I really need to speak to her. If she comes on just stall her for a little bit, I won’t be long.” Alex didn’t understand what exactly was going on, but he gave a positive response as she smiled and disappeared into what he took as her wardrobe.


                He had taken a seat by the computer and watched the screen. There was only one window opened which was a chat with someone by the username “Secrets’ Clock”. Hmm, he hummed to himself, interesting username. Wonder where it came from? Alex was beginning to stare off into space before a ‘ping’ noise brought him back.


Now staring at the screen, he didn’t know what he should say. With nothing to lose, he typed in a response.


JMD says: How did you know I’m not Jessica?


Secrets’ Clock says: Because she has never started a conversation with “Hey”, or anything of the sort.


Alex laughed. Jessica had made it seem like she was waiting for her best friend from across the world to come online so she could spill all the latest gossip or whatever it was she did; but this person seemed to be as fond of her as he was – hardly.


JMD says: Well you caught me. Want to give a guess to who I am?


Secrets’ Clock says: Alexander Leonidas.


Damn, this person was good. Who was she? Her straight out answer had taken him by surprise. Not to mention the fact that she didn’t even seem to have any doubts or put a question mark at the end.


JMD says: You’re good. How’d you guess?


Secrets’ Clock says: Well for one, Jessica has been quite fervent in making sure everyone is aware of the relationship between the two of you. It would be perfectly natural for you to be at her home hanging out or most probably going for a date. Also, I hardly believe any of her attendants would dare say a word, even if she told them to.


JMD says: Wow, I’m impressed. So what kind of a relationship with Jessica do you have then? Considering that you don’t sound like someone she’s fond of.


Secrets’ Clock says: I’m an information broker. One of many, I would guess. She pays me money, and I in return give her the information she wants the most.


JMD says: And that would be?


Secrets’ Clock says: Information on Mafia.


Information on Mafia? The pieces were beginning to come together in Alex’s mind. If this person had information on Mafia readily available, he could understand why Jessica was in contact with them. After all, to her, money was not a problem when it came to Mafia – her biggest rival.


JMD says: Ah, I get it now. So do you only tell dear Jessica this precious information?


Secrets’ Clock says: No, not necessarily. Why, are you interested in what I have to offer as well, Mr Leonidas?


JMD says: Alex is fine. Well I’m not as crazy about Mafia as Jessica, but I always love a good mystery.


Secrets’ Clock says: I understand; you’re trying to dig out their identity too, aren’t you?


JMD says: Ah well, doesn’t make much of a difference to me whether or not I know. But it’s a challenge, considering it’s already been 3 years, and I’d do anything to ease out of my boredom.


Secrets’ Clock says: Hahaha, very well. I work either by phone or by mail. Unless you prefer, you can also contact me as Jessica does.


JMD says: I’m guessing that’s mostly because she wants the information first-hand. I’m fine with anything. I guess phone would be best though.


Secrets’ Clock says: Alright. I don’t exactly trust internet all too much with personal details, so keep an eye out for a message from me.


Huh? But he or she doesn’t know my—. Alex felt a light buzzing in his pocket. He pulled out his phone, which was flashing. He opened a mail from an unknown sender; inside read the words “Hello, Mr Leonidas." He laughed. Fingers expertly tapping on the screen, a return message was sent; "Just Alex is fine. You make it sound like I'm my father."


Secrets' Clock says: Very well Alex, I look forward to contacting you again in the future. Also, I am quite confident that Jessica asked you to stall me if I came online. I definitely enjoyed our brief conversation, but if you would, I'd rather not speak to Jessica today.


As if right on cue, Alex heard the click of a door being shut and whirled around hastily – a reflex. Jessica had re-entered the room, looking up at him.


"Sorry for the wait Ally," she began taking small steps in his direction, making him feel nervous. "So, did my friend decide to show up?" He glanced at the screen again as casual-looking as he could; conflicted on what he should do. He was surprised to see a completely blank screen, the whole conversation disappeared as if it never happened. Whoever "Secrets' Clock" was had also signed off. Alex suppressed the urge to chuckle as he turned around to face Jessica.


"Nope, she was a no-show," he gave her a light shrug for added effect. Jessica tutted, annoyed.


"Well whatever, I'll deal with her later. For now, let's get going!" Her mood immediately did a 180 as she motioned for him to come along. He smiled politely and followed her out. This is going to be a long night, he thought, just as another buzz was felt in his pocket. He pulled out his phone and read the message; "Enjoy your date, Alex". He smiled unconsciously. Or maybe not.


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