Exchange Students

Vampire Knight x Harry Potter (Crossover Fanfic).

Set in Order of Phoenix. Good relations between Cross Academy and Hogwarts lead to an exchange program offered. 10 students go to Hogwarts for a year. Based on plump-york's A Bloody Hogwarts Year. VKs are split into various houses. Read to find out more ; !Slow Updates!


9. Offering

Another snarl ripped from Zero’s throat. Somewhere in his subconscious, he was wondering how much of a rogue animal he must sound like. Although, all it earned was the quirk of an eyebrow from Kaname.


                “Osashiburi (Good to see you too / Long time no see),” he smoothly replied. Harry, safely hidden, was more than surprised. He hadn’t even noticed Kaname anywhere until he appeared just then. He turned away from the scene to gather his thoughts. It brought him to the piece of parchment still in his pocket. As silently as he could, he took it out. Hermoine’s words from earlier that day echoed in his mind as he thumbed the rough paper. If you ever stumble upon the exchange students alone, use the spell. Well; that meant now, didn’t it? Unfolding the paper, he found a single word clearly written in Hermoine’s handwriting; transferlatio. Beside it, a smile diagram depicting the pattern his wand should make when reciting the word. Harry threw a quick glance behind him to check that he was still unnoticed by the pair, before taking out his wand. He rehearsed the wand motion twice before giving it a go, whispering the words of the spell. Not sure if anything was supposed to happen, he shrugged and turned his attention back to the pair.


                “Getting into trouble as usual, I see,” Harry was pleasantly surprised to hear Japanese words being spoken, but its English equivalent filtered through his mind as though it was his first language. He smiled to himself, Hermoine always lived up to her reputation alright.


                “What do you want?” Zero snapped, his mood being all the more dampened by Kaname’s appearance. It seemed that Kaname was no longer planning to humor Zero as his polite smile slipped off his face to drop into a stoic mask.


                “How are the tablets working for you, Kiryuu-kun?” the look in his eyes was a deep taunting one with just a hint of disgust. Zero glared at him, refusing to play his game. “I can smell them on you,” Kaname continued conversationally, “still unable to tolerate them?”


                “Are you here just to tell me something I already know?” Zero finally cut in, “just get lost Kuran.” He heaved himself off the ground and made to leave. Immediately, a pale hand shot out and grabbed him by the tie; yanking harshly and causing him to lose his balance. He was then slammed back first at the hard concrete wall. Zero let out a pained hiss at the impact on his back before he snapped back to what was happening and found himself effectively pinned to the wall by an immovable arm pressing him to the wall. Zero’s hand flew to his holster as he cursed silently for having been caught off guard. He froze when his hand grabbed at air. Now put into instinctual defensive mode, his gaze slid up to meet deep maroon pools and an arrogant expression. In the corner of his eye, he caught a glimpse of light glinting off metal and found his gun; hanging by the vile vampire’s side held carelessly in Kuran’s hand. Kaname didn’t even flinch from the pain the gun would most definitely be causing him – if the loose electrical energy being given off were any indication. “What –” Zero was cut off and his eyes widened in alarm when Kaname raised the Bloody Rose and rest the barrel over Zero’s heart. He bared his fangs at Kaname as he prepared to retaliate before the sound of Kaname’s voice cut into the haze of his mind.


                “You never give up, do you?” a sigh, folled by the mumbled words “insolent level D”. Kaname proceeded to leaned in, close enough that all Zero could sense was Kaname. His touch, his face, even his scent. Zero stiffened involuntarily. “Take it.” The words caused Zero’s mind to blank and fill with confusion, which the other sensed with a huff. The air suddenly became hard to breathe in as Kaname’s eyes began to glow an eerie blood red hue. This colour was reflected in Zero’s own orbs as he was not above fighting with anything and everything he had in his repertoire if it came down to it. “You won’t resist this time,” Kaname’s voice flowed and Zero felt the nozzle of the gun shift securely over his left shoulder. Panic began to form in his gut which he forced down angrily and started to push against the arm restraining him. Kaname ignored his thrashing as if he didn’t even realize Zero’s struggle; continuing, “you’ll serve your purpose well; and to do it, you’re going to need this distraction out of the way.” Suddenly, immense pain ripped through Zero’s senses, flooding him and causing an involuntary yelp of pain to escape his lips. He was momentarily dazed; there wasn’t even the telltale sign of the gunshot noise then gun should have made after having its trigger pulled. His mind was in shock and he couldn’t move his body; which at the moment was held up only by Kaname’s restraining arm. Zero realized with a start that he was looking Kaname straight in the eye at that moment. Their connection broke when Kaname leaned in further, his mouth by Zero’s left ear. “Take it,” Kaname repeated in a threateningly low voice that Zero had to repress a shudder for. He was about to make a snarky remark when the words died in his mouth at the sound of Kaname’s fingers cocking the gun. “I can and will keep doing this until you give in, Zero.”


“Where in the world is Harry?” Hermoine asked for the umpteenth time that evening. “Surely Professor Umbridge hasn’t been making them stay in for detention this long?” Ron, beside her near their designated study area close to the fireplace, casually shrugged in reply. This earned him a


Zero’s lips curled back to reveal sharp canines that he bared at him in defiance; the look in his eyes daring Kaname to try it. Abruptly, the gun clattered to the ground noisily as it was dropped and Zero was hardly given a moment’s notice before Kaname’s elongated claws plunged into his body, just missing his stomach among other vital organs Zero’s jaw hung open and the growing scent of his own blood was beginning to make him sick. Before him, Kaname shifted his weight from one foot to another which caused Zero’s gaze to focus on the pale expanse of his neck before his mouth - ripe for the taking. His breath hitched; a futile attempt to resist the added temptation of Kaname’s pureblooded scent that sang to his vampiric senses. Kaname’s eyes, which were still glowing brightly in the darkness of the corridor, were hooded in what could be seen as a seductive move when pulled off by a pureblood. “You can stop fighting and just get it over with or, I can make you.” They both knew that Kaname could do it – control over lower ranked vampires was a very well-known ability of pureblooded vampires. It was a challenge. Zero knew it. And yet, his hands shot forward; one grabbed the back of Kaname’s neck in a vice grip, the other harshly yanked Kaname’s burgundy shirt collar to the side as he pushed off the wall. In one fluid motion, Zero’s fangs pierced into the other’s skin, body reeling in satisfaction at both the taste of fresh pure blood pouring into his mouth, and sensing Kaname’s slight tensing at being bitten.


Three males stiffened instinctively, before forcing themselves to relax. However, they hardly spared each other a glance. Ichijou, sitting upright on an antique armchair reading one of the school textbooks he had found interesting, tilted his head slightly – like a bloodhound scenting the air – before deciding to ignore it and continued his reading; albeit a little tense. Aidou was frowning at the roll parchment that he was writing on. Again?


                “Souen-san! Ochitsuke (calm down),” Shiki’s voice drawled out as he was sprawled in what seemed like a rather uncomfortable position atop a table, a chocolate pocky stick protruding from his lips, wiggling with every word. His eyes gazed at the scene of Ruka, in the midst of storming right out of the common room, and Rima, a hand on Ruka’s shirt sleeve to stop her – with a little super strength help, that is. Ruka wanted to let loose a snarl, but restrained herself as it was hardly a lady-like thing to do. But how did they expect her to just sit there and ignore what was clearly Kaname-sama’s blood scent!


                “Shiki! Rima! Naze anatatachi wa dore dake soko ni suwaru soshite nanimoshinai (how can you two just sit there and not do anything)?!” she accused loudly. Taking a leisurely moment to nibble on his snack, Shiki’s expression didn’t change as he replied.


Kaname-sama ga okonau koto o kettei ka watashitachi wa kankei arimasen kara (what he decides to do has nothing to do with us). Anata ga kansho suru baai, Kaname-sama wa iraira sa rerudeshou towa omou (I think that he would not appreciate it if you interfere with whatever he is trying to achieve).” Growling, Ruka resisted for just a moment more, before conceding and dropping herself back down onto the plush carpet with a resigned sigh.


Greedily, Zero sucked in large mouthfuls at a time. Half of it was to sate his hunger and half just to spite the pureblood. Slowly, he could feel his body become calmer and the hunger deep in his gut which constantly made its presence known was practically purring in satisfaction; momentarily appeased. Zero felt Kaname shift his stance slightly to get into a more comfortable position, but Zero was having none of that – jerking his hold on Kaname sharply as a warning. Kaname let out what was close to a huff of irritation, conceding. As he stood stiffly with his head tilted slightly to the right, his eyes slid shut without him noticing, as he cut off his sense of sight and all of his senses instead focused on the feeling of his life in essence being pulled out of him. Realizing that he was starting to relish the odd feeling, he shook himself out of it and snapped his eyes open and to the right corner. Since he had confronted Kiryuu, he had sensed the presence of another, hiding behind them. A corner of his lips curled up. He supposed he should do something about it, but he had a feeling that if he left it as it was, it may play to his advantage. The smile turned into a frown at the thought of the human – wizard or not – seeing him lower himself like this. If the council were to get wind of this – no. They definitely won’t. Kaname began to feel slightly out of breath. With a start, he realized that Zero was still gulping down large amounts of his blood like nobody’s business. Bracing a hand on Zero’s chest, he pushed. “Kiryuu, that’s enough,” not only ignoring his words, Zero seemed to latch onto his neck more firmly instead. Growing annoyed, Kaname pushed harder with both hands, but still made sure not to use any of his vampiric strength lest his actions be for naught. “Kiryuu. I said stop, you’ve taken enough.”


If he wasn’t so busy sucking in as much blood as he can, Zero would have smirked into the pureblood’s neck. With the haze of bloodlust clearing away and letting his sharp senses become more prominent, he became aware of a number of things. One, although the pureblood was silent, he could feel his body beginning to start panting, no doubt his body losing a little too much blood for comfort. Another was that there was just the slightest hint of trembling in Kaname’s hands which pushed against his chest. Ignoring the pureblood’s incessant insistence to stop, and doing it politely even, he continued to plunder the precious blood that was already being absorbed into his body, making him stronger with every intake. “-op. Zero,” Zero faltered slightly, shocked as he felt something tugging him out of his deep concentration. “Stop,” suddenly, Zero felt his whole body lock up. Taking slightly longer that he’d have liked, he realized with a stab of anger what Kaname was pulling. “Let go,” it was a disorienting sensation, feeling himself do something, and yet feeling like you were having an out-of-body experience. His fangs slid out deliciously smooth, and then proceeded to retract. When they were back in place and no longer protruding, Zero felt his body relax just a little. He swiveled to face Kaname straight in the disapproving eye. “Be sure to be at your classes tomorrow,” and with that, Kaname turned on his heel and went off in his usual prideful stride; melting into the darkness that enveloped him, welcoming. Zero scowled at his back as he went, prideful bloodsucker. Won’t even acknowledge the trouble I’ve given him? Zero huffed, but was somewhat satisfied with himself. He ran his right hand over his mouth, then licking off the excess blood before getting a quick glance around the corridor, and leaving to return to the Gryffindor common room, being sure to pick up his Bloody Rose along the way.


Barely ten steps through, he heard a shuffle. Spinning around so quickly he had to take a moment to steady himself, his eyes narrowed as they ran across the entire corridor once again. Must be the wind, he thought, straightening out and continuing on his way. It didn’t take him long, what with his long legs and all, to reach the large painting of a woman that stood guard to the entrance to the common room. He still found it very creepy that their paintings were able to move and converse with people; not to mention the ghosts! The woman was snoozing lightly, wakened with a start when he cleared his throat. He gave her a few moments to gain her bearings before he was frowned upon disapprovingly.


                “Password?” she opted to say, instead of question him on why he was out at this late an hour.


                “Mimbulus mimbletonia,” he said slowly, so as to not get the syllables mixed up. The fat lady gave him a prompt nod before swinging open to reveal the entrance hole. He crawled in rather ungracefully to find the common room dim – obviously considering it was way past midnight by then – with just a soft glow coming from the fireplace. Still, he glanced around warily again to see if anyone was up, before climbing up the stairs to his room. A couple of minutes later, the portrait swung open once again to reveal Harry, peeking around the corner to be sure that Zero was not lingering in the common room before he made his way inside. Slowly, quietly, he took the steps one by one to his room and silently slipped under his bed covers after carelessly changing into loose clothes. He spent the night tossing and turning, unable to get the scene from earlier that night out of his mind as it haunted his every thought. He resolved to tell Hermoine and Ron, but every now and then he would begin to doubt whether he should. When his weary mind finally slipped into sleep, he dreamed of red eyes, monsters and Zero.

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